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  • A Page where User:Eric dumps links pre "putting them in the right place"
  • A more orderly, open, and non "500 deep bookmark" method
  • Also acts as a public form of Bookmarks/tabs, so that even pre-being posted in a site, others can see the information and even iterate/be inspired by it, rather than have it "sit on a shelf"
  • Should be promptly emptied




  • In the context of the Photonic Radiative Cooling i was thinking of something i saw a while back and thought i had on-wiki
    • It was discussing the issue of Water Usage for Solar Plants/Farms
    • It mentioned "Wet" Condensers (Ie Cooling Towers and Spray Ponds ) and how dry condensers are too expensive/complex etc
      • Granted it hasn't been around long enough to estimate durability, or done any Accelerated Aging tests etc (also the potential issue of microplastic pollution with the current formulation), but this technology may make that far more viable!
    • Either way grabbing that article + related papers on the concept is a good idea for another time where i have more time







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