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  • A Page where User:Eric dumps links pre "putting them in the right place"
  • A more orderly, open, and non "500 deep bookmark" method
  • Also acts as a public form of Bookmarks/tabs, so that even pre-being posted in a site, others can see the information and even iterate/be inspired by it, rather than have it "sit on a shelf"
  • Should be promptly emptied


General Dated Entries


Smelting / Direct Reduced Iron / Hydrogen Plasma Smelting Reduction


On the note of Hydrogen Filling Stations

  • That IRCO Link you posted has a NICE P2X DIAGRAM! (Or Rather H2X i guess?) (It did fail to mention Grey Hydrogen (And all the other confusing "colors" of hydrogen like Turquoise Hydrogen ie Methane Pyrolysis to Hydrogen and Carbon Black etc) (Also didn't mention the odd (especially when done with novel nuclear reactors, gas cooled pebble bed, liquid salt stuff, etc) , but potentially useful Thermochemical Hydrogen Generation ) but seriously though i HAD to comment on that
  • One of the papers, i think it was the Electroosmotic or whatever one, that had a nice diagram of the different tech (Piston Pump, Diaphragm Pump (I'll have to read up on it, but it wasn't a Pneumatic Dual Acting Diaphragm Pump , but instead almost like a hydraulic piston/engine type thing with the cylinder head being a membrane that made up the actual hydrogen pump part.
  • Anywho i was trying to hunt down the cost of those stations, typical "Contact for Details" type deal sadly (The Alibaba link can probably be resurrected, i just don't have time for that now, spending far too much time doing things that are barely important but still in the way myself) (You can by all sorts of things, especially industrial equipment type stuff, on alibaba)
  • I need to reread up all the specifications for those tanks too, some wild pressures, at least for non-cryogenic. I know the tanks at welding had some sort of plug that would vent (or at least the acetylene did, it would vent and make a column of flame but not explode, i think Autogas vehicles are similar (Also not russian tanks have those ammunition blow out panels for a similar reason lol). So some plug like that and maybe a Aramid Shrapnel Cage? (Might be more of a pop than a fragment shooting explosion though)
  • Either way little bit of link spam forming on that, dumping that, and all those thoughts on it here

Adoption" ] (Low Cost...but assumes LH2 Supply Trucks/Ecosystem being commonplace (granted i don't know they may be already decently around for medical/lab and rockets maybe?)

M-Disc Technicality Mess

CD Pressing Stuff

  • This is even more near irrelevant (Short of maybe making DIY/OS CD-Rs / DVD-RAM / Minidiscs / M-Discs and all that?) but the typical mold making process for "disc pressing" uses Etched Glass to make a Sputtered Thin Metal bit...which is Electroplated or rather Electroforming (Which i think is just the technical term for thick electroplating) to make a metal mold which is THEN used in the Injection Mold machine followed by the other steps (PC Disc Sputtered with Reflective Layer, Coating above that to prevent oxidation, also potentially an anti scratch layer, also "primer" for the label and/or ink on the non-data side)
  • This 1997 Paper Titled "Precision manufacture of optical disc master stampers" mentions going from the etched glass (or rather some other ceramic in this case?) directly to the injection mold press. So saves time and reduces waste from electroplating baths to deal with
  • Either way thought that was neat and wanted to document it on-wiki

Magnetron Sputtering Stuff


Formic Acid + DFAFC Related P2X Stuff

are identified for the positive and negative half-cells, respectively, yielding a maximum discharge power density of 50 mW/cm2. A prototype capillary flow battery using the same redox chemistries demonstrates robust cell voltages above 1.0 V and maximum discharge power of 1.9 mW. These results show that practical primary battery performance can be achieved with biodegradable chemistries in a disposable device."

Carbon Materials Related Stuff

Smart Home and/or IOT Air Gapping Stuff

  • "Parallel Network" seems to be a related concept
  • Typical issue of Security vs Convenience
  • Having the Separate Network, and be able to physically unplug (or some sort of Ethernet Cord Switch ) it into the WAN access may be a decent compromise
    • Although it being off/on depending on if you are there would be an indicator of sorts you probably wouldn't want to broadcast, at least in theory from a security snob point of view
  • Link Spam:
  • Granted at the end of the day don't be dumb (leave default passwords active), be overly flashy (Gilded RGB Doorknobs) and stuff like that, and you are probably good. The whole "only need to be annoying to break into, not impenetrable" granted physical security and cybersecurity are all kinds of different due to automation/scale, and also i am not a cybersecurity expert. My point is essentially you don't have to be worrying about EMSEC Guidelines, but at the same time don't get your house burnt down due to a "Smart Outlet" being switched by a virus until it overheats.
  • But yeah this has been something my brain has been thinking over, so i'd love to hear what you all think, especially any proper IT/Cybersecurity people!


"Smart Home" Stuff


New Terminology (And Standards) Hell Discovered: Sandpaper

Alternatives to Raspberry Pi, Especially for NAS/Server Use

Archival Knowledge I Picked Up in Passing

  • So i knew about Acid Free Paper and all that, but turns out fasteners can be an issue as well
  • A lot of this is in the context of making a box and leaving it in the library with no checking on it etc, so the ol' check on it every year or so trick could probably make it irrelevant, still interesting though:
    • Even though they are natural latex (i think), Rubber Bands will decay and either become brittle or sticky, either way they supposedly stain paper+make recovery more difficult
    • Staples can Rust
  • Finding Aids / the sort of crazyness of File/Table System design but with Physical Records and all the interesting types of boxes and whatnot
    • Hollinger Boxes / your standard "office box" are a thing but there are all sorts of other ones


DAMN errr rather Dam...Stuff

SEVIGNY: That includes four endangered native fish. In the '90s, Federal river managers started to experiment with artificial floods, ramping up the water released from the dam over several days. These floods are small compared to what used to come down the river but four or five times higher than typical dam releases. It worked."


Printing Stuff

  • Not going to let myself go too far this rabbit hole, have to get things done today, BUT:
  • I saw those Handheld Inkjet Printers a while back and they are definitely slick for packaging, also can make temporary tattoos if i remember correctly which was neat, (i could even use them for your events at a swim meet lol, kids these days, back in MAH day we had to use sharpie markers, all those young wippersnappers lol, would overkill as hell but could be cool, better than my shaky hands)
  • There is a channel on YouTube where someone is documenting their development of a Continuous Inkjet printer. I forget if it was for Binder Jetting 3D Printing / something akin to Polyjet , or for marking, although it could do both i suppose if it turns out to work well enough
  • The bit on Dye Sublimation (As opposed to Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers ) is that they make way better photo prints supposedly
  • Those Polaroid Instant Film things have been all the rage recently, but i love my Digital Photography workflow and *not having to worry about film* (those disposable film cameras were the worst as a kid, "oh boy time to take a picture of that, let me just knob doesn't twist anymore WHELP" spoiled these days i guess)
    • SO i was looking into if there are any mobile / at least very small (ie laptop or smaller / kind of Shoebox sized, not a giant box (like a high quality home / classroom printer) or dedicated tower (like an office printer)
    • Then i learned that inkjets aren't all that great
    • Anyhow Cannon has this line called the "Selphy"
    • My Main Concerns are
      • Ink Cost, and can other sizes of paper / finishes be used (ie can it only run with dye sublimation compatible paper, or can cut out sections of cheap A4 Printer Paper etc work in a pinch?) (if the answer is no it needs the specific paper, then paper cost is an aspect as well)
      • Reliability / Right to Repair friendly-ness (All great until it breaks and/or they no longer make the product
    • My Dream one would (maybe via a "passthrough slot" that could flip up if need be) do 16x9, 21x9, and other "widescreen" formats, square formats, and your standard Polaroid/Instax/Selphy aspect ratio prints, so it can just do *anything*
      • Could be neat to *maybe* do document prints in a pinch, but would be tiny so impractical and goofy, also probably more expensive ink vs a cheap inkjet
  • Just dumping all this on-here for any other nerds, now i gotta get back to the important stuff lol


Carpet Stuff

  • This whole rabbit hole was started by me looking for the "proper" term for that "Low Pile/High Traffic/"Commercial" Carpet"
  • Also Carpet Padding Versus Carpet Cushion
  • I didn't find a good answer to that (granted no need to be snobby as long as the point gets across lol), BUT i found all sorts of other interesting stuff
  • Not too useful for now, but especially if i go into an edit rampage on the Threadwork Construction Set or something this would be tangentially related
  • Wikipedia mainly has stuff on Persian Rugs and all that, sadly not too much on modern technical stuff
  • Granted it's a Company so need to be cognizant of a conflict of interest and so on, but Home Depot had

this very good article on the basics

DJI Drone Genealogy Stuff



More Gas Turbine Stuff

Biomass Briquette Stuff

  • - Alkar Group "Advantages of briquettes"
  • - Solid Biofuels dot com - "Pini Kay Briquettes"
  • Could the CEB press do these?
  • I was looking at making Paper Briquettes or something akin to Pulp Molding since recently the MSW company for my area quit taking "non-valuable recycling"; granted makes sense to an extent, and this may have meant they were just doing the Enron esque shipping it all over the place for speculating on bale cost etc, then china banned importing all that and the market crashed
    • BUT i do hate landfills
    • I was then looking into Dioxins and whatnot, and granted it wouldn't be horrible, but it is probably best short of the occasional campfire to leave it to proper incinerators/Waste to Energy plants or even ( *shudder* ) Florida's Dear Bioreactor Landfills
    • Still sucks though, so that was my train of thought going into this
    • Some decent designs out there, plus a few low pressure manual presses online, amazon even, but yeah lots of work (+Investment) for small benefit (without a Rocket Mass Heater , TEG Stove , or Gasifier and generator setup etc so yeah

Ionic Liquids

  • I don't know much about them (yet), that starts getting into proper chemistry university class level stuff, but they may be worth a look
  • One of the Coal Upgrading papers mentioned Imidazole based Ionic Liquid as a solvent of sorts (Comparing that to the misc recent Green Chemistry Solvents) is another good thing to look into related to all this
  • Also related to batteries, fuel cells, and whatnot (makes sense, Electrochemistry and all that, but i think this was more of a permanent thing)
  • Either way wanted to get this out of my brain/chrome tabs and onto the wiki so there it is lol



Cosmoline / Underseal / Rust Inhibitor / Vapor Degreasing etc stuff:

Direct Fired Heaters and other Refinery / Biorefinery Stuff

Ultra Pure Charcoal Fuel / Coal Upgrading Stuff

Gas Turbine Stuff

  • Bit of Terminology Hell on what to call the part of a Gas Turbine or Jet Engine that the combustion happens in, Combustor and Burner are used it seems?
  • Either way the bit after the Air Intake and Compressor where the Fuel and Air Burn
  • In digging into UCC there were some papers on design for Can Style Annular Combustors that used aerosolized (or was it a Slurry Fuel ? ) UCC Dust
  • "Combustion Chamber" -> Combustor makes more sense, leave "Burner" for things like the Babington Burner and things for (Non Waste Heat Recovery Boiler ) Boilers

and Fired Process Fluid Heaters etc

  • Still useful to use for digging for papers potentially





  • I can't seem to find if i put it On-Wiki (May just be on the discord a while back, or still in my personal horde), but i saw an article a while back on "Eternal Spare Parts" or "Spare Parts for Life" something along those lines
  • Essentially was usage of Digital Twinning / a Parts Library and Digital Fabrication (Especially 3D Printing ) to make needing to have Warehouses full of Spare Parts (Or molds for them etc) obsolete
  • Is there a category page that isn't the Category for Parts Library that all major CAD Pages / Assembly Files for misc projects, such as the page to be put? (If not i'll add them to the parts library one for now; i think new people/people digging for a file being able to "browse" through all the CAD Files, aspecially assembly for major products would be of use)
  • Heard about a "Jam Saw" / "Jam Cutter" mentioned as an older/niche power tool for woodworking, not too much online documentation it seems?

On the Availability of Carbide/Diamond Blades for Recipricating Saws and/or Cordless Bandsaws

Prismatic vs Cylendrical vs Pouch Battery Cells


"CoolBot" Stuff

Sharpening Stuff


Component > S-Video > Composite > Coaxial"

  • Also this was a while ago, but there is a neat FPGA based Analog to Digital Video Converter
    • Aimed mainly at the Vintage Gaming Community, as things designed for CRT Displays don't transfer to Pixel Based Systems well and have various artefacts
    • The device can fix those/tweak all sorts of things, yet also has negligable latency
    • Quite Pricy though :(




  • In the context of the Photonic Radiative Cooling i was thinking of something i saw a while back and thought i had on-wiki
    • It was discussing the issue of Water Usage for Solar Plants/Farms
    • It mentioned "Wet" Condensers (Ie Cooling Towers and Spray Ponds ) and how dry condensers are too expensive/complex etc
      • Granted it hasn't been around long enough to estimate durability, or done any Accelerated Aging tests etc (also the potential issue of microplastic pollution with the current formulation), but this technology may make that far more viable!
    • Either way grabbing that article + related papers on the concept is a good idea for another time where i have more time







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