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  • A Collection of all combustion devices, and associated equipment
  • Used for any sort of permanent / semi-permanent installation
  • Mainly electrical power, hot water, and perhaps steam will be produced
  • Compressed fluids (Air, Gasses, Hydraulic Fluid, Water) may be possible via coupling pumps to the shafts
  • Allows for use of any fuel:
    • Biomass
    • Liquid Fuels
    • Gaseous Fuels
  • Also modular and upgradable
  • Also integrates exhaust treatment which prevents pollution (not too much of a concern if only one person uses ose designs, but if widespread adoption... (also commercial/industrial use may mandate this) )
  • More complex than most needs, but the OSE Dream Home and perhaps small commercial/industrial uses could benefit from it
  • Page, Concept, and even the title still a work in progress FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED
  • May also want to integrate some sort of:


User:Eric's Work


  • VERY sloppy, i'm no drafter, and am still learning how to use this pen tablet
  • A link to the file

Rudimentary Components

Biomass Processing

Two Stage Grinder

Charcoal Pellet Production

Charcoal Burner

Gas/Liquid Burners

Heat Recovery and Reuse

  • Universal Heat Exchanger (or multiple if doing gas-liquid AND liquid-liquid) feeding
    • Air preheating
    • Secondary steam generator/pre heater
  • THEN TEGs for the last little bit of extractable heat

Exhaust Processing


  • "Turbocharger" for compressing air for improved combustion in all devices
    • May not be needed if compressed air is already adequate, or if this is unnecessary
  • Oxygen Concentrator PSA ? for Oxy-Fuel Combustion ?
  • Hot water tank and/or solar pre-heater
  • Optional steam input from external sources like solar thermal


  • (Hot?) Water
  • Air (compressed?)
  • Liquid Fuels
  • Gaseous fuels (Mainly RCNG , Hydrogen and even DME , but liquid fuel fumes, Propane, LPG etc can be used as well)
  • Biomass


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