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Generative Infrastructure. MJ Sublimation Log

The Oct 5, 2023

OSE's new mission is to facilitate Enlightenment 2.0. Right now internet caused a great stupidity in people. Polarization of Evil AI, by people warning us of the danger of the same. We need to step above this toward Enlightenment 2.0

DMS clarity - how many people does it take to reform a sector of human enterprise, such as housing, energy, or microchips or cell phones? It is more than 240, so perhaps each Campus should be dedicated to each topic. If it is 2400 R&D staff where the janitor and superintendent has opportunities to become an executive - that begins to look like a feasible proposition. 2400 r&d staff means $240M budget, double that for Generative Infrastructure operations, and give it a 100% buffer, and we are only at a $1B budget.

Otherwise we run an existential risk of stupidity, which easiky grows into evil if not corrected.

Fri Aug 11, 2023

DMS taken to the point that every person on earth understands that this is the place to contribute because it is collaborative. Start with housing, according to the Housing Theory of Everything.

Wed May 10, 2023

Based on all that we know we can put out an annoucement for Movement Entrepreneurship Apprentice, paying $10k for the year. Someone with outstanding physical shape and learning ability, a potential Level 5 Leader with Level 5 ambition following The OSE Way, at a much earlier stage of development than Marcin. Must be financially independent (completely free) to pursue a goal much higher than themselves, with a high level of psychosocial integration towards the art of possibility. A person who is destined for greatness, but only starting on their journey. They are rapid, integrated learners highly developed in their logical skill and social awareness. Willing to work hard in physically demanding work as a step towards physical productive power as a foundation for further leadership in eradicating artificial scarcity. Aligned with culture, mission, vision, purpose, character (stand and promise), capable, humble, ambitious. Part of democratizing greatness: taking individuals with regular capacity but making them extraordinary, and creating a culture of similar people. $500 application fee. Requires module build (physical work) and much more.

The meta is: standards are much higher, and as this is worth doing, it is worth doing badly. It is an honest and ambitious effort at small scale for disciplined continuity, limited to startup times, as after this the pathway will likely evolve to more organized and refined programs. It can be ridiculed, which is just indication of people who may not be good candidates. Candidate must have robust learning capacity, like the Ukrainians on a mission.

Application process is rigorous, as in - if you aspire to become great, join us. You do the regular work load, plus 3 hours every week. Your commitment must be 100% minimum. There is first the off-site phase, and second the first encounter, and so forth. Our infrastructure is primitive, and we don't have much to show tangibly, outside of the concepts that we have proven, or shown initial evidence for. That industrial productivity can be achived on the small scale. The hunch - to be proven - that a large global community of hundreds of thousands of people can come together to form a distributed advanced civilization capable of producing up to microchips and spaceships, not to mention homes and tractors and steel - on the mundane front. But this is a true pioneering effort where nobody has gone before: industrial-grade designs, that can be the foundation for successful enterprises - that are done fully openly, without any trade secrets - yet better than Apple or TSMC or anything else. This can be done only with open collaboration, and no feasible enterprise has been shown for this yet. Inspired by Good to Great - that anyone has access to greatness - as long as they make the choice to take on a high level of discipline. Not following the herd, but trailblazing new ways of life. We started trying to make a Dunbar's number community work - got up to as many as a dozen or so 'permanentish' people on site - then we collapsed under the lack of structure or responsibility. This is our second or third try.

How to make it possible? Understand that there are exceptional outliers out there, or at least it is not impossible. The qualities are extreme, but such extremes are known. 5 Legged Dogs

Fri Apr 14, 2023

The VRC for open source housing are coming into place. Good fast cheap. Distribution. Education. Purpose. It will be a silent revolution, as everyone just starts to do it, and the transition to town microfactories will come from the Campus materials production facility for steel, block, plastic, wood, concrete, solar silicon, and hydrogen. From Counterculture to Cyberculture, we observe still that the distribution of technology has failed, as many are left behind.

Thu Apr 13, 2023

Based on Revenue Per Employee of $100k and staff rise max of Ford or Hardware Company X - not software which is doubling time of 5 yr as in Alphabet outlier. But hardware can be DMS speed level. Limits are: ideas (manifesto), partners not employees, as partners help with employees. Ethics - always the Collaborative Advantage, and not blindness to evil such as Russia or authoritarianism. People are very adaptable. Limit isbkeeping the Standard, protection of the Vision, keeping the faith. Unique jes to growth mean all aspects line up: local dev; DMS; Manifesto (purpose). Education. XM. Education+XM+DMS+Open+Collaborative+Purpose+Financial Independence+Solving Pressing World Issues. All at the same time. R&D? Via education and talent. Topgraded recruiting - we pay less for more vision - not! We pay market rate and higher, as we have collaborative advantage. But each $B has a time cost? No, it follows the same old paradigm of OS Dev Method - part by corporate, part by public. Where public is constantly rewarded so we effectively have the whole world working for us motivated by a hiring prerequisite of volunteering, which may only be a perverse incentive like today's Top US colleges, but it gets the job done. How to transcend this perverseness? Go back to Desirable Scale - sell franchises. Thus, $100k for Joe, $2M entry for the elite. Most run at $50k/year, but services such as doctor are sound.

Wed Apr 12, 2023

  • I don't know how to write a book about how to save the world. There are many possible angles. Financial independence for solving pressing world issues may be one angle. Effective Altruism except with an interdisciplinary approach. Certainly the Exponential Organizations guys have a positive outlook. Vinay Gupta wrote lots of background reading on the situation. The abundance part is good - that is the 6Ds of Disruption. Philosophically, we run on The Art of Possibility for the second coming of Christ or whoever your hero is. Let's explore the options. The OSE Manifesto is yet to be written, focusing on a program of proactive solutions. Economic power makes it real. The only way it can happen is by people doing it full time, which is the missing link.
  • Solution: industrial productivity, on a small scale, with 100x the efficiency for speed and effect.

Wed Mar 1, 2023

The most relevant econ question is how to enable any country to develop like Japan developed after WW2. Only that now that speed could be on the time scale of startups - a few years. That is the power of collaborative design.

Fri Feb 17, 2023

Recruiting movement entrepreneurs. Qualifications: 1. profound understanding of the Art of Possibility. Assumes growth mindset, because the Art requires growth to achieve anything. 2. Curiosity as opposed to judgment (antifragility) 3. Extreme ambition to fix every problem on earth 4. Ability to see one's trifling insignificance 5. The Collaborative Ethic. Understanding that one is connected to everything else, and this is the operating principle that guides all action. 6. Fundamental solutions, not bandaids. Takes as much time is needed. Speed compression by Distributive Collaboration. Requirements need to address this specific shortcoming of Fourierism in its 'free for all' aspect. The above is an extreme set of requirements, a combo of entrepreneurs and transhumanists and other elite ideologues. Two types can come in: 1. financially independent wealth 2. People who take on a job and work hard.

Sun Oct 30, 2022

  • Slavery in Niger is a great case for Solving Pressing World Issues and an inspiration for OSE programs where open source economic productivity cross-subsidizes good world work. At the point where each 24 person cohort is capable of $1M net economics after all costs are covered, we can begin branching out to action R&D in any troubled spot of the world. This movement would qualify for the Time 100 most influential group of the century.

Fri Sep 16, 2022

How to integrate 'scalable' = market rate with ghetto, where ghetto is not market rate? Ghetto needs to be brought up to economic power that the community value increases. That can include training the local community. Perfect place for hardscape via Solar Concrete, and 3D printing for vinyl siding, geogrid, plumbing, nonstructural lumber, gutter, roofing, and more. Work with us in low cost hoods, at $30k houses. To get there, we need a detailed cost analysis of trash + Solar Concrete + CEB. This must be sold. $2M investment - master's students or engineers to develop: $5k CEBs (walls cost half as much), $20.5k 3DP ($5k siding, $3k nonstructural wood including 30 interior wall modules, $1k electrical, $1k plumbing, $2k doors, -1k windows, $3k trim, $1k perv pave driveway, $1k Ballast PV Mounting roof mount -$1k for OSB, Carport OSB - $500. Trusses - $2k (steel). $29.5k. Landscaping hardscape: -$2k. Exactly 50% less cost.

Fri Sep 9, 2022

Hiring thousands of people to reinvent the world. A network state. Revenue model is Collaborative Design Ecologist or Architect who rednecks building housing, while buying out at the bottom. Case is made for low-cost existence, and Doing What is Important. What is the relationship between people who are ambitious and ethical and those who don't have ambitions to change the world? Those with super high efficacy and those who leave no mark behind? How do we reconcile extreme producers vs thieves (who steal from future generations because they are not regenerative)? Here may be a case for innovating a regeneration index of people who are actually making a better future. Simply: renewable energy, collaborative design, regenerating nature, and regenerative technology (technology that allows us to have self-determination without hurting others or nature. How can we integrate a metric for determining what it means to be a constructive human (as opposed to an asshole) and how do we start keeping people accountable to becoming the general purpose nice guy? In this community. There could be other communities for assholes.

There is no power like absolute creation. That brings you closer to god. From that comes all security, and a world based on peace.

School of open source product development. People develop real things.

It's not grunt work. It's creating a circular economy.

600kW solar gets us 24000 gallons equivalent of gasoline. 500 gallons per person at 20 lb CO2 per person. [1]. 10000 lb, or 5 tons. 1/4 of energy use USA is heating and cooling. Transportation is 1/4 energy use. That means 3/4 of all energy use is stationary. Thus, real reduction of CO2 does not come from electric cars. Electric cars - do they really produce 2.5x less emissions if coal/gas is 33% efficient? Say electrics are 80% efficient, that makes 0.33*0.8=25% efficient, compared to 16% efficient for cars. That is 50% less emissions, not 250% as at [2]. The 250% must be from renewable energy or nuclear - but the reality is that most electrics drive on coal and gas as the energy source for the electricity.

Wed Jul 27, 2022

Creating a regular schedule with support staff:

  • Team meetings 1 PM
  • Focus time till 1 PM. Curriculum writing for economic enterprise: house design guide, tractor construction set design guide
  • Message - we already have all the solutions. It's time to wake up and use them. How do you wake up? By taking a more broad education in your life.
  • Village Social Contract is the critical item
  • It's still a village to reinvent the world

Tue Jul 19, 2022

Fix material security. Ex. "At least if Russia takes over Moldova, maybe gas will be cheaper". This states that energy security such as hydrogen must be a given.

Sat Jun 11, 2022

Continuing from Enterprise_Log#Sat_Jun_11.2C_2022, the next in line is how to create development projects on-demand. Big part is having Apprenticeship infrastructure, which must contain complete bootstrap fundability via tuition, and backed up by existing enterprise such as Core Enterprise Model like SEH 2. Anyone who contacts me is thus invited to full agency, and we require them to raise the funding to mark their commitment on the spot. They still have to pass the vetting, but they are a good start. We have Forum, Sublimation White Papers, Core Enterprise Module, land, ability for on-demand house build with existing crew (that builds a new home at lunchtime), to accommodate any new person. Thus, we can rapidly go from 2x as on current plan to 10x every year.

The next milestone for rapid infrastructure growth is $500k this year for infrastructure, another $500k for product release icluding 5 Incentive Challenges on 3D printer, shredder, Solar Power Cube powered, CEB Press + Mixer, etc - thus 3 incentive challenges at the same time, for recycling-3D printing with larger printer. All low hanging fruit. After this phase. In the incentive challenge, we also request matching funds, whether from foundations or via quadratic funding from allied orgs.

With this in place, we spend a few emms for further infrastructure of buildings - designs for next iterations of SEH, documentation of this - all done via incentive challenges if that works. So spend considerable attention on Incentive Challenge Design - perhaps funding a cohort, though the cohort would require skin-in-game via some means. Thus, the next $5M spend allocation emerges - upon seeing results of initial infrastructure building. The biggest question is how to guarantee incentive challenge success. Ideally, core developer team in house + commits from outside world, so we develop both the Agile Waterfall in house, and augment with public incentive challenge. Site infrastructure must be assured. Perhaps we go after a different method - a Topgraded Incentive Challenge methodology - where we seek the best in the business and recruit them for full time work as interdisciplinary teams focusing on sublimation of the status quo.

Sat Jun 4, 2022

Imagine the Tower of Wisdom as a rapid learning and production facility serving OSE programs, and replicable at a million per floor, structural construction costs of only $37k per floor as shown at New Industrial System. Where via modular, scalable design, we run Extreme Enterprise events with a weekend of design and weekend of build. Focus is reinventing cohorts of thousands of Collaboratively Literate individuals that take on human progress with work-life integration as Cost of Living is reduced to a 2 hour per day commitment to provide an infrastructure for thriving.

Mon Apr 4, 2022

  • Good design is modular, open source, collaborative, and scalable. Bad design is un- interoperable, proprietary, competitive, and not scalable.
  • Evil must be destroyed. Otherwise, evil demoralizes good citizens - takes their energy. Coping means that evil must be destroyed. This applies to Bucha, in the sense that it provides energy to fighters to annihilate the evil. In this specific case - the evil cannot be taken as a loss of energy - it must inspire countermeasures: motivation and clarity on destroying the evil.

Sat Apr 2, 2022

Global military spending is about 2 tees [3]. That is a tremendous amount of waste paid for a lack of ability to cope with one's feelings and thoughts. One possible solution is OSE attaining the trillion dollar level of collaboration, in which case we can do a counterintuitive program of collaborative weapon design in the worst case, and design of Livingry in the best case. Since collaborative design is preferred - creatign Mutually Assured Abundance is the most creative approach. Until we get there, we can collaborate on arms as a subversive approach to transitioning society to collaborative principles - which could eventually result in the collaborative approach shifting 100% to creative, as opposed to destructive, technologies.

Further - 'war is extension of politics by other means' - a la Clausewitz - means that the starting point is the person. Personal integration. Personal disintegration is seen in destructive competition - everything from the ubiquitous Competitive Waste to the ubiquitous war - so to understand Clausewitz fully we must understand that prevention of war is attained only by personal integration - leading to social integration - leading to creativity and peace. Nobody disagrees with that really - but nobody knows how to get there. OSE's goal is to show a path of getting there by its 4 year program of personal integration where people come out of it working explicitly on solving pressing world issues. And if they continue - leading the builds of fully nonviolent communities. The OSE Campus in itself is designed to be nonviolent at its essence. See more about the definition of violence here:

Fri Mar 25, 2022

It seems to me that the definition of 'psychological health' at the 'fully healthy' level involves the capacity for sublimation - and specifically - Daily Sublimation. Daily Sublimation can be defined as the regular reset, every morning, when a person does the necessary internal work to gain a fully creative approach to that day's activities. This means that a person may need to start by processing bothersome things, so they are not a drag in the day - and so that one is able to tap one's full creative power on a daily basis. This comes to me in the Ukraine War, when the suffering there is overwhelming and a historical turning point, and it can lead to depression if not sublimated. For me personally, I simply focus on asking at what level of economic power can I have a major influence on causing peace, through an absolutely creative approach along the lines of Open Source Ecology - and thereafter going about pursuing this goal. It clarifies that the work of OSE must go to addressing governance and security issues globally. I started Global Governance, which is still all words unless there is economic power to back it up. This is purely inspiring, as it provides a clear goal on creating solutions.

Daily sublimation is the daily work required to keep oneself clean and inspired - otherwise the weight of the world begins to build up and becomes a serious psychological threat. Today 85% of people don't like their jobs [4], 1/4 are optimistic about the future in the US [5], and 57% are looking for more meaning [6], and about 50% of Americans thinks that the future will suck [7]. From my viewpoint, that is a failure to grow and sublimate. It's a great opportunity, as we can help people learn growth and sublimation. Growth is a fundamental process - we either grow or perish. Sublimation takes practice. It's a choice which everyone has.

Tue Mar 22, 2022

Some great evolution yesterday on teh SEH Core Economic Model - but the complexity of execution arises in terms of due diligence in a highly regulated environment, as well as the issue of financing. Solution for the first is sublimation - documenting techniques and equipment for survey, title due diligence, utility connection due diligence, soil test and bearing qualities, excavation costs, site analysis and potential engineering, closing, title transfer - and other legal/financial due diligence. If we can document all this and teach it - that generates thousands of dollars of extra value - that stays in our pockets and saves money for the customer. For example - a surve, soil test, excavation, and going off-grid electrical - saves us thousands right there. For the grid issue - with a smart house that uses no grid - we have only the boiling of water (tea = 1/24 kwhr, or about 1/6 kWhr if inefficiency is considered) - then a 1 kWhr battery bank can do it for us for $100 - see (Motorcycle Batteries). Thus here we are going in at the same cost (minus $1.5k utility connection) etc. If there is a transformer involved, that is $3-7k and definitely worthwhile. Ok, in any case - the general idea is saving thousands, and providing more value. Actual case studies of savings arise only upon experience - so we need to track data specifically. Autonomous water/electric is a great solution and we should put that explicitly on the roadmap.

Summary of sublimation: we do a win-win for house owner/OSE - by studying the details and teaching our students, we provide more integrated skill sets and more diverse work - for constant learning. Because we thus enter the info economy - we also capture more value.

Ok, to financing. Going to SEH Core Enterprise Module.