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Fri Jul 29, 2016

Fixing my improved Wiki Recent Changes Page, removed spam edits. See Improved Recent Changes Page

Check Monica Log and Jean-Baptiste_Log.

Tue Aug 13, 2013

Trying to parse Google Docs Spreadsheets, send email to MJ for more informations what to do.

Mon Aug 12, 2013

Improving Wiki Recent Changes Page. On original page is too many edits of one page. I shrink them to one (latest): RecentChanges.png

Also categorize changes to user logs, pages and files (uploads). Feel free to use it: Improved Recent Changes Page

Sat Aug 10, 2013

I added another modules placeholders to dozuki machines pages. Missing modules for 6 machines (Chipper, CNC Circuit Mill, Hot Metal Proccesing, Industrial Robot, Lasser Cutter and Loader). Also discussed LifeTrac Design problem and helping with True Fans Platform page problem.

Wen Aug 07, 2013

The first LifeTrac idea: trying simplify PowerCube Frame: File:PowerCubeFrame.skp


  • reduction 20% of tubing
  • using 3-4-5 right angle triangle
  • can be extend to stronger xyz frame (but then it has +20% tubing)

What do you thing?

Sat Aug 03, 2013

On Design Sprint i participate on adding modules to dozuki machines pages. Converting Phoenix Assembly Method page from odt to wiki.

Sat Jul 20, 2013

In last few days i have working on Main Machine Page Template Demo. Look at my page How it works:

  • load existing wiki source from machine page
  • fill form with parts from that page
  • after editing and submiting the form you can copy and paste updated source to machine page.

It's just demo, so everything (every machine change) is made only on that Tibor Test Page. I don't have much time to do it, so it's don't looks how it could. I also can't imagine how can the template fill all requirements defined on Main Machine Page Template and existing machine multipage (CNC Torch Table, etc.)

I will try to be online on OSE Design Sprint today.

Sat Jul 13, 2013


Fri July 12, 2013

Nobody answers my questions, so i don't know if i have right dimensions. This is reason why i have files on my own place, not here:

Tue July 8, 2013

Working on new Warehouse, instructions on Warehouse Development Brief


  • I'm not sure about inner/outer radius on 1/4 or 1/2 thick square tube profile. Can someone in workshop measure it? I will continue on this tomorow.
  • Any suggestion to filenaming? I use schema Warehouse-<name>-<modificator>, example: Warehouse-SquareTube-Thin

Wen Jun 26, 2013

Created Sketchup model of 3 Inch Wheel Hub: File:3-inchHub1.skp, File:3-inchHub2.skp

  • I don't know if the dimensions in the 1st file are ok, I'm not familiar with LibreCAD yet.
  • Can be lower collar on 2nd file welded directly to the 24" round wheel plate, or i must add another round plate, with 4 holes to bolt it there?

3-inchHub1.png 3-inchHub2.png

Created some new plates for cylinder mounting: File:New-plates-suggestion.skp

  • They would be used instead of rectangular 8x8 or 8x12 plates.
  • On red axis are variations of the same plate, with different fabrication process.
  • Do you find it usefull?

New Plates

Sun Jun 23, 2013

Start QC of Backhoe Legs and Feet. Found technical problem with last version of File:Backhoe stabilizerarms1.skp:

- there is not enough place for moving legs up, they would be wider that LifeTrac in max upper position.

- do we need this module? Aditional stability can be achieved with laying down the LifeTrac arm. It is not enough?

Sat Jun 22, 2013

Tibor's work sample - [1]. Got him do to Quality Control

Quick info

Name: Tibor Soviš

Country: Slovakia

Timezone: GMT+0200 (CST+7)