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To give you an example of what this looks like for the CEB press production, consider our current plans. If we are to do exactly as in the picture, our costs of startup are $20k – for everything. This includes the building, with full, off-grid energy with up to 20 kW of industrial power available (solar cells, large battery pack, PTO generator and Lister Engine backups, inverter). This also includes the computer controlled, open source acetylene torch table for rapid fabrication. It includes an off-shelf MIG welder. Plus, it includes our open source LifeTrac multipurpose tractor – for powering the CEB, plus with rototiller and front end loader for all soil preparation.

The building itself will be made from CEBs, and we are actually set on building a circular sawmill powered by the tractor – so we could have all the wood and brick that we need for building.

That’s just a start. We’ll evolve to the solar turbine for combined heat and power, and to SolaRoof dynamic liquid insulation – made of soap bubbles – instead of polystyrene sheets.

The price is right, and the technology base is sound. The two critical pieces of equipment – tractor and torch table – would otherwise cost us $30k by themselves, and the entire package would be on the order of $100-200k if we utilized business as usual practices. The main difference is that we are distributing the startup cost – and benefiting all in the process by engaging in honest production.