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With that, I’d like to close. We need your help in building the GVCS. First, if you can contribute to the technical or background development of the Global Village Construction Set, then call us. You can go to our wiki, It is a wiki – a webpage where you can sign in and edit the content, simply by going to any page and clicking edit. It is our main collaborative platform. If you have any information that substantiates, or disproves, any of our claims, or provides designs, bills of materials, fabrication procedures, and other details relevant to building the GVCS tools – feel free to contribute to the relevant pages. The list of all the technologies is at the top of the page.

Second, we are interested in students taking on research projects. Typically, you can get independent study credit, or you can make this into a paper or project for a class. We cover many areas – from agriculture, to engineering, to organizational theory, sociology, computer science, economics – you name it. Many Ph.D. theses and other papers could be written on the topic of bringing the open source economy to life. Our material provides good substance if you are truly interested in interdisciplinary and applied studies, research, or experimentation.

Third, we are interested in further college speaking arrangements or talks in front of other groups. If you have friends or family at other universities, ask if they could arrange a speaking engagement. If you know of other groups, please contact them and let us know if anyone is interested.

Fourth, with the help of Kat Erdel, we have set up the Kat Erdel Resource Development Center, Columbia, MO. We are looking for contributions of any tools, supplies, and equipment that you don’t need that are relevant to building a village. Garden tools, hand tools, power tools, bolts, wire, structural and sheet metal, building supplies, electric motors, etc – if it in any way relates to building a sustainable village – drop it off with Kat by giving her a call.

Fifth, if any of you are interested in helping with a brochure and press kit, please let us know. We are trying to get a clear message out to the public.

Plus, if you want to get your hands dirty, we are holding work days at Factor e Farm. We are planning on days related to our agriculture operations - mulching the orchard, plant propagation planting – and infrastructure building. Or, arrange what you want to do and come on over. We have just about anything that needs to be done, we’re doing a lot of different things. Once we have our 2 machines up and running, we will be building with CEB blocks. We may also be building our solar concentrators and putting up our solar cells. Those would be great weekend work parties for groups.