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Open source engineering comes in for price reduction. I’ll talk about how a typical 5-10 factor of cost decrease is likely – but without any decrease in quality. Moreover, we are talking of the highest quality, lifetime design.

Compare the economics. Materials for CEB and Sawmill are $2k total. $30k for both if you got them as consumer products from competitors. With open design blueprints and simple design, you can build these yourself in a week’s time for each. If you are not skilled with your hands, come to a workshop and get these made.

Solar concentrator turbine system with storage - $5k for 5kW of peak power. Compare to $1k/year electric bills, or $25k+ for equivalent photovoltaics.

LifeTrac multipurpose tractor – but with all these attachments – including sawmill and backhoe – for $8k. Absolutely modular attachments, shared hydraulic motors – such as the same hydraulic motor for the roto-tiller can power a cement mixer. The same functions would cost you about $80k if you got them off the shelf.

Fabrication – the computerized Multimachine, computer controlled torch table, and welder – for $3k.

Food – come to a workshop, propagate all of our plant and animal stock – and you can have a permacultural garden feeding you 100% for the rest of your life.

Just in case you are not interested in working for someone else for the rest of your life – you can Buy out at the Bottom - $18k, independence included. Or, pursue the American Dream, slave your life and pay off a 250k home, full dependence on the System included.