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The bottom line in this program is local production. The entire economy rides on the back of physical production. If you are a computer worker or a paper shuffler – don’t forget that it is real, physical production that constitutes the substance of society.

Start producing. Start tinkering. Start becoming a producing member of your community. That’s the only way we can make a better world, and get the bad uglies out of running our lives.

We are asking you to absorb the type of philosophy embodied by the GVCS – that it is about tools with which communities can produce their own wealth from local resources – and keep that wealth in their borders. Once again, we’re not against global exchange – but just not in favor of complete dependence.

As another story – I must say what level of technology is appropriate. It is that which is common sense. If it doesn’t make sense, someone will try to use it to enslave you.

We have been swindled out of practical skills and technical literacy by our education and media. We don’t know that we can be self-sufficient – only that the Corporation will provide for us.

But the answers are beautiful and simple. CEB bricks. Solar energy. Permaculture. Permafacture. Let me assure you that the high level physics and science are rarely about making life better. I was searching for those solutions myself when I was back in school – going into Fusion thinking that it could be the next solution to the world’s energy crisis. I was totally oblivious that we can provide all energy amply from what already comes from the sun.

At one point it hit me, though. I was faced with a physics formula on a wave traveling in space that took up a good fraction of a page – and frustrated with my lack of understanding of it- I asked the professor if he could just point to some physical situation or occurrence that would clarify what the formula meant. He answered, ‘There is none. I made it up.’

You see, that’s the type of swindle that we’re up against. The high level science will not save us – it is more about making the obvious solutions accessible. That’s precisely the nature of the GVCS. It doesn’t require rocket science to get involved – just high school math and physics – and beyond that, it’s primarily organizational work of distilling the relevant information to what truly works. That’s what we’ve been doing nearly full time for about 5 years now, and I believe that the solutions we’re proposing simply work. If you can propose better solutions – and if you can demonstrate that they have the potential of meeting OSE Specifications – then we want to hear about them. We’re always open to better solutions.