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  • This Page goes over User:Eric 's dev work for OSE
  • Also has a sort of "captains log" of their work / daily thoughts
  • Not always consistent, so double check their Contributions Page for more specifics on projects/edits
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Eric Log



  • Alrighty, felt *much* more productive today, logging off for the day, SHOULD be back in ~8-11 hours or so
  • I guess 6 Hours, Hard to tell
  • Did a pile of Safety Stuff (Been watching a bunch of USCSB stuff which shows all the ways to *NOT* do Bio-Petrochemistry (Granted 2/3 of the incidents, and nearly all recent ones were do to people rushing (often due to higher up's demands), and having a bad safety culture, or just flat out skipping maintenance
  • I do think fleshing all that out, and implementing various systems (+ just making sure / adding there are fire extinguishers/eye wash bottles/stations etc where there should be some)
  • Once i (someday...) or someone else gets into bio-petrochemistry stuff that is when this will really "kick in" granted one of the incidents was due to their plant scale reactor not shedding as much heat (and them skipping steps, but i digress), as their lab scale unit, leading to a runaway reaction.
  • But with modular design / smaller Scale (Analytics) production (ie makerspace, county, or state level, not global, demand wise) things may be safer from that
    • Was due to the square/cube law, which was another surprising oversight, granted easier after the fact i guess
  • Need to do a Hazard Analysis of Hydrogen Storage / Saturated Steam (and probably biogas / upgraded biogas to cng standards etc) just to help design in all that
  • Did some misc stuff today on Ash Handling , Composite Materials , and CEBs (mainly just adding links i recently saw
  • Tomorrow though
  • Probably going to fire up that GIS Suite and run some tutorials first thing
  • Then probably some cleanup from my past few days of work
  • Then, if any time is remaining, move on to watching marcin/ose video backlog (caught up otherwise on other channels)
  • Then, if ant time is remaining, move on to finishing up safety stuff / To-Do List Stuff


  • Didn't get enough done, but by staying up longer that just ruins sleep schedule making it worse, so logging off for now
  • Read some papers/dug for info on that Heavy Metal Removal via Ozonation (and later Advanced Oxidation Process ), burt time didn't get too much done but that was a thing
  • Brains kind of blanking out, so will fix/update this later


  • Off rhythm/getting back into it
  • Got all that backlog short of safety stuff pretty much taken care of
  • Should finish up safety stuff, then move on to GIS stuff / watching past meetings at ~2x speed (also try and make any of the ones i can!)
  • Need to also get back to answering questions on the PP discord, and send emails out to in-person stuff again\
  • Not certain on hours as that has all been odd recently, will try and get a good log of all that
  • (also tried out some VR stuff i got on steam sale, "VR Power Tools" wasn't even as good as the dev sprint Lathe Safety Simulator software/game, so that was unfortunate, but i'll try the Robotic Cell Simulator later (if i even can, may need engineer level understanding / example files etc!)
  • Project North Star announced on their discord a day or so ago they are having dev meetings
    • "Hi @everyone I'm excited to announce that we'll be holding #ProjectNorthStar meetings weekly at 10pm EST on Monday! These meetings will go over some of the current software initiatives as well as hardware and campaign updates from @CombineReality We hope to see you all there and that these events will help guide this project's momentum forward! If you have any suggestions for topics or items you'd like to discuss please feel free to share them.

We're currently planning on discussing the following:

1) Updates to the SteamVR Driver system 2) Iniatives for getting prebuilt headsets out to select developers 3) Continued development on the ground truth optical calibration models 4) Systems to improve the onboarding process with a northstar HMD and standardize calibration file naming + coordinate systems.

We understand that this time won't work for everyone, and we will likely time shift or add additional events to accommodate other time zones better in the future!"

  • That's about it i guess


Pre-End of Day Stuff

  • Currently have ~72 tabs up
  • Mix of:
  • Need to document + comment + share
    • New content by Iron3D
    • Channel developing a DIY / OS ultrasonic inkjet
    • Content on some sort of OTS Filament Maker circulating on major channels recently (compare to OSE design / determine if/when we could send a model to not get left in the dust?
  • Need to get all that where it needs to be so i can move on
  • Also need to watch all that video backlog from Marcin's channel i have, can watch at 2x speed (although may need to slow down/pause for detail in some bits
    • Calculate minimum time this can be done in
  • Figure out why discord is not showing alerts as to new comments in other groups yet is still sending that noise / etc
  • Load up freecad and try new workbenches / try and get that going
  • Heading out for food now i guess, so will be continued


  • I didn't get much done today, maybe one or two hours, but i think that tabs / project creep/scope creep is controlled again.
  • I will probably make some pages on safety systems, swales/keyline undersurfacing, then try and catch up on marcin's videos
  • THEN after that i can move on
  • I did also clean up the OSE Discord given many people are joining
  • Also i beleive the audi issue may be fixable via using push to talk (in settings) instead of voice detection (which it uses if i remember correctly)
  • I should tinker around with that, as well as make some Discord Tutorials / Instructionals?
  • Am back now, will try and get this done


  • Caught up on video backlog
  • I commented on this video by the YouTube Channel "CNC Kitchen" under their top comment asking if they considered building/testing a lyman extruder, so feel free to upvote that if you want
  • NightHawkInLight posted an interesting video on DIY electrolysers, had me thinking on them more, and finally made a page on it
    • Electrode Material seems to be a mess given most will essentially "electroplate" the anode, and can create some "nasties" such as hexavalent chromium
      • Carbon Foam or Graphite may work, but less conductive
      • Also swapping the polarity may reverse some/all of the reactions?
      • Also recovering any electrode dust for materials recovery needs to be accounted for
    • Making some sort of PID + SIS system for it (auto-water level fill, temp control via Thermal Throttling and/or a Radiator and/or Fan, gas sensing, and Inerting Systems would be neat
      • Also may want to make a similar "dome collector" but with PVC Pipe instead of a 1L bottle ?
  • That square box format does seem like it would be great for modularity
  • The combined "sock style" ones are interesting, but may be too dangerous?
  • Also need to look into/make pages for those "Plastic Bins" and see if there are standard sizes/formats, if not make some intra-OSE standard for that so they can be made in PP molds, and used for this, or standardized storage racks in a makerspace etc
  • Also wanted to make a list of needed compression/injection/vacuum molded components, similar to List of Needed Petrochemicals
  • That's about it, maybe 3 hours, not too much "relevant" work i guess?


  • It's getting *very* late so i'm logging off
  • Got tabs on BOTH my phone and chrome browser somewhat back to manageable levels
  • YouTube Backlog is growing
  • Event Backlog is growing
  • Gave some more people admin access on the discord (the discussion/planning on a FLOSS alternative has really taken off so that's neat
  • Was flying the quadcopter with my younger sibling (kind of a daily thing now), getting better at it, did a *long* range test, and attempted some FPV flying, fps is low and reception can be odd, so it was a bit spooky/risky
  • Posted some stuff to the discord to organize tomorrow
  • I don't know if the paper is up, but someone made designs for a truss bridge and aircraft hangar like dome with that POKE method, also the pop up book table seemed neat.
  • Also sorry for lowkey spamming the recent changes section with all my mostly off topic edits, i know it can make finding recent stuff odd if it goes past the various numbers, ESPECIALLY THE 500
    • Anyone know ways around this?
  • Got the robotic cell vr simulator, and a "power tools simulator" on vr so more testing of existing stuff for the OSE Game concept
  • Posted the materials from that ave video (get the link tomorrow), and posted the switch on the discord, had me thinking about the Open Source Power Tools
    • The 3D Printed vs Injection molded Part issue may be rough? glass fiber reinforced pellets (and *maybe* continuous filament) seem doable, but the layer seperation may be hard to combat, although Salt Annealing could be done maybe (surface finish though....)
  • Rambling and tired lol, i'll clean this up tomorrow, as well as try and get a good hour estimate


  • Family taking vacation to Relatives in Ohio (Ashtabula area)
  • 2 Day Road Trip up/down, have 4th of July Festivities happening this afternoon, and should be quite busy visiting people etc (HaRd WorK (hope i'm not coming across that way) )
  • I think i should have some time this morning/early afternoon (depending on setting up chairs etc)
  • Also got my laptop all set up, and whatnot today, so can easily log on at the end of the day and do quick checks
  • My grandpa on my mom's side was an agricultural extension agent for OSU, and my grandpa on my dad's side has a gigantic garden, and some houses that people rent out short term (many of which are in construction half the time, keeps his mind busy) so may have some neat stuff to share from there)
  • I added an "ongoing events" category, and "Apprenticeship 2021" channel to the Discord
  • Caught up on various chat backlog, need to catch up on all the neat videos/content coming from the event (and maybe pin some in the discord)
  • Also check for / pin google docs
  • (Last afternoon/night was using that quadcopter i had a bit (just with the controller+phone mount) and kind of figured out the basics + signal range)
  • Getting late so logging off now
  • Finished up some small tasks, and closed some tabs by converting them to pages
  • Keep on getting more ideas/tabs, such a sissafisian task aaaaaaa
  • Also with all these defunct groups, it may be worth it to reach out and see if they would open source methods etc
    • There is a 3d printer using paper cutting + lamination (Macor i think) that is dead and doesn't seem to have some huge market, but would be neat to have
    • Also may want to make a page/term for all these biofuel companies from the 2000s-2010s that died out
  • Had some great conversations on the discord, and started watching some of the apprenticeship videos
  • Keep up the good work to all the people out there!
  • Guessing 3 hours or so?


  • Bit of a large delay due to just small edits/stuff
  • Last two days were due to various father's day festivities then donating blood followed by me deciding to take a l o n g n a p
  • Caught up on the discord and misc stuff today
  • More people joined today, and we had a great conversation on various things, i love how development seems to be "taking off" ( i still need to say hi / give various tips to that huge swarm of people who joined (if reading this, sorry! i'll try and get to ya!) )
  • I did send emails out to Safe Animal Shelter and that local Habitat for Humanity branch asking about doing in person stuff now that i am vaccinated (and should be able to drive soon as well
    • Habitat for humanity replied and said they need volunteers at the "Re-store" and with a build in greencove, and to call them, so i'll try and get that done tomorrow (surprisingly others do not work well at 9:00 / 12:00 at night lol...) (probably ~5:00 pm est or so tomorrow)
  • Need to *focus* and get that Fleming Island Makerspace work going more
  • I'll get there eventually lol
  • (not too ose related, but i also messed around with that " Short Circuit VR " simulator/game, still feels kind of clunky
    • Also i don't know if they removed the feature or if i just can't find it, but i can no longer scale things, so seeing what connects to what on the breadboard is hard due to resolution of my HMD + how i can't hold things close to my face due to the HMD and my controllers "bumping"
  • Also that video mentioned the founder of pr, and that reminded me on that bit i want to do on that guy, and the founder of advertising or whatever (made women smoking seem rebellious/#girlboss so they opened up that entire market just by kind of manipulating people, that and the "hack gap" (saw some goofy onion skit "kid raises money with lemonade stand for attack ad" and they mentioned the whole "you can make anything true if you repeat it enough) )
    • TLDR for that mess above, not saying the OS movement needs a propaganda arm, but we can learn some i guess
  • ANYWHO i'm logging off for the day; guessing ~4 hours?


  • Cleared (and documented) all the links in my chrome backlog (except for some more detail on them, and much more stuff on InductVR , and stuff on a "cargo cart monorail" (essentially rebar track + car for cargo runs akin to a wheelbarrow)
  • Added some more items to my to-do list
  • Did some usual organization stuff
  • Discussed some stuff on the discord
  • The to-do list had some typos i think, i should fix those later (easy now with me figuring out the spellcheck lol)
  • Getting a foster kitten tomorrow afternoon which may be *distracting*
  • Altogether felt decently productive
  • Guessing around 5 hours ( Yep hour logger is still broken ) (should probably do some more intensive troubleshooting myself and/or ask around on the discord tomorrow)


  • Finally documented those vr training softwares
  • Pile more info on the InductVR one that i will need to dig into later
    • Also some githubs, so i need to look into those and maybe see if they would be interested in c o l l a b o r a t i o n maybe?
  • Documented AgStack after someone on the discord mentioned it, seems really exciting
    • I need to share this on the right to repair discord as well as they would probably be interested as well
  • I made some stuff on Rewilding the other day, the way i wrote it is a bit sloppy definition wise due to the overlap with just non-wild urban Greenspace and also similar efforts minus the reintroducing apex predators / leaving it to be without human use aspects
    • I want to find/make some sort of zoning name for wildlands with (cleared) camp trails + camping sports / small integrated ultra-rural Project Kamp type dwellings? along this kind of train of thought
  • Saw a great series on the netherlands' urban planning / traffic engineering which i may want to dump somewhere
  • Also some hydrogen infrastructure stuff
  • Need to make something on Self Discharge Rate (not only of batteries but of other systems)
  • Need find/make a page on tolerances and fits (also maybe a "what OSE machines to use for each "level" one)
  • Saw a series on Swales (less in the drainage ditch context, moreso artificial river/floodplain (need a better word) type Edible Forest Garden like things on each of the lands contours that also help replenish aquifers (due to trapped water being able to percelate more), and increase transpiration
  • Was trying to look into the types of Electrolysis of Water the other day, not too much low-level information on methods other than Alkaline Water Electrolysis , and some PEM Electrolysis
  • Should probably grab some papers and see if there are "experimental scale"
  • I'm going to try volunteering at the animal shelter for a few days a week again (although pre-pandemic it was almost full time ish?)
    • Thinking monday tuesday, due to that working well being able to carpool there wise, and also that being after the weekend rush of volunteers, thus they probably need extra help on those days
      • Also just need to kind of ask around and see how things have been, what/when help is needed etc
      • May also be fostering a kitten soon!
  • Because of that a neat "hands on" project could be a basic Electrostatic Precipitator , even just for large dust particles?
  • A HEPA filter could work, but for something just to reduce larger stuff (animal fur/dust etc), without much "consumables" may be nice
  • Would think some sort of mesh / grate / dangling wires in (probably 2 but maybe more?) layers with the electronics to charge them, and then a box around everything, and maybe a fan, and even a "knocker" (probably just manual clean)
  • Rambling a bit, but i haven't done too much work on-wiki lately, and did a decent amount today so i merged it all into this post
  • That's about it guessing 4 hours? ( Hour Logger is Still Broken )


  • Slept terribly so logging off early
  • Found more open source cameras due to them being brought up in a discussion on the discord
  • Then also found some neat Photogrammetry rigs (some of which were DIY )
  • Also lead me to the Beetle Cam project which seem EASILY open-sourceable (along with the "camera trap" )
  • Essentially found more work rather than getting stuff done but eh it's something
  • Also discussed Rainwater Harvesting in the Project Kamp Discord
  • Finally updated my Personal To-Do List
  • That's about it guessing 4 hours? ( Hour Logger is Still Broken )


  • Got most of what i wanted to done, along with some stuff that popped up
    • Finally got around to starting the Anodization page (this has been on backburner in forever, saw it being done in that high quality manner in the ULA tour by "everyday astronaut" forever ago)
    • Got through nearly all the tabs in the backlog (all that Hydrocracking stuff etc
      • Also was discussing Airborne Wind Turbines and found out that Makani is now dead...but also open source? Sad because it was incredibly promising (they did that huge offshore test in that video, one would think getting that far means you are "set" ?
      • Only idea i can think of is Airspace Issues (if power lines are bad enough for helos etc then a flailing thin tether attached to a heavy airplane would be...bad
  • Also did a quick peek into what the Well Drilling Rig was like, but honestly it may be somewhat irrelevant due to Rainwater Harvesting ? (also the usage of Retention Ponds as shown in some Seed Eco Home Diagram)
  • Made a page on the ESP32 granted IOT Security Vulnerabilities kind of turn me off from the concept, but at the same time it is an amazing little microcontroller and is everywhere in the maker/hacking scene now (for good reason!) so having an info/sourcing page for it on-wiki seemed like a good idea
    • A version with only those odd industrial/smart home standards would probably be my go to due to it being too odd to hack for most and easier to set up without www connection?
  • Also contacted that person from yesterday and sent the email adress they used to User: Marcin in a thread i started yesterday on their Filament Maker enquiry
  • Anyways that's about it, i need to read that bioethics paper on biofuels tomorrow + do the link necromancy for the few versions and fix them on the wikipedia page
  • After that if time remains probably Centralize+Organize my To-Do Lists
  • Guessing around 6 hours? (Again time is imprecise, also Hour Logger is Still Broken )


  • Someone mentioned some "WOW plastic waste solved via new paper..., type thing, so i looked into that seemed to be like Hydrocracking molten plastic goop? Either way that's what that stuff was about
  • I saw This 2012 video and started tracing the various "breadcrumb trails" it mentioned (collaborators, devices etc)
  • Found an Open Source (-ish need more details, they said non-commercial and it was informal talk in the video not on paper etc) Spectrometer so that was very neat, and i posted it in the SciHub discord so they will probably be all over that
  • Another video was on a compliant "Spherical Flexure Joint" that they made for fun i guess, but later added a magnet and sensor so it could act as a (idk if 2 or 3 dof) joystick, so that is a neat and surprisingly simple addition to the Open Source HID thing
  • This Video "SPM - 3D Printed Spherical Parallel Manipulator Assembly" is an AMAZING standard for how to do an instructional video, short of maybe the music (hard to solve problem) also maybe YouTube closed captions? Also an amazing build in of itself, should make a good Open Source 3 Axis Camera Gimbal
  • This Self Reversing Screw] is neat, and someone said it could perhaps be used for filament winders?
  • Neat Hydroponics Thin Film Grow Box (i was thinking on making a modular version that can be scaled up/down by attaching more blocks)
  • This person actually made and is developing that monorail 3d printer
  • Probably less efficient than other methods in terms of benefit to people / usd spent, but this has me thinking of a human powered water heater / pasteurizer (that or direct hydro etc) I Should Run the numbers sometime (could also be a good kid's science museum exhibit)
  • This Channel Has some amazing work
    • The person who made the hydroponic grow box made This cable camera which directed me to this one which could be an amazing addition to the shelter/cat cafe (my only concern would be cats attacking the cables, but definitely nicer than dome PTZ cameras, or a quadcopter/robot moving around
    • they made This Sewing Machine Hack which will be useful for the open source embroidery thing
    • Also seem to be great at Reverse Engineering stuff as shown in videos like these legally dubious i guess but the alibaba trick sure is effective lol
  • Started some GIS work on the project kamp discord section, one person was a legit expert, so talked with them a bit today, brought up my prior looking up components for that Basestation GPS stuff and mentioned making some sort of open source hardware for surveying and all that would be useful
    • Should talk about those laser mast things as well tomorrow
  • I was discussing plastic End of Product Life Cycle Management via RDF and all that, as well as was discussing how one could use 3D Aquaculture (specifically filter feeding shellfish etc) as a sort of Biofilter for Microplastics as those ocean booms (as well as Beach Cleanups ) solve the bigger stuff and that could close the gap on that
    • User: Seaweed had a good bit on how the shell formation will affect (local) ocean PH, so that needs to be taken into account in the LCA (i did find one earlier, but that may have just been the Kelp Farming , need to look that over again)
      • Also discussed the whole "returning the ash" bit (i have been thinking this over for a while still need to make a page on it) essentially Biomass -> (removed hydrocarbons and/or CO2 and/or water etc) -> All remaining minerals in ash, so if you return the ash to the environment (appropriately diluted) you aren't depleting anything, and in the case of the shellfish that would negate the ph issue if done right, and with biomass farming, that prevents topsoil depletion
  • Getting late and i'm rambling a bit but mostly lots of discussions with people today and me doing some paper finding along the lines of said discussions
  • Also User: Marcin do look for that email by Another person looking to make the Filament Maker , this person is doing for a uni project i think as well
  • Guessing around 5 hours? (Again time is imprecise, also Hour Logger is Still Broken )


  • My mind is still all over PHEVs and Flex Fuel Vehicles so i was writing more of that down
  • I was looking for Off the Shelf Flex Fuel (Plug in) hybrids, and it seems like Flex Fuel has really fizzled out in the USA market, so i was looking into how hard it would be to modify a standard gasoline engine to one
    • Also the subsidies for Flex Fuel are gone i think (may need to look in to if the current administration may reinstate/extend/raise them etc) (along with the solar panels and EVs etc) )
    • Also most of the CNG conversions i have seen are diesel, but most hybrids are gasoline engines, so i will need to look into that
    • A CNG + Flex Fuel Plug-In Hybrid (Mini)-Van Would be AMAZING (only 1 hybrid mini-van by Crystler) (lots of fleet vehicle aftermarket mods, and 1 plug in hybrid ford van, but that is EU only i think)
  • All caught up on Discord / Youtube Backlog
  • Quick Summary of Neat Stuff:
    • NASA Helicopter and all the news about that + Scott Manley being an advisor for the "Stowaway" space movie
    • James Bruton is finishing up an Odrive based sort of self contained "actuator" and may be making an Open Dog 2 with it soon which is exciting
    • Found various EDM machines, some recent updates on all that
    • Stephen Hawes is making huge progress with their Open PNP build
    • I made a Blender Donut for Blender Guru 's NFT fundraiser thing, so that's neat
      • I also got some good articles on their development plans for the future and it's going to be VERY exciting
    • I tested some VR Training software things on steam (need to make pages on them later), one was for a miter saw, and the other for an industrial lathe
      • Also there was a breadboard simulator which seemed promising
      • All of these were free on Steam
    • Project Kamp is kind of progressing and we SEROUSLY need to collaborate on something (they were talking about maybe fundraising for some sort of heavy equipment thing so... l i f e t r a c ) (or even just "here are some tips" etc)
      • They made another sub-project "fixing fashion" so lots of textiles stuff to dive into (i haven't seen the video yet only the discord channel)
  • That's about it, logging of a bit early, but should be back on in 6-12 hrs


  • Got pretty much everything i wanted to done short of Personal To-Do List Centralization/Organization
  • Also the GIS / Map work for Project Kamp
  • Was kind of plotting a on-site fuel farm / fuel production kind of shed/building/ HMCU , also a still + molecular sieve in one unit with automatic swapping of the sieve tube from essentially a liquid filter to a Vacuum Furnace for regeneration in place (coiled nichrome wire and a vacuum source, and how complex does that get with the molecular sieve in particular)
  • guessing ~6 hrs, logger is still broken


  • You think you would run out of tangents/things to discover but i at least have not, for better or for worse
  • I need to get a map going (and see what is best for collaboration, i found some page on sharing those google earth pro map files) for Project Kamp and need to document the ongoing work in the discord on the modular Weather Station (which they also plan to have multiple of for different zones on the site)
  • I Was looking into (cellulosic) ethanol, need to document that more (somewhat started)
      • Mainly:
  • All the pile of misc bits in my tabs currently
  • Try and sync knowledge across various platforms / places
    • Take all the bits like this in my log and move them to my To-Do List
    • Discuss automation of discord/scihub library/ose wiki/selected github information merging/sorting further with "Artem" (i forget if they/you (grammar is braking; send help) are on here yet, or just the discord)
      • Also need to track down Autohotkey experts or something for automation of basic things in (and out of) wiki (check if they have a reddit, if so ask if people would be down for a discord)
        • Wikipedia somehow does auto-timestamp / user signature so it is doable somehow)
    • Make more rigid/definitive timelines and goals
  • Rambling and tired (whodathunk it's 2:30 local time, and i donated blood today...)
  • Should be online in 6-12 or so hours and hopefully do the above ( AT LEAST the cleaning up of "to-do's" )


  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • Did another "Sorting Party" with scihub today
    • Also Finished out my LinkedIn for now at least
    • Followed all the companies that i made pages on this wiki for (and updated some of them along the way)
    • Discussed the Open Source Weather Station as Project Kamp is making one as one of their first projects
    • Also made some wikipedia pages
    • I watched This Movie, "Sala samobójców. Hejter" which roughly translates to "the hater"
      • It is almost too real especially post the coup attempt/insurrection/riot at DC in the USA
      • Also reminds me of the concept i have been thinking over "Command of the sea" but applied to "cyberspace/media/discourse/some word for this", it may be a bit political for here, but it is VERY relevant to PR / Marketing and whatnot
      • This movie (along with that other one on the drug company) show the dark side of it, but also the power; one person with a keyboard caused all the events in the movie
      • Also need to make a page on Edward Bernays
  • I need to make a page on Economically Possible vs Physically Possible
  • User: Seaweed had some neat stuff on Bioreactors, and is working on a sort of Azollaponics (with some suplimental non- pbrs ) for Vegan Aquaponics type stuff. Hydroponics without the
  • Anyhow that's about it, guessing 6 hrs?


  • I just made a wikipedia page, i've been holding off on it, but i encounter so many stubs/underdeveloped pages / lack of obscure abbreviation redirects i might as well help out
  • Given they have more rigid formatting standards and all that i will probably try and dedicate a day/good amount of time to learning all that pre-doing much further work than what i just did, it is just good to have the capability now


  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • Sorted most of the tab backlog short of the stuff on
      • Metal Foam Production Methods
      • Some more materials mentioned in that scihub project's presentation (that i looked into a bit) (besides Invar )
    • I still need to see exactly how relevant Flue Gas Desulfurization and Mercury Control are to Biomass . Because that coal plant tour brought up some interesting tech, mainly Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) and Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) where they added fine powder to the flue gas in an entrained flow before the particulate removal (Granted Wet Scrubbers are probably better for Sulfur Dioxide due to making sulfuric acid which is more useful and easier processed than some powder (i think, needs verification)
      • If i remember correctly mercury/vanadium etc was essentially nonexistent?
      • I did find some info saying otherwise but it gets messy with coal-cofiring, unsorted RDF ( NiCad Batteries etc), demolition debris ( Pressure Treated Wood etc)
      • Also most plants are retrofitted old coal plants, and not some Best Available Technology IGCS type thing and thus have the disadvantages of those designs
      • I did find a great paper on Biomass ash content, composition/usage, and policy recommendations
      • Distributed Generation also does much of the Dilute and Dispose for you given that it is a bucket of ash, not a silo full
      • Also assuming it isn't contaminated due to RDF/Demolition waste heavy metals it is essentially returning the non-(hydro)carbon elements to the soil the biomass was extracted from (although it is recommended to be diluted so as to not cause alkaline soil bursts)
    • Read up more on Screen Printing and looked slightly into Direct to Garment printing
      • Also found some good information on fabrics/fibers
    • It's probably not too useful but i saw two diy/os designs for a amateur quality Seismometer then got lost in the rabbit hole of active seismic sources and all that stuff (mostly used for oil reservoir location etc, but still very interesting) (also the air guns for marine non-seafloor sources are essentially marine mammal hearing removal devicess...)
    • Someone asked again in the Precious Plastic discord about looking for Filament Maker designs, so i posted the link to the Lyman Filament Maker in the chat
  • That's about it, not too productive, but better than nothing
  • Due to the amount of rabbit whole exploring and all that i'll just guess 3 hours? (logger is still broken)


  • Not too much recently, or it has been spread too thin to be relevant enough for a full detailed post?
  • Project Kamp has been releasing some videos, so i was mentioning the Biodigester (since others were discussing anaerobic digesters), i may mention Lifetrac but i want to have a nice quick thing to show off first, so today i was cleaning up that Lifetrac Demo Footage bit
    • I saw some camcorders in some of User:Marcin 's videos, was this then uploaded and/or held on to by another person? I may need to dig around for that
    • And the videos on "Lifetrac 6" are the most recent HARDWARE (the Lifetrac Genealogy page uses a different number system if i remember correctly from earlier today
  • Also the usual mentions of Filament Makers and Pyrolysis Oil in Precious Plastic's discord
  • I also saw some stuff on Screen Printing and some Open Source hardware for that
  • Also looked into Mimeographs and some other interesting printing methods after hearing about one in some period drama/political thriller (may be a better solution to make the "stencil" with the dragknife etc of a D3D gantry, rather than have to use an inkjet toolhead attachment, or a dot matrix print method?
  • Watched a tour of a coal plant, and reverse engineered which one it was (didn't say in the video, but a sign in the background (water cooler bottle company) and some landmarks (only 1 smokestack)
    • Learned the term "Economizer Ash" which seems similar to bottom ash / slag?
    • Also just the ammount of c o a l c o m b u s t i o n b y p r o d u c t s lol "seems a bit dusty today" (ash all over the place inside), still neat to see the internals though
  • Saw some work on a diy Seismometer which was neat and dived into those a bit
  • I made that Solvis page, but did not make the os project page for something similar (but i did think so and spent some time hunting it down
    • In the process i found some related Orphan Pages / Incomplete Pages related to the topic, so those are in my backlog of tabs to finish out, or at least mark, before closing
  • Also figured out how to get spellcheck working in the wiki editor (easy fix, just enabled it in settings, but i feel dumb for not doing it sooner (also i have a PILE of typos i made myself that need fixing now, which would also clog up the "recent changes" page making other's looking for their work harder due to the 500 limit etc
  • Need to review these last 5 or so entries by me for all the "need to..." tasks, as well as this backlog of tabs i now have again


  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • Prep-Work (Photos->Album->Email to PC->Basic Review) for the data analysis of the [[Charcoal Washing Expirement
    • Wrote down the basics of my thoughts on the future of the "superstore" (need to make makerspace parts vending machine, etc)
    • Wrote down some stuff on Theory of Value and a model for Transparent Pricing
    • Added some stuff on how the harvard vaccine was going to be open sourced, but wasn't and is now/was being undereproduced for a while (not some anti-vax bs, it is a great vacciene and will work fine, but patent nonsense (especially given most research was done on government grants, and they will be bought by the government...) is slowing down research and distribution) This may make more people realise issues like this which may be neat
    • Discussed the Open Source Ebroidery Machine on the Voron discord
    • I talked with someone about my odrive plots, since they were considering making actuators for a robot arm James Bruton is doing something similar for the next generation of opendog ? Essentially control board + can bus out/power in ports, and bldc all in an enclosed "actuator"
      • Make a page on that tomorrow
    • Finish out Afforestation
    • Add that video on tesla stock overevaluation
    • That's about it guessing 4 hours?


  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • FINALLY cleared all the links off my phone to the PC (my phone is running way better...wonder why)
    • Quite a bit of helping out on other's pages i guess
    • I was discussin my plots for ODrive development with a robotics youtuber today
    • Tried looking into small scale Hot Dip Galvanization , nothing on that, tons on Electrolytic Galvanization (although that is less "thick" of a zinc layer right?)
  • Tomorrow i need to
    • Theories of Value Labor Cost and Open Pricing Model stuff
    • Need to make some pages for that pile of YT videos i watched a few days ago
    • More networking
    • Make all my linkedin and whatnot not look like garbage
    • Try and get a weekly schedule that includes Safe Animal Shelter and/or Habitat for Humanity now that i have someone who can me drive me to where i need to be again luckily
    • Move on the the stuff on my proper To-Do List
    • (Also was talking about processing of the liquid from charcoal washing, dry + ethanol wash will seperate most of the remaining things it seems?)
  • Anyways guessing 5 hrs, getting sloppy from tiredness so logging off for the day
    • Will probs need to check for careless errors tomorrow too
  • Also need to move photos from my phone to the Charcoal Washing Expirementation page


  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • Continued some work on Charcoal Washing Expirementation
    • Finished adding all the links from my PC's "backlog" to the wiki
      • Need to do the ones on my phone tomorrow
    • Lots of question asking/commenting etc, will get some very intresting + useful answers soon
  • That's about it ~4-5 hours?


  • Didn't do too much today
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • I finished up the youtube backlog short of those watching OSE meetings on marcin's channel
    • Did Some hands on experimentation with Charcoal Washing Experimentation (going to try crystalization/seperation of the Potassium Hydroxide and Sodium Carbonate tomorrow)
      • Also may do a burn test of the charcoal (not certain on if there is some way to do low tech calorimetry? At least could determing the remaining Ash Content (if any))
    • Reposted the videos i found worthwile to the discords, can make pages on their topics tomorrow
    • Have a new account or two coming in for approval Marcin BTW
    • Cleaned up some old pages that were brought up in discussion
    • Found a discord for a GREAT youtube channel doing open source diy projects that i found yesterday
    • Need to do all the to-dos besides what was stated above
    • Also Project Kamp is a new project by the same group as Precious Plastic essentially making something like the FeF so assistance in knowledge or even giving hardware would be neat (both as a nice thing, and as "real world" testing/development as well as cross-promotion)
    • Thats about it, guessing maybe 5 hours? Also that "hour logger" is still broken


  • I've been doing lots of smaller intermittent work recently
  • Doing some larger "chunks" now so am going to do some proper logs + time estimates
  • Past few days i have been closing Google Chrome with a PILE of tabs i was "still working with"
  • Today i reduced that to only a few, so that backlog is finished
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • Some Stuff on
    • Also made the page Non-Precious Metal Catalysts
      • This is very intresting, although for high temperatures it may be difficult
      • For anything where they won't denature protiens can be used from what i am hearing in some discussions at "SciHub Inc" so that may be VERY intresting for things like PLA Synthesis etc
      • For things like Solid Oxide Fuel Cells i will need to read around, and it will probably end up being something like nickel etc?
        • A ammount comparable to a car's catalytic converter would be fine IMO, but not optimal
    • Made a page on Pyrolysis Gasoline
      • And cleaned up some older pages like Home Fuels along the way
    • I made placenholder internal links, but i was reading up on using SOFCs as a carbon dioxide concentrator/scrubber in power plants/industry
      • Essentially they were optimizing the exhaust for high purity, and given there is no ash/soot and probably low NOx (or none if using pure oxygen) it is nearly pure co2
    • GRANTED the real reason they are looking into this is via funding for Enhanced Oil Extraction sadly
      • Kind of the whole IGCS stuff being developed for c l e a n c o a l then abandoned...gotta love unregulated capitalism, who needs a carbon tax anyways!
  • Also we had a "fire pit cookout" today so i MAY mess around with the remaining ash+charcoal mix a bit
  • Main "To-Do's" are:
    • Finish rest of computer tab backlog
    • Finish youtube video backlog
    • Review recent work and clean it up
    • Write down stuff on "Youtube CC Volunteer" group planning
    • Update stuff / make new pages for information/concepts found on recent YT videos
    • Move on to more of the one on the PROPER to-do list
    • (Also clean up all my pages on here, all my accounts etc
      • The mess they all currently are is going to come off as VERY unprofessional and all that, so if i'm running around doing things i should have them all "look nice" for first glances/searches
  • Guess that's about it, getting late, so i'm getting sloppy (also tiredness finally hitting after odd mix of family activities + daylight savings clock change (gotta love it) + sleep schedual needing some tuning)
  • Guessing 5hrs or so
  • The hour log is still broken
  • Also marcin if you read these, still no response on that email about the person contacting you on the FDM Filament Maker


  • Need to make some pages on these thoughts:
    • The Circle (Book/Film), plot was all over the place, but points were valid concerns (Big Data vs Privacy, right to be forgotten, "newspeak" / odd-ness of echo chambers, mainly the "modern hip company" type, Cult of Personality, social power structures (Also a bit on the "digital treadmill", and keeping up with all the tasks / data which wasn't explored much, but was very true imo) )
      • It also didn't go too far into the an-prim esque "Technolgie BAD, reject computer return to monke" type stuff, which some things like this do
    • "Socialist Realsim" and more relevantly "Capitalist Realism"
      • That video on the "Big Tech Aesthetic"
    • Using the draft of an ac's heat exhaust to supplement that Solar Chimney / central chimney type thing
    • Document that "Electrochemical Printing" bit
    • Document that PP group making a filament extruder
      • Also there was some video on filiment diameter sensors by some major 3dp youtube channel today?
    • Need to look into Electrostatic Precipitator based dust reduction


  • Pre-Log Stuff:
    • So first off, hello to all the new users!
    • Seems like a PILE of new acconts have been added recently, sometime i will try and give you the kind of tips i have for getting around the wiki, it's a bit of a mess in some areas, and the search engine does things like not recognising plurals without a manual adding of a REDIRECT page etc
    • also check out the Discord channel (and the Slack channel, but that i less active i guess)
      • Yell at me if you need a link (they expire sometimes, although i think i added a permanent link)
  • I also think a meeting, either on Jitzi or in slack/discord sometime to kind of get to know everyone may be good, it's been a while since the last dev meeting due to all the chaos of COVID etc (not even a meeting with too much of a "goal" / topic too probably)
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • Did some tinkering with getting the Open Source Github for Tilt Brush working, still need to fiddle around with it a bit
    • Louis Rossmann Recently Published a video on Right to Repair Legislation in regards to agricultural equipment, so given the overlap, i was looking into how to contact them
      • A Link to the Video
      • Turns out they have a discord channel, it is mainly focused on the tech repair aspect, but there is a channel for "Agricultural Right to Repair" so i talked with people for 15 mins or so at the end of today. Seems like a lot of the people were EST or somewhere else in north america.
      • In the discussion i re-stumbled upon some stuff that will need some interlinking / "finishing out" (also some pages for a few groups i found, and some others in the chat shared) Mainly:
  • Small to-do's:
  • Guessing ~2-4 Hours, not much, especially on-wiki today


  • Bit of a gap recently, just due to not doing too much wiki-side (also forgot to log last night, but did have a decent amount of stuff then
  • Still mainly tring to get the short term goal of some hands on prototype done
  • So work on these pages:
  • Also backed up some things finally (that 3d printed rouv, and the opposed piston engine stuff)
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • Moved stuff from a category abbreviated "OBI" to one with the full name
    • Did some "marking pages for later work" along the way
    • Wrote down some thoughts on how we may be able to kind of use the momentum of Tilt Brush Being Open Sourced, and that whole Gamestop Stock Rallied-Collective Action Messing with hedge funds, and that kind of momentum/shifiting view to gain some more tools?
      • Probably won't lead to much, a bit too ambitious, but something to think about (maybe make a petition (for whatever those are worth) once we have some defined "this should be open sourced" abandonwares pointed out)
    • Tried asking around on if anyone has messed around with Tilt Brush post it being open sourced (it supposedly needs to be run in unity almost like an "in development" game/app?
      • Suprisingly little intrest, granted sample size/target group? I did find some people with unity experience who can help me set it up, i need to check relevant reddit pages or something and find people actually intrested in it
        • I think Open Brush may have had a discord
    • Should get that working tomorrow?
    • Had a short discussion in the "3D Scanning" discord in the "hardware talk" channel on a device they are making, it's essentially a turntable on a xy cnc axis to allow for it to be moved/focused with a stationary camera/sensor setup
    • Also saw a video by Maker's Muse today on making laser cut foam inserts for drawers/cases, will be of use for Open Source "Pelican Case" type things in the future
  • Thats about it, guessing maybe 4 hours? My guestimates are bad lol, also that "hour logger" is still broken


    • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • Finished up the [[Open Source Portable Forced Induction Thermoelectric Solid Fuel Stove page for the most part
      • Due to me lacking a welder, i either need to find someone local that i know who has one, delay the project until i can purchase my own, or i could do something more "hacked together" (also maybe brazing / "soldering" (in a plumber's context, not electrical) )
        • Also could use one of those two cheap OTS Rocket Stoves (if they aren't scams!) with some modifications
    • Dumped some links that have been sitting on my phone for way to long
  • I still need to document the LCA resources that person gave me yesterday
  • Tilt Brush is now open sourced by google, rather than being left to become Abandonware (i hope this becomes a trend (and that they could do this with other older abandoned projects...) ) so that was a neat bit of news
  • I saw a video on a small-medium scale Retort Still by Technology Connections the other day, should document it on-wiki
    • The focused more on the alchoholic beverage side of things, but it would be great for Butanol , Ethanol , and Methanol production
      • Due to not needing to be food grade it could maybe be cheaper (also DIY vs buying from the companies like they did)
    • This did lead me down the Random Packing vs Structured Packing in Packet Columns rabbit hole (which is also relevant to the Dessicant AC project i am starting
    • ANYHOW Guessing ~2hrs? (and the logger thing is still broken fyi)


  • Just kind of context; i have ~100USD or so for "discrtionary spending" so i may get some sort of hardware project going
    • Probably the Dessicant AC, The OS-Biolite like stove, or something like that
  • Writing this down before i forget pre-final log of the day:
    • Talked on the "Engineering and Coffee" discord channel with an Enviromental Engineer on LCA's and similar stuff
      • Gave me some of the basics, and some resources i need to put in the LCA page
    • Also some minor small talk about Portland Cement vs Asphalt Pavement for roads etc with a Transportation Engineer
      • They said the "Chip and Tar" surface is probably the most polluting in that "it leaches"
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • Did some work on cleaning up the Open Source Portable Forced Induction Thermoelectric Solid Fuel Stove page
      • Led down some rabbit holes which burned time, but did produce productive work i guess
    • Wanted to get into the Dessicant AC as well, but guess that is for tomorrow
    • Also need more BOMs (i have a pc fan, two empty paint cans, and can get plenty of "soup cans" so sourcing may be better scrap wise?)
      • Dessicant AC would probably have to all be storebought
  • Guessing ~2hrs?


  • Didn't finish as much as i wanted to, but i am getting tired and making "careless errors" so calling it a night
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • FINALLY wrote down my thoughts on OSE Branding (this page may need some polishing) (also want input from others)
    • I found a new "chaotic maker" channel, and they had some actually useful builds, or ones that could be easily adapted to practical uses
      • They also had a more formal, but still casual/humorous nature which was refreshing compared to the likes of "Michael Reeves"
    • Saw something on hyperloop (in a non elon-musk fanboy context). It seems the EU is doing some serious work on this, and even if just used as Pipeline Transport for cargo, it's impact could be huge
      • And unlike Highway Based PV Arrays there is no issue of crashes with panels placed above a Hyperloop tube (granted tunneling will most likely be used wherever possible as this should be more economical + reinforced
    • Was discussing Bats and UF's Bat Houses
      • These along with Bird Houses and Beehives seem like great, cheap projects/products for a makerspace
    • This lead me to thinking over CNC Router vs Lasercutter so i made a page on that. Seems precision is better with laser, but it is only good for thinner materials. Laser doesn't need endmills to be replaced etc. Laser Cutters produce smoke, not sawdust so a waste, not a co-product
      • Complex issue, but good to document thoughts on it i thought
    • Saw some stuff by that aforementioned channel on Pycrete ; mixing that with active cooling, or Ground Freezing type stuff is intresting me
    • Two videos i can add to the Open Source HID Project (one is less practical, but shows how to "hack" existing controllers well, the other may be of use for VR sims/biometric or health research
    • One video was on a Human Powered Device
    • Documented OpenScan (i vaugley remember doing this earlier, but it may have just been a personal YT playlist? Odd sense of dé já vu )
    • Somehow ended up doing a pile of work on the Biomass section again (red string of fate i guess lol)
    • On the Discord Side of Things I
      • I asked more about Lab Scale PLA Synthesis , not too much replies, but most people are probably busy?
      • I did quite a bit of discussing in the "SOciety/Systems" section of the "Futurist" discord channel. Talked more about decentralized production and what people htought that would look like. We were trying to find a Logistics SME on the server (or related ones). Didn't this wiki have someone with (higher level than grunts like me!) logistics experience/knowledge?
      • I asked on the SciHub Inc. Biology sub-channel about the Most Efficient Soil Based Biomass question
    • Make a page on "Potential Projects Near User: Eric Including:
      • The Fleming Island Makerspace
      • An expansion of the Crossroads Lutheran Church Community Garden (more beds (with (D3D Adapted?) Farmbot s?), or a greenhouse, or a Community Orchard etc
      • An addition of a "cat cafe" to the local "no-kill animal shelter" to facilitate more adoptions and potentially some revenue + publicity
    • Also make something similar for ~100-200USD or so practical hardware dev projects i can do now that i have some holiday money to burn
      • Thinking making a Dessicant AC ?
      • A less practical but intresting one would be buying another "Logitech M570" gutting it, and making the "Air Bearing Trackball" (~30 USD for mouse, big unknown is the CNC Milled Pourous POM Plastc)
      • ALSO may want to get into making some videos of my own soon, due to having time to burn, some ideas/stuff to mess with, and some things i think aren't covered enough?
        • Granted this opens the whole "nothing ever dissapears on the internet, and you will hate everything you did 1 year ago" mess, but assuming i'm not doing something obscenely dumb/regrettable i should be fine (probably just do some tests/modification of that cheap quadcopter, some small projects, review some of my odd-er hardware, rant about coal combustion byproducts etc)
    • Contact the cat CS+R person again, i need to finally do that project, my procrastination has probably killed a cat or two (dark thought, but may be true)
    • Send the steam engine, and (other video i had on the "to-send list?) to marcin
      • Also marcin needs to get on the discord to make this collaboration / sharing ideas faster (that or slack, need to check that as well, haven't done so in a day or two myself)
    • look into Integrated Pest Managment methods for wasps
    • May be able to use some home improvement spare supplies to experiment with Soil Stabalization Fluid
    • Also was doing matinence on the washer+dryer and was thinking about greywater recycling, and a "hot working fluid powered clothes dryer (and the "central hot working fluid tank" concept
    • Supposedly my dad has a relitive who was some sort of engineer dealing with thermal efficncy systems, should contact him on this!
  • Decently productive day, should be able to improve as i "get back to things"
  • Main concern is if any more terrorist attacks happen in the next few days due to political conspiracy theroies that may "de-rail" me again for a few days
  • Otherwise should be getting back to work
  • Guessing ~6hrs?


  • Bit of a mess post attempted mob overthrow of government and all that drama, but settling back down again
  • Also had a few days of just not much produced work
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • Saw marcin talking about testing the shredder in the Open Source Shredder Data Collection page; It would be of use to see if it can shred wood/bamboo, misc organic matter, and metal scrap. Also final particle size and all that
    • I've watched a pile of Def Con presentations on youtube, and that had me thinking of applying the method of "pen testing" to hardware ( Application of the Concepts "Penetration Testing" / Destructive Testing to Hardware Reliability )
      • Essentially instead of having the CEB Press have those issues in the Belize Build (which granted it was sort of a beta test" i guess), you would have a group of people at FeF or some other dev site essentially TRY to jam the device / non-destructively break the swithces etc
      • Then you can notice (most of?) the issues faster, and thus fix more of them
    • Was discussing those "faucet suction sources" as a way to make the solar hot air heaters more efficient, then went on a huge rambling disussion on the wiki, then made some formal pages on the wiki, and categories on the discord to organize all that
    • In doing that i also kind of laid out what OSLT is on the page finally
    • I saw a video on an Open Source "Bite Sensor" by Applied Science , found some old pages that were were it fits, cleaned them up, then put the video link there
      • In doing so also did some minor fixes/additions to some other pages
    • Was thinking over Sodium Ion Batteries and someone on the discord knew one of the people behind one of the companies? Need to dig into this tomorrow
    • I have a video on someone making a (rather large) steam engine on youtube that is very well documented, may be able to get them to make the Modern Steam Engine next?
    • Also one on an OS SLM 3D Printer
  • All in all guessing ~4hrs?


  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • Was looking into how viscosity is measured (seems a graph of viscosity and temp is the main measurement for lubricating oils / hydraulic fluid, along with oxidation / thermal degradation etc?)
    • Due to that one precious plastic channel discussing it, went into more tech on pulp molding, i found someone who made one of the vacuum forms with a 3d printer, looked like a resin process, need to contact them
    • I did more learning/testing flights with the quadcopter, also found an article of someone hacking a similar one
      • It uses a non-secured wifi connection, so simple (granted another skillset to learn, could be a good "learning project" or i could just go the script kiddie route) (also need to make pages on the softwares used)
    • Got lost in more drilling tech stuff due to seeing something on an EGS plant
      • (also was trying to see if anyone used carbon/graphite/synthetic diamond powder (not the fancy looking optical quality, just for the strength, so similar to that diamond abrasive) as a proppant
      • Didn't find anything, granted despite Sand Mining being hell on the enviroment/the areas where it is mined from, i guess it is cheaper
        • One Paper had a saying "Some have said the ideal proppant is lighter than water, stronger than diamonds, and cheaper than dirt. In short, it does not exist."
          • Also later it added "Stronger than diamonds, light as water, and cheaper than dirt does not quite reach the qualifications for the holy grail of proppants, Vincent said. Proppant also must be transportable into the fracture, compatible with frac and wellbore fluids, allow acceptable cleanup of frac fluids, and resist flowback. It also must be thermally stable, chemically inert, environmentally benign, safe, and readily available in adequate quantities."
      • Almost completely irrelevant to OSE, but Well Drilling Rig + CCS + EGS + Aquifer Replenishment stuff takes me to there
    • Probably need to move on from the biopetchem stuff, reaching the upper limit of my ability i think?
  • Small to-do's
    • Log that "Technology Connections" bit on dishwasher water savings (if the water usage is relevant, open for debate)
    • Finally getting those 3 weeks or so of "cold weather" in florida, so had me thinking on Windcatcher / air intake vs recirculate in HVAC and all that
  • Rambling but TLDR: Didn't accomplish too much, may start moving on in the "to-do" list, and need to cleanup this section + move todos to the section
  • Maybe 1hr? Not much today


  • Back from that holiday break of sorts
  • Had a good time, also got an inexpensive quadcopter that seems very capable! Tinkering with it, may try to do some photogrammetry or other fancy stuff (also want to figure out how to control from pc, only the included (cheap feeling, but usable) rc controller, or a phone (via 5ghz wifi it seems?) works as of now
    • Dump more info on that later
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
    • Did more Biorefinery / Bio-Crude Refinery stuff
      • The fact that gasoline may not even be a product makes comparisons to existing designs very odd
      • Need more research on what leads to what, as well as what is needed
      • It may be at a state where it can be "left as is until later intensive development"
    • Found out about the neat Sheltersuit project via a discussion in a discord channel on textile work
      • Seems like a great project, mainly wondering what materials they use, and if the patterns are available
    • Did a bit more research on that "juice pouch material", small distinction in that the flexible ones DON'T have that cardboard and thus more terminology hell!
  • Found the proper name for those molded pulp things, should help out the people looking into that in the Precious Plastic Discord
  • All in all Not much, but getting back into it!
  • Guessing 3hrs or so?


  • Didn't do too much yesterday or today due to holidays ramping up probably will be true for the next few days as wel
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO
  • Started the Stanscrap work related to Liquid Packaging Board , trying to get a "standard" OS design for those re-usabble shopping bags, but waterproof+minor insulated all via that material
  • Also was ranting on a recent vice video about Biofuels, i hope they can see that and make some content for sustainable biofuel/chemicals
    • People only hear the bad, often outdated tech, or things that are solely an issue cased by, you guessed right, u n f e t t e r e d c a p i t a l i sm
    • WHEN Bio-Refineries , at least from my thinking, will be ESSENTIAL for chemical + remaining liquid/gas fuel production post Low-Carbon Economy
      • Unless we want to use Power-to-X for everything, but this will be more lossy, and maybe less capable
        • Need to find LCAs on it, but that many more solar panels (as solar power towers etc have no hype and require investment...) + fiberglass wind turbines will probably have a larger "carbon investment" let alone custom P2X plants, not just "drop in" biocrude, but here i go rambling
  • Real solution would be for me to make quality content myself...but i doubt my abilities, am too much of a perfectionist, and don't have any good "kit"
  • Once i get a midi+xlr interface, a decent camera, and a quiet place to reccord...then i might make some neat stuff
  • "Eric rants about biomass for 2 hours, the video essay" (i can see the likes already...)
  • Granted making some aesthetically pleasing (or maybe even tedx? i don't seem to be the "type" idk) content on Stanscrap to give that a "Precious Plastic" level of hype + development would be neat, especially given the simplicity of the concept over making injection molding machines, or a tractor
  • All in all got some good progress --maybe too much, lowkey ahead of marcin in edits according to that one page "imagine taking a break PATHETIC one must obsess about biofuel!-- but taking a breat for holiday fun with the family for a few days
  • Should be back in 4-7 maybe?
  • Happy Winter Holidays to all of you!



  • Pre-Final Log Quick Thoughts
    • Robotic Electric Lawmower as a unique product/aspect of a toolshare
    • Batch Production of Preserved Broth from A Community Garden as a better product than just vegtables alone (ie not just carrots and onions which may be harder to use but essentially "good to go" soup
    • "Modular Floors" :
      • Make essentially a "box building" with a roof having a redundant "rectangle layout" so that that could be removed and replaced with another floor or two + the same roof module for an addition instead of vast structual changes
      • probably wouldn't work for high floors without goofy levels of overbuilding?
    • Do the math on steel needs reduction via Composite Rebar instead of Steel Rebar
    • Quick bit on microwaving rags for reducing need for new ones/intense washing
    • Ramps instead of stiars
      • Makes it far more Accessible
      • Allows for even simple robots to travel between floors (even simple OTS "Roomba" style "dumb" Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
      • Will probably take more space to allow for that proper slope (also need hard data on ADA Reccomended Specs
    • Page on Carpet vs Tile/Other Solid Surface
    • Concept names for the youtube "super group"
      • "Youtube Action Comittee" like super-pac but youtube (could be making fun of, or misinterpreted as that corrupt thing though)
      • "Maker Action Comittee" or MAC
      • "Maker Action Group" or MAG
    • Goddamn i want a more phonetic-spelling based english aaaaaaaaaaa
    • Done with all of the very off topic stuff now-ish now moving onto the more "usual" work
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
    • Did some unrelated stuff due to categories overlapping
    • On more of the "Core Tasks" bit:


  • Am back now
  • Pre-Final Log Quick Thoughts
    • May want a category for "Efficiency" or "Efficnency Optimization" (not Pollution , but not Waste Managment , moreso just "High MPG Vehicles, Insulation, and Low Flow Taps" so i think it's unique enough to need a category, guess i have more n a m i n g s c h e m e h e l l to work out
    • I feel a sense of dread, Incomplete Pages is growing
      • " site under construction " may be a good search term to find many of the older ones
    • Need to make a page or someting on Fossil Fuels and nonrenewable resources, and related pages
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work (+ a f l a m e w a r in one non-ose discord channel. Was a subsection on societies/systems and an ancap supporting/beleiving person came in and threw *ALSO
    • Made a category for Logistics (mainly just shipping side now, but conveyors + warehouse + managment stuff could be found+interlinked or made later)
      • Also updated some OLD pages related to all of this
    • Re-discovered some gaps in the Waste Water Treatment bit, did some more interlinking + basic page making
    • Saw a video on a Tool Mount and put the info in there
      • I also asked on E3D's discord if the toolchanger could be adapted for manual use (i sense standard hell developing with this, and would love to have one single standard, so trying to plan that out BEFORE the mess)
  • Made a page on Readability (especially with these "spam updates" when i do a pile of fixes / adjustments on a PILE of pages, it really clogs up the "Recently Changes" section, and this font is really getting to me (also need to look into if there is some way of spaces between letters / lines changing "non-destructivelty" so just on the viewer side? )
  • That's about it, Guessing ~6-8hrs?


  • Still have that "what date am i using for logging issue" (also the hour logger itself is still broken)
  • Pre-Final Log Quick Thoughts:
    • May want to make a category for Complete Pages that still need more research like "Pages with To-Do's " ?
    • Just changed my "OSE Wiki" chrome bookmark from the Main Page to Recent Wiki Changes , should reduce the Small Waste of Time it has been (forever recently) of clicking that, then moving the mouse left to "the spot", then hitting the button, to a single click
    • Also discovered "Mouse Button 3" opens a link in a new tab (chrome didn't show the hotkey when i did it via right click (or "mouse button 2"), unlike "standard things" like "crtl" + "c" etc)
    • All in all more neat productivity stuff
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work (+ a f l a m e w a r in one non-ose discord channel. Was a subsection on societies/systems and an ancap supporting/beleiving person came in and threw Logical Fallacies around, hope they can grow from that mess
  • ALSO:
    • Made two new categories + linked pages to them:
    • Someone made a 3D Printable Centrifugal Fan sort of by accident? If they release the cad this essentially solves that need that was the main remaining hurdle for a fully FLOSS + FLOSH Dessicant AC , so that's exciting
      • Granted could use optimization, and beter materials, etc obiously, but it will at least "just work"
    • Continued work on the Pollution category, so that is similar to the others in the "to-do" section of this page in levels of "complete-ness"
    • Found out about Lexend (Font) which seems neat!
    • Also some other neat and relevant videos were released by people i am subscribed to, either added to the wiki if significant / specific enough, or discussed them on the discord
  • Not the most/as much as i wanted, but progress is progress
  • Guessing around 5-6 Dev Hours? ( hour logger application on this page is still broken, need assistance on that issue )


  • Still have that "what date am i using for logging issue" (also the hour logger itself is still broken) BUT
  • I saw spacex's test launch/flight of their "starship" rocket. Was amazing it got as far as it did, i was expecting another pad explosion! (which we did get, but after the other 98% of the flight (it didn't "stick the landing" ) so i guess we got data and an entertaining explosion! ) Was exciting, as my frantic talking here and the discord shows lol
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Did SOME work on the pollution section (not enough, issues thart caused today's delay below)
  • Also dumped some data on the OSE game, as well as made a category for all that
  • Made a page on Project Creep which should segway into some of my 'honing in" post "figuring out the huge scale"
    • This should ultimatly boil down to:
      • The Fleming Island Makerspace planning (+ implementation...but covid...and florida's response...)
      • The collaboration with Habitat for Humanity as the OBI work marcin is working away at nears closer and closer to the demo house, then teaching/distributing production/scaling up
      • Also any "small projects" (underestimation of scope/dev time at it's finest...) that pop up in relation to these (wall mounts/ HMCU stuff (for both storage in the makerspace, as well as transit of stuff (or even a small Mobile Makerspace for schools/pr events/makerfairs etc) ), POWER TOOLS (could be huge for habitat for humanity etc...once they would get "up to spec" don't want to hype / distribute bad tools
        • Also those LSEVs as that is a decent market locally
      • But again Project Creep , getting there though
  • Also making a formal "to-do" section to make this section not repeat that, but still have it on this page ( may be a redundant copy on it's own page, check for that later )
  • That's about it, Guessing ~3hrs?


  • Going to log off BEFORE i make careless errors today!
    • I got up early to watch SpaceX's Starship 15km (errrrrrr actually let's scale it down to 12.5km) test flight
      • It got moved gradually later, and finally happened at 5:30 EST
        • Only to be scrubbed at T -5 secconds or so
    • TLDR not happy, and even MORESO armchair critical of their testing/announcement of testing process vs nasa + other private contrators (short of boeing, as that ISS test shows, they are getting sloppy to cut costs as well...)
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Also:
    • Wrote down some more thoughts on Prospective Models of The Organizational Structure of Post-Development, Post-Decentralization, Post-Fossil Fuel, Economies
      • Mainly just trying to make things lest abstract, more "what industries will exist, and what will they look like from a zoomed out perspective (in depth work...coming soon™)
    • Created Standardized Scrap after discussing this issue in a video conference with scihouse inc, definetly of use in developing areas, AS WELL AS standardizing the "junk" you can use so there are no more of those "make item x for FREE using only JUNK" when the junk can be a mass spectrometer etc (ie only things that are nearly universal, not location specific scrap/junk etc)
    • Created some more categories, most importantly one for Pollution
    • Added some small pages/updated them on some things i encountered in the day ( ROVs and the 5S Process mainly)
    • Also discussed the Home DC Standard with people with actual electronics knowledge which added some insight + concrete details lol
    • That's about it
    • Proofread today's work
    • FInish out the Pollution topic, it is nearly there, and with that over all the "general information" pages should be done-ish?
      • Organizing them however...
    • Continue organization / interlinking of all of the Incomplete Pages and Orphan Pages
      • Also talk with people on things like the search engine, or some sort of "in-wiki" webcrawler for small tasks i do now
    • Start up the Precision Agriculture work if time allows for it
    • ALSO contact all the people in previous bits + the people i discussed with User: Marcin in some emails (which i also need to document on-wiki)
  • All in all ~5hrs work or so
    • Hour Logging tool is still broken


  • Bit of gap due to a mix of reletives visiting (as well as some covid scares), although mostly wiki side, still did some talking around + work on the discords
  • Did some stuff today on the wiki
  • Mainly:
    • Interlinked/Updated Some Stuff Relating to the Potable Water System utilized by OBI (was talking with someone intrested in this, and went to grab the link to the topic, thought it would be a quick search...90's search engine thought otherwise, hopefully those links help with future user's searches on this topic
      • This still needs some work
    • Encountered another glue (was watching a video on someone using Foaming FDM Filament to 3D Print a Flying Wing (i'm excited to see someone do this with a Belt 3D Priner ...) ; They used "CA Glue" so i logged that family of adhesives, also mentioned "locktite" (which i somehow forgot) and that is definetly a need imo, so logged that as well
    • Watched a PILE of stuff on Traffic Engineering, intresting stuff
      • Especially making things "passively safe" ( "conflict points" was a relevent term) so i updated some of the related pages, and made an effort to organize them better
    • Then got into Precision Agriculture and finally made some pages on that (have been thinking it over forever)
  • That's about it, starting to make "careless errors" and getting tired
  • Did also have some goofy late night "hard takes" on things like ISP (and other utility) privitization, and Technical Literacy etc on the discord which was fun
  • Also had an article i posted on there about a new(ish need to research more) HVDC project in India mainly for hydroelectric power, so sort of a beginning of a Supergrid (especially given india's scale, their development has been amazing to watch, especally given their consideration of sustainability + education along the way (granted many political skelytons in the closet as well, so not ALL praise, but i digress)
  • That also lead to discussing on The Need for a Home DC Standard so i updated that page i think?
  • Nothing too much, but significant enough i am updating my log
  • Getting tired and sloppy (also want to see the launch and/or flight and/or explosion of the "Starship" prototype tommorow assuming it hasn't been moved from the planned ~9:00ish EST
  • Clean all this work up tomorrow @me
  • ANYWHO guessing ~5hrs


  • May have messed up the dates on the last few? That or using UTC date, and staying up late, will check tomorrow + fox if need be
  • Didn't accomplish all that much, stayed up a bit late, but got some things done at least
  • Kind of just threw papers at Biocrude after reading the abstrsact / any "major info" (like skimming the "conclusions" section etc), not in depth analysis, but still chipping away at the data gathering step at least
  • Also made another category for safety stuff, will need to do the interlinking for that later (probably many unlinked pages on relevant topics)
  • That was about it honestly
  • ~1hr work or so


  • r e a c h i n g p e a k e f f i c i e n c y
    • Enable moar macros to increase Point Production (was playing "universal paperclips" today)
  • Got most of the things i wanted to accomplish done
  • Had the journal/books/whitepaper organizing, was mentally exhausting, but discussed some stuff (including my hatred for Microbial Fuel Cells ) Supposedly Platipi and Wobats are UV florescent, so that's australia for ya i guess
    • Also makes me want a literbox trainable platapus with the neurotoxin gene knocked out, or even just in the general vecinity of where i could have a light show
      • Platatus rave (like crab rave but down under)
  • Then devoured an unhealthy amount of pie, and regrouped
  • Got some pages together, need to actually fill them with more content tomorrow (ie that study on so-fc hydrogen, and actual papers on composition of bio-feedstocks)
  • Also writing down more housing related stuff, but nothing too much
  • Biggest thing if anything was just organization (via categories here, and the SciHub Inc work
  • find someone who knows Autohotkey and make MORE MACROS (+ make a page on it, and learn it, not just be a script kiddie)
    • Mainly:
      • One for " [[Category: 'xxxxxx"
      • One for "A Video by the Youtube Channel' xxxxx"
      • A "Basic Page Template" of the basics+internal links+external links
      • Potentially more "hot swappable" ones to have more than one "copy+paste" (ie one for links, but another for intermittent phrases that need a hotkey due to repition, but not one that is used often enough to justify a permenent hotkey
      • An automated timecode generator (if autohotkey can use time/date data) to make the "Discussion" tabs faster/easier
    • Even just these few ones would save a lot of total time
  • All in all that's about it
  • Tomorrow i want to do all of ^that, and also make a personal "to-do" page
  • Guessing ~5hrs?


  • Feeling like i'm getting back "into the rhythm" again (if i had 5 USD for every time i said that i could buy a 3d printer lol)
  • Got most of the things i wanted to accomplish done
  • Outside of needing to make moar emails! (also try and setup discord "freecad learning club" )
  • Tomorrow I Am
    • Organizing the library of scinetific papers Scihouse has tommorow with the group at ~11:00am EST, not certain how long that will take
    • Also going to meet with their algae project group and rant about Bio-Crude and HTL for a good while lol (Sometime soon, no official date, but may happen post-organizing papers)
  • Clean up the Unfinished Pages backfill
  • Start thinking through bio-petrochemistry processes that would be needed for the List of Needed Petrochemicals
  • Also i want to make a more solid form of the Fleming Island Makerspace Plans (ie not me being like "wooooooooooo makerspace timeeeee" and moreso "Here is my 10 page introductory report, my spreadsheets for preliminary analysis of costs for both the in library, and custom buildign phases, and a slideshow presentation"
  • Granted may be a bit overambitious so will probably spill over the next few days
  • Also need more Autohotkey macros for categorys etc, having only 1 copy+paste and doing many categories + links with it is slowing me down
  • Maybe ~6 Hours Today? Don't know, and the log on this page for that is still broken


  • Usual gap due to not doing any huge bursts of work / concentrated work for a while
  • Had a bit of a research dive today
  • Today I Had a bit of a burst of page making, but it was also just finally making thoughts coherent and "on paper"
  • Mainly trying to figure out all the "Big Picture" stuff, it may be less valuable than the short term "deliverables", but it really has been eating away at me
  • I think i am getting there
    • With this page, OSE's List of Needed Petrochemicals i am trying to nail down all the "products" needed, so i can walk that back to all the processes needed in a Biorefinery
    • With this page Analysis of Scale and Value Chain Optimization in a Post-Development, Post-Decentralization, Post-Fossil Fuel, Economy
      • Which sidenote, do i win the award for the longest/most clunky page name yet?
      • This page is me trying to peice together what may still remain somewhat centralized, i think refineries, and mining maybe
        • Still though local/cummunity scale, "county" scale, and state scale are where the majority of the trade would happen (i think), i think national+international would only be for luxury goods, crafts/creative works, and disaster relief
    • Working out the whole waste side of things (i think that is near completion, short of hazardous/medical waste)
  • Also did all the usual discord discussing
  • Tommorow i will work on
    • Finalizing today's thoughts
    • Trying to network with all the new users being added
    • Maybe set up dates for remote-group-learning of freecad on the discord (we were all talking about needing to learn it today)
    • Guessing ~4 hrs maybe?


  • Usual gap due to not doing any huge bursts of work / concentrated work for a while
  • Had a bit of a research dive today
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Also:
    • Finished the composites stuff for the most part
    • In terminology hell againg with basalt vs rock vs mineral etc
      • Asking around on some discords so may get a difinitive answer later, if not will just make pages and hope for the best lol
    • I was also watching some stuff on F-1 cars and they brought upp all the mass savings via composites, and that made me loop back thought wise to the Fiber Reinforced Pipes and the OS Quadrocycle stuff
  • That's about it, voted today for the first time so that was neat
  • I Think Tomorrows Focus Will Be:
    • Drone + Camera and maybe audio? stuff, as marcin seems to be diving into all that
    • Transfering data on the Quadracycle project from yt playlist to wiki
    • Still have some papers on my phone on biofouling prevention on ship hulls via bubble curtains, was intresting, and supposedly effective for all the stuff short of "slimes"
    • Also had some paper on catalytic syngas to butanol, instead of a fermentaion process
  • I'm guessing around 1hr or so? The logger is still showing that error message


  • Usual gap due to not doing any huge bursts of work / concentrated work for a while
  • Had a bit of a research dive today
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Also:
    • In my continual attempting to figure out all the Carbon Foam stuff, i discovered it's high tech relitive Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon
      • It is usually for aerospace etc, so irrelevant for most uses, but did yeild much better "real sources" for producing the synthetic graphite / carbon
      • Seems thermosets, and coal/tar derived "pitch" are the most common method
      • ALSO there is a pile of "tailor-ability" to them, changing minor aspects of the pitch can massively change properties of the "carbon matrix"
      • I can see problems with this and Bio-Tar variability etc, so i feel some sort of plastic, or even "basic bread" (like what the foam used) would have more consistency + user friendlyness
      • I need to see if there is any research on using thermoplastics like PLA for basic feedstocks, assuming no as that probably isn't aerospace grade (and also the plastic needs to produce lots of carbon, so the chemical composition IS IMPORTANT not just physical properties)
    • This also led into some more page making/research along the lines of Carbon Fiber etc
    • I watched the 45 min or so presentation on the C-C Composites, and it was by the same professor as many of the biofuel videos; turns out it is an India run public education thing. I found the "core" channel and the sheer number of potential courses was astounding
    • There is a Precious Plastics Branch that is pretty major, in Sarasota Florida (more south than tampa, so a huge drive for me, but still nearby in a relitive sense), doing phone-tag type stuff, but should have better contact in a day or few
    • Still pondering "Real Products" for PP stuff, ie not trinkets/plant pots (short of modular greenhouse applications...)
      • Was thinking making full size playgrounds in areas without them would be neat, but hard to get data on where + liability + etc
      • Skateboards/Surfboards/etc are quite well established, and especially with surf/wake/body/ "kick boards" for training/ other water stuff that may be a decent market, especially with the whole "you use the ocean/water, and we help it" pitch with Ocean Cleanup / Beach Cleanup integration
      • FDM Filament is huge, but i want more data on reliability from the Lyman Extruder etc before i base a business model on it (don't want poor reviews of filament from customers, or failed prints and thus lost machine hours on on-site machines etc)
      • Marcin (if you read this) , i think you had a lyman so even just measuring it with a caliper every few cm's or something like sliding one on it may be useful, also just "print hours/fails with the same parts+settings"
        • Granted using giant nozzles may make this less of an issue vs using 0.4 or even 0.2 nozzles for detailed fdm prints (not "making a part", but "making art/models that need less layer lines" )
  • I Think Tomorrows Focus Will Be:
    • Finishing all of the composite materials stuff
    • Contacting the PP-Sarasota Person
    • (Still need to email the solar companies as well)
  • That's about it, guessing 4 hours or so? Hour logger may still be broken


  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Also:
    • Got done most of the things is set out to do today
    • Main issue was not finding the source of the sweethome 3d error, and the blender file loading issue still remains to be fixed
      • The latter of which seems to be an issue of my gui familiarity/file formatting or something
      • Sweethome 3D is honeslty unknow, i will try another hard uninstall and reinstall (i upposedly tried both the 64bit (what my pc is natively), and the 32bit (to see if it was more stable), may be an issue of not fully uninstalling the original "bad one".
        • I also did have the render running in the lower right corner, could this be the issue (granted my pc CAN render, but may be a driver issue etc)
      • Either way as the photo shows that program isn't working for me now
    • Got most of the E-Waste stuff done, most "low level searching" leads to gold recovery, copper is more elusive, but somewhat there, the crazy stuff like cobalt etc may just be removed via dissasembly, but IMO that is the truely concerning stuff when people do small scale/improper recycling (the waste oil burner channel is helping a customer in some other country on e-waste melting, so that...situation has led me down this particular rabbit hole
    • Outside of those things, and some wiki-interlinking i didn't do too much else
  • I Think Tomorrows Focus Will Be:
    • Cleaning up what i did today
    • Work on clearing up how i am working with / communicating with the three or so groups i stumbled upon
    • Awaiting replies to inquieries all over the place
    • Digging into legal stuff on gardens/ground cover/ microgrids / building codes in the local area
  • That's about it.
  • I'm guessing ~5 hours I am still locked out of logging hours in the above tool due to the same unresolved error


  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual minor wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Also:
    • James Bruton is essentially building a Shop Aid robot (seems to be a dev platform for their learning of ROS ? That or it may become another "actual project" like Open Dog (guess we will have to "FIND OUT NEXT WEEK" (like some tv show) )
    • Was introduced to Croud Supply and their PILE of OS-H products, mainly electronics
      • Also may have some new intrested people / electronics developers with this networking bit
    • Was reading up on per-room Humidity + Temperature Monitoring, some cheap bluetooth devices (main concern/annoyance of mine is their usage of "button batteries" in the e-ink ones, unlike the AAA lcd ones
    • Also wrote down some thoughts i've been having of the overall effect various OSE+PP+Activism activities could have on the problems caused by suburbs/urban sprawl
    • I was attempting to do some "3D Drawing/Drafting" in VR with my vive cosmos the other day, drew a decent "golf cart" design, granted this had no constraints/strait line tools etc so it was very rough
      • i need better (dedicated) software, I was just using a "draw tool" in the "home menu" Blender only supports VR inspection unmodded, and the mod is limited/unstable, but i may be able to try that. DEFINETLY more intuative (my pc didn't like the load though lol, made a good case for usage as a space heater) than a monitor
  • I Haven't done many entries recently due to not feeling my contributions were TOO major (ie just 1-5 edits, and checking the dicsord + slack)
  • I Seem to be finally "getting back into the flow" (granted staying up this late may not help...) so should have more tangible progress / deliverables in the coming days
  • I Think Tomorrows Focus Will Be:
    • FINALLY emailing all the people on my "to-do" list. (Especially the solar panel people)
    • Troubleshoot what is going on with my Sweethome 3D (may be that i chose 64 bit and that is unstable?), and Blender (can't seem to correctly import files?)
    • Put in info on E-Waste (mainly on who to send it to for proper (non "dump it on some developing country") recycling as it requires nasties like cyanide leaching etc (and some of the materials are cadmium, mercury etc)
  • That's about it.
  • I'm guessing ~3-4 hours I am still locked out of logging hours in the above tool due to the same unresolved error


  • Just realized i've been doing M/D/Y not sure if i want to change that or not
  • Anywho
    • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Also:
    • Did all the cable stuff, a final "nice to do" thing would be to make cost estimates for utilizing this concept (if it wan't in all the OBI stuff already)
    • Made a decent page on Hydrocarbon Reforming (as it turns out you CAN use non methane hydrocarbons, need more info on what you can/can't)
      • Didn't do much paper reading, more so dumping links, need to read those tomorrow or so
    • Got pages started for the "integration stuff" (on the computer side, hot water etc still needs one, but i did make a basic flowchart)
    • I found a good solar yield/building calculator (it also does tax benefits etc math too i think?)
    • Then i hit the hell that was the old archive of solar things
    • Will try and fix that tomorrow
      • I feel like i am one of the Librarians in the Library of Babel trying to frantically map out the entire library, and read all the books (and i'm just doing OSE wiki now, add wikipedia...)
      • Anywho getting closer and closer with each chunk i guess
  • I Think Tomorrows Focus Will Be:
    • Contacting People (need to send a lot of emails i've been putting off/getting distracted from)
    • Finishing out the "system core" stuff
    • Then, time allowing, try and do some of the math
    • One thing to consider, i will be doing 1 video conference with that research group tomorrow, so don't want to overcommit myself as usual lol
  • That's about it; guessing ~6 hours?


    • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Also:
    • Finished out hydrogen vehicle stuff (short of math, but i will do some "round trip efficiency" work tomorrow/later)
    • Did lots of dicsussion on the discords
      • Had a teleconference with one person writing a paper on a CLES system utilizing a stirling cryocooler, and some form of turbine for the energy recovery portion
        • Mostly preliminary, but intresting idea
        • ALSO it is related to my concept of a "central working fluid tank" (i made a flowchart i will share tomorrow)
        • Also they were discussing how great Hydronic Heating etc is, so i showed them the OSE system
      • Precious Plastic Has S o o o many people developing FDM Filament Makers ; The amount of Redundancy Waste hurts me
        • I want a dedicated channel in their discord, but until i can nail down some admin, i will just try and herd people towards collaborating + ose's design work
    • Some more people joined the wiki! (i need to dump my "hullo, here is useful stuff" mesages on wiki, have been talking off wiki on discord)
    • I opened the CAD of the Biodigester , so was figuring out how that specific design works
      • Also learned how to make parts transparent and navigate a bit better (still missing inventors "home/panick" button, i can get way too zoomed out/disoriented at times)
        • May have been a bug where navigation failed at times? (granted running a huge file never helps processing)
    • I dumped down a agricultural frost prevention device i saw and had the link on my smartphone forever; the Selective Inverted Sink
  • I still need to
    • Finish out Hydrocarbon Reforming Stuff
    • Do the math on efficiencies of various systems / get someone who can do so
    • Add more to the whole "Systems Integration" of newer power storage stuff + solar thermal etc in the OBI aspect
    • Also need to put down cable futureproofing stuff
  • ANYWHO i'm logging off for the day; guessing ~4 hours?


  • E a c h - t i m e - i - c l o s e - a - t a b - t w o - m o r e - a p p e a r
  • Going to call it for today, and deal with the ones i have on toyota's fuel cell stuff, and some flow battery stuff tomorrow
  • Today I Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Also:
  • Digging into Hydrogen stuff more
    • Hydrogen Embrittlement is still somewhat unknown to me, that one EPA paper i posted yesterday said it wasn't too much of an issue, but another said it caused a critical failure
    • The numbers are swirling in my head a bit, i read that myths paper, and i agreed with 3/4 of it's points. The storage issue was my main concern, also their predictions seemed to depend heavily on fuel cell usage, not on devices like HIVEs
    • Will need to finish out all that thinking tomorrow or so
    • The book did make the case for utilization solely in non-mobile applications near term, may make sense as storage space doesn't matter then
    • Also brought up bio-methanation on the scihouse discord, got some discussion, but nothing TOO new (they also added an algae section recently, so i discussed algae oil / biopetrochemisrty based of HTL of algae etc there a bit
  • Precious Plastic released a "bio press" for biodegradable bowls etc
    • I voiced my opinions on these, and more practical solutions in my mind (ie less "Artisan Hand Made Quiena + Hemp Bowls", and moreso "Add enviromental cleanup, expand sorting methods to make "plastic mining" a source as well as reduce pollution, and "end of life" (ie pyrolysis) to the PP ecosystem to turn polluting non-recyclables/unidentifiables into energy and stabalized waste
    • I feel proper disposal and reduction in wasteful use cases is key, not "bowls you can throw all over the place, because they biodegrade anyways"
  • Also saw an intresting video on Permeable Pavement by Practical Engineering
  • Guessing 5 hrs?


  • First update in a while, i haven't been doing too much on-wiki work
  • Today i did quite a bit of stuff, mainly on viability of hydrogen ICE utilization (i found a pile of i need to READ them)
  • Also was looking into Hydrogen to Methane Pathways
    • The typical catalytic method is PROBABLY too intensive for decentralized small scale?
      • The ISS supposedly does use it for recovery of oxygen and water? Link Here
    • HOWEVER there is an emerging biological method that seems very promising, especially given it would complement OSE's exisitng use of anerobic digestion
  • Also did some condensing/cleaning up of some pages
  • Have been doing a pile of usual off wiki discord discusssion, and some "classes" of sorts on the research heavy one.
    • May contact them on the methane producing/digesting bacteria
  • Also supposedly having a meeting at "Tuesday, October 6th at 5:30am UTC" on deciding what robotics project this one group wants to do, unsure how many will turn up to said meeting, so may not stay up for it, but will stay up around untill, check in, then decide what to do
  • That is about it.


  • Had another good day of OSE work today
  • Did a PILE of networking
  • "Scihouse Inc" on discord had a great lecture today (mainly basic bio stuff today so i was "covered" so to speak, we are moving on to plasmid creation and other GM/GE stuff!
  • Found another person (from downtown jax) intrested in makerspace stuff (they are VERY capable on bio and have a small lab already! ) via the discord (and they brought up another person aswell!)
  • Found some more intrested people in reading around discord
  • ALSO someone made a new OS VR HMD (not great tech, but more momentum after OSVR died, which is good!
  • Was looking into potential future car options (more so for fun)
  • Annoys me how few CNG vehicles there are, outside of large utility vehicles, a full on van, or a decent pickup truck both with aftermarket conversions are the only way really
    • Also none for full on 100% ethanol, not sure on methanol given racecars do this? (need to check out enthusiast group's info on this)
  • Also many sites hide fuels, i think ONE had a "pick fuel type" and showed options
  • Others use a pile of abbreviations and have it be an afterthought
  • Also CNG Fuell Cell - Plugin Hybrid, one can dream...
  • Final Thing: was re-reading the Lesego Roadmap and sounds like we have somewhat similar ideas and it would be neat to try and "start up" around the same time for cooperation
    • Only downside to this is that we seem to be increasing in cases with the school reopening and shit...again so unless a vacciene and all that can fix'l be a while for me
  • Outside of misc small idea jotting down, thats about it
  • Not all ose-ey but i'll put down 6hrs i guess?


  • So for future reference i am off wendsdays and saturdays
  • Didn't do too much today, mainly just tried to write down some thoughts on the OBI project
  • Solar alone is enough to be "self sufficient" to a certain degree for many, that plus wind, and the occasional biomass may mean excess power and thus it could be sold, trying to get enough info to do the math for that
  • Also energy is hard, as most "off-grid" setups may be too much for the everyman to deal with, but the tech ose uses IS going to be more efficent in some cases, and thus it may be "in-between" for house energy use.
    • If done right heating and cooling may be mainly (solar)thermal energy based, with a small fraction of electricity, thus that should heavily decrease electricity use there
    • I am unsure on the current design's Daylighting capability, but that and perhaps Smart Lighting etc will effect that category
    • TV + Computers + Portable Electronics are a constant in my opinion, but can be charged at the "right time" (see Smart Grid and V2G for info on this) to make this less of an impact on the energy usage v production
    • The end goal in my opinion is try and export as much power as we can (in buget of course) to make the house partly "pay for itself" ? I may be waaaaay off on the math but it does intruige me (probably would more so make it "more affordable" or less per month not some huge money machine lol)
  • On the note of selling produce, i know some neighbors with citrus trees (albeit here in florida), and you get more fruit than you could ever want as a household with one tree and end up supplying the area (same with tropical areas with mango trees etc) so having one or more, could definetly be sent to a local food bank, restraunt, or farmers market etc
  • I also posted some information from email feeds
    • The asphalt one made sense (the smell and all), but does make me conflicted, as the ease of maitenence/recycling layed out in the yt video on asphalt concrete, vs the potential downside of polution is something to sort out
  • Also the usual discussing things on the related discords, asking some questions on the slack channel, etc
  • Guessing 5 hrs?


  • Haven't done TOO much focused work, did some today, so decided to log it
  • Was looking into Onsite Power Generation and Storage-To-Grid and how it could integrate to an OBI building
    • Main use case i am pondering is collaborating with Habitat for Humanity locally, integrating this tech, and the recent OBI developments
      • Not super soon obiously but perhaps 1 year or so in the future
  • Found someone else developing a proper FDM Extruder on the Precious Plastic Discord Channel (Subchannel for germany, bit of language barrier, but the similarity between our languages, and google translate should make it Ok)
    • Still getting info on this, may make a page later
  • I've been doing a PILE of work at walmart recently, so not much free (or non exhausted) time, but i still try and get on
    • Got a paycheck today, mostly will be spent for replacing my dying audio technica headphones with a new pair (got a good 6 years of heavy use out of em lol), and some other small things, plus savings.
    • In two weeks the expendable portion of it will probably go to some useful tech on ym "to get list" and/or OSE projects!
    • Also a huge amount of stray cats there, need to network with the shelter i volunteer at to get a food+bed/cat nest station going (also want to add a "wildlife/hunting camera" for group identification. After a while can get them in and get them vaccinated and sterilized, release the SUPER feral ones, adopt out the rest that can be around people/like people
      • Too tired to make it now, but will probably make a page group for this (and may revive those tracker collar projects, even simple radio ping and a radio direction finder would work)
  • I'm tired and rambling, so am logging off for now
  • Will guess 6hrs or so? and will be back on in 6-10 hrs or so


  • Going down the deepend of research hyperfocus again lol, need to GO TO SLEEP
  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Also:
    • Brought up the fact that more work on odrive would be a HUGE boost to our, and others (such as James Brunton and Skyentific ) robotics work (also the goofy prospect of a d3d with odrive motors (or even better an hbot style printer) )
  • Talked a lot on makerspaces with people on discord
  • Someone made a discord server attempting to be the "hub" of everything open source (brand new, but could develop into something nice)
  • One person on the precious plastic discord is in puerto rico, so same area + weather for the most part etc (also similar time zones)
    • Need to dm/video talk with them
    • Could use Resilient Buildings more than north florida with how they get the direct path of a pile of hurricanes (and their eye walls...)
  • Also thought of the idea of Open Source Low Tech working on some of the Sanitation Construction Sets Stuff (i made that forever ago so will need some serious cleaning up lol)
  • Posted down some earlier research on more gassification tech
  • ALSO a youtube channel i am following is making probably the best non industrial (ie atmospheric-ish pressure) Biogas Upgrader
  • Outside of that pile of networking, and some link spam i didn't do TOO much today
  • Guessing 5hrs?


  • I finally got my first "real job" !
    • SO it's at walmart, so i saw a intresting sorting + roller conveyor setup
    • Also will have money in a few weeks to 1-3 months to burn on prototyping, projects, and the local makerspace work, so that will be nice; finally some hands on work lol
  • I didn't do TOO much today, but:
  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Also:
    • Watched a review of the Prusa Mini seems to be what it seemed it would be from the previews:
      • Cheap so accessable
      • Beter UX via screen
      • Some error due to cantilever design
      • Early Stage Bugs/Needed Optimization (Prusa MK3 had this too, took a few months to a year, but then was fully solved
  • Also added some more info on those robotic arm desigs
  • I need to dig more, some more just popped up in my youtube feed
  • I THINK skyentific's is the best as it has full on odrive, so all the nice features servos give you. Using a better plastic than ABS may make gears and structual strength better?
  • Also i don't think that design is 100% done/video-ed (i think the end effector perhaps?)
    • Also they are odd on publishing in github? need to double check tomorrow-ish
  • Wrote down my ideas for a 3D Pen made from the same componets as a 3D Printer
    • MAY be too bulky, need to plot all that out
    • BUT this would come with it being MUCH higher quality (most have odd extruders, and have awkward controls (only set numbers, or buttons lead to fatiuge etc)
    • Putting most of the electronics (and maybe even use a bowden extruder setup?) in a "solder station" like setup may counteract the bulkyness issue
  • Guessing 3 hrs


  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Also:
  • Trying FreeCAD again, got past the sketching/extruding etc
  • Main issues are the oddly low fps (granted not sure if this is normal for cad?), along with this happening with low hardware utilization (little cpu, barely any gpu, decent ram use (may just be from chrome lol) ) , and the occasional "dropped frame"
  • I tried re-installing to the latest stable version, didn't help
  • May try getting a live-usb linux going (if that can help due to windows being an afterthought perhaps?)
  • I do want to get cad going for the:
    • Stackable 3D Printer Frame (for a 3x3 or 5x5 print farm in eventual makerspace plots
    • Quadrocycle Designs
    • Kayak Modules (easiest as it is essentially an extruded block (unless i get into complex joinery and/or hull design)
    • Also want to play around with a D3D Beltprinter
    • Also could work on mold design for Precious Plastic
  • Essentially I NEED TO GET CAD GOING lol
  • Odd bit of communication gap recently
  • I'll watch those last two meetings (may have been a third in there?) in marcin's channel tomorrow or so
  • Somehow went on another wikipedia binge, and was looking for info on carbon sequestration via essentially reverse coal mining (ie putting elemental carbon (ie washed charcoal or carbon black, or some slurry) back into non-soil geological deposits. All ccs seems to be on chemical, biomass in soil/circulation, or gas storage, then fell on that odd group, not sure on their stance, but their criticism is mostly valid, short of biochar doing NOTHING, and how they ignore decentralized solutions? hard to tell, and need to ask people who actually know these areas of research.
  • I think that's about it? I'll put down 7 hr i guess


  • Do we have a meeting today?


  • Got up earlier to watch the launch of the Mars 2020 rover. (Can't wait for the results once it lands in ~7 months)
    • So i may do more work today due to more time
  • Between the Crew Dragon Launch, The Mars 2020 rover launch, and the release of spaceship2 internals, lots of aerospace stuff to geek out on so that was fun
  • Also "ColinFurze" did a video on a wood gassifier driven lawnmower, so lots of hype on syngas (also re looked up all power labs, and found another group (will document tomorrow)
  • I AM LOGGIN OFF FOR THE DAY; i'll be back in 6-12 hrs
  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • More makerspace plotting
    • Looked into that cleared out area, wasn't listed online, and the county zoning map was odd, GRANTED i don't need to get ahead of myself:
      • Will probably just start with FDM Printer and possibly a co2 laser cutter
      • Then use those to make a [[MPCNC], make a FarmBot based community garden, and possibly a small shed
      • THEN if all that goes well in 2 years+ then propose full on makerspace dedicated building in that plot
    • I definetly see demand for a toolshare, need to figure out if there is an app/software for all that data (short of a google sheets)
    • Still lost on fume scrubbing
      • That one OS wet scrubber-electrostatic precipitator SHPULD be fine (especially with a carbon stage after that
      • Not sure on what sluge would be produced, but would probably need some hazardous waste handling and disposal
        • But i feel being able to lasercut plastics etc makes this system almost a necesity
    • Also need to re-look at that concept of a standardized vacuum forming rig (like that heavily advertized overpriced one (ie integrated sheet heater, press, and block, not just a block and shopvac)
  • FINALLY Many people are joining in from the discord so their accounts need made/approved
  • I think that's about it? I'll put down 7 hr i guess.


  • I AM LOGGIN OFF FOR THE DAY; i'll be back in 6-12 hrs
  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • More makerspace plotting
  • Tried Finding Out if Mask-Ablation Laser PCB making could be done on a co2 laser, SEEMS it can be?
  • With that being the case, a single laser cutter, and 3d printer seem to be good starting machines
  • Also considering who could be potential sponsors
    • Nearby "Home Depot" would have a intrest in the increased materials out (ie plywood, etc) and could potentially sell some makerspace made products/services
    • Others may donate money for good press (ie banks etc)
  • To-Do
  • Need to look into "Toolsharing"
  • Look into exhaust gass scrubbing for lasercutting EVERYTHING (pvc, and some materials make nasty gasses, Activated carbon and/or wet scrubber with centralized disposal?)
    • Would probably use the same system for a spray booth
  • ALSO need to get a view of the interior of that "community room" to see usable space (pre oH LeTs HaVe 50 InDustRial MachInes in HerE)
  • Also need to see what the orange park one (some nearby one has some stuff) does/has
  • Need to formalize BOM/Request List (Lasercutter, and FDM Printer are two "main things", the real killer will be materials, small tools, organization, and ppe)
  • Was looking on the sattalite view, and there is a rather large, cleared, yet undeveloped area? (need to see what the deal is on that)
  • Also get more concrete measurements on the "yard space" around ie can a Farmbot be placed somewhere, perhaps a small shed/tent, or even put aexpandable tent out when "in use" ?
  • Do more research into using copper sulphate electrolysis for etching (found one yt video on it, look for papers etc)
  • FINALLY Many people are joining in from the discord so their accounts need made/approved
  • I think that's about it? I'll put down 6 hr i guess.
  • Guessing on hours, maybe ~4?


  • I AM LOGGIN OFF FOR THE DAY; i'll be back in 6-12 hrs
  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Also:
    • Still working on business plan
      • Saw something on wind turbines (think i was discussing on discord about Open Source Lowtech ), and some boats (often the more expensive cats or huge monohulls, as OTS wind turbines ain't cheap) have HAWTs for topping off batteries, a simple wind turbine may be a good product? Marine grade is always a challenge, but could be a good market
      • Custom Lasercut Models, Wood Parts, Balsa Wood Gliders, Puzzles, Bubblegrams, and Custom Laser Engraving, make a good case for a lasercutter, or at least a good laser diode, so i was looking into that
      • Also thinking of using the library-makerspace (potential) collaboration as a "community hub" ie host all sorts of local things
        • May have been a farmers market around, forget where that happened
      • Also the library is very close to a "Home Depot" so with the right hand-shaking etc may be able to sell 3D Printed Drill Jigs etc there
      • PC Repair/Building/Upgrading etc may be a good service. I have essential tremor, so precise movement of small parts doesn't sit well with me, that and my level of experience. Need to dig and see if any local people are good at that
      • I have plastic recycling ALMOST fully planned out, also integrating beach cleanup, as florida has...a lot of that.
      • Still kind of all over the place, but trying to get some deliverables done
      • FINALLY Many people are joining in from the discord so their accounts need made/approved
  • Guessing on hours, maybe ~7?


  • I AM LOGGIN OFF FOR THE DAY; i'll be back in 6-12 hrs
  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • Had a power outage right as things were getting going, then the caffeine crash hit, so not much done today
  • Looked into if vacuum seal film could be reycled:
    • Most are multi material and/or layer so no
    • Mettalized Film of a single plastic MAY be do-able needs more research
  • Also some people on the PP wiki want to figure out how to recycle agricultural HDPE films etc
  • Power outage also had me thinking of how much usable power you could get out of a pedal->dc generator. The crank radio works, but not very ergonomic. A dedicated device with pedals, and a dc out could use a larger motor, and be a seperate device. Granted i don't need more projects...
  • I think that's about it? I'll put down 1 hr i guess.


  • I AM LOGGIN OFF FOR THE DAY; i'll be back in 6-12 hrs
  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • AND some work on:
  • Networking with a group that spawned out of Precious Plastic, essentially solving the same problems we encountered with the shredder. Need to work together tto reduce Redundancy Waste
  • Tried some freecad, was having the screen "pulse" every 5 secconds or so, similar to "skipping frames" in games. Made it almost unusable
  • SO then i went down the troubleshooting rabbit hole:
    • First tried letting my laptop cool down, and reducing backround programs (closed down discord and slack etc)
    • Then i tried the good ol' "dId YoU TrY tUrNing It OfF thEn BaCK oN aGain? "
    • That didn't work so then i checked my nvidia drivers (may need to double checck other drivers etc tomorrow)
    • THAT didn't work either so i was wondering if the display cable in my laptop was becoming frayed so i dissasembled my whole laptop and the cord seemed fine (hard to tell through shroud, and i didn't break down the screen + backplate for that clamshell-half itself
      • This did let me de-dust all the insides, so probably better thermals, also found all the SSD slots, etc (more places to burn money...)
    • Altogether not certain, will try more drivers/updates tomorrow see if that helps me
  • That is about it between that and around the house work, i didn't get too much done
  • Guessing 4 hrs?


  • I AM LOGGIN OFF FOR THE DAY; i'll be back in 6-12 hrs
  • Getting back into a regular workflow
  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • AND some work on:
  • I was looking into "on demand printing services" as a funding/income source for makerspaces etc
    • Supposedly with printers becoming common and cheaper, this is less profitable than it was?
    • Need to read up on it more
    • Either way actual products were supposedly more reccomended; You control what is done, and will have all the settings "down" and whatnot
      • Thinking 3d printed kayak (if that turned out well, i forgot the video's results, granted i've done a PILE of work on boats so i MAY (im no expert lol) know more on epoxies etc) could be a good source, as the OTS fishing kayaks are popular but 500USD+ i think (need to see if that is more so mold cost, not kg of plastic etc
      • Also odd fishing lures from 3d printed molds sold well for some youtube channel
      • Also those "stabalized cup holders"
      • Misc "Problem Solvers"
      • Art/Cosplay Stuff
      • etc i need to research all this and get specific cad then plot out pricing
  • I feel like everyday on the Precious Plastic Discord, someone asks about:
    • FDM Filament Making (often asking about OTS non-os designs
    • PET Recycling
  • SO these are definetly in demand at least
  • If i move along in the quadrocycle project that will most likely involve cad, so again I NEED TO SIT DOWN AND LEARN FREECAD
  • Rambling a bit, but mainly just trying to make a sustainable business model, and plan out local makerspace
  • That's about it, a bit off and on, so guessing 6hrs?


  • Got most of my goals done
  • Adhesives, and some preservation agents are all in depth organic chem and that's WAY above my level
  • Have most of the ideas together for the quadrocycle. Need to see if the gearboxes etc can be printed from nylon or something instead of using OTS car parts, or some junkyard stuff, can be done if need be, but fdm would be cheap
  • Hydraulic was intresting. I want a cvt pump based system with a accumulator now!
  • Also tires are confusing, but probably whatever the local stores have
  • Need to get into in depth pre-cad and/or cad, and also see what frame materials can work (cheapest and/or lightest)
  • ANYWHO That's about it
  • Usual 6/7 hrs idk
  • Also we do have a meeting on friday right, slack had no message last week (i think idk)?


  • Negative on covid luckily
  • Got it a week or so (steam sale) but that eco game had a reduced price. Pretty good, mostly server multiplayer based it seems which was odd
  • Did very random work yesterday on engineered wood and Building Stuff
  • Did plotting today on recycling collection (at least plastic) as a service for makerspaces/community centers (could help precious plastic, and is valuable as many buwsinesses have dumpster only etc)
  • Also was looking into people powered vehicles a bit
  • Tomorrow want to look into
    • More in depth paper/wood workflows
    • Specifically What Pollutants Can Be Treated With What
    • Wood preserving agents, and binding agents
    • Finish Recycling Plotting
    • More in depth human powered vehicle stuff
    • Look into if human powered hydraulic systems are possible/reasonable
    • Laser Engraving of Cardboard/Wood for ink/paperless marking of boxes for products
  • ANYWHO That's about it
  • Usual 6/7 hrs idk


  • Got tested for covid a day or two ago, results in a few days (family memeber got contacted, and is positive, luckily (for them not others getting it passed on unknowingly...) they are asymptomatic
    • Gotta love Florida's Response
      • Opening = Another wave (if wave 1 ever ended) of sickness whoda thunk it; if only there was some health related department to advise us on such matters
  • Today i did that video edit
    • Streamed it
    • Internet was shit as usual, and also pc was doing:
      • Blender
      • Huge File Transfers
      • OBS
      • Discord + Slack
      • Google Chrome
    • So it was kinda overloaded lol
    • SO check that out on EDVT
    • Did basic marker making + cropping + audio balancing (may be wrong words)
    • Got to color grading did like 2 sections, but was burned out
    • May continue tomorrow etc, but am hearing flail mowers in my dreams so may need a new video lol
  • That's about it and it's late + burned out due to work + general news getting me down so logging off for the day
  • Unsure on hours, mainly just editing time + waiting for video to bake/render (a few hours lol) and now for uploading (may run it overnight?)


  • WHEL, I AM LOGGIN OFF FOR THE DAY; i'll be back in 6-12 hrs
  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • AND some work on:
  • Tried to reload the .blend file for the tree edit
    • Would open then close beldner imediately
    • Made a test to see if save was broken and did the same thing
    • Also the yt test video did the same thing
    • My laptop's hdd is fine (?) as no other data was lost
    • Probably user error, but i will most likely need to re-do that 3 or so hours of work lol
  • Some more work on Activated Carbon can get snakeoil-ey at times but is definetly intresting
  • All this emmisions control stuff i'm plotting seems to end up with evaporation pond powder
    • Thinking some sort of waste RTO may be needed?
      • Was planning a rto but fluidized bed for poweder OR gas
  • Also did some plotting and contacts on local makerspace planning
  • OpenDog released another video and is getting VERy polished
  • ANYWHO That's about it
  • Usual 6/7 hrs idk


  • WHEL, I AM LOGGIN OFF FOR THE DAY; i'll be back in 6-12 hrs
  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • AND some work on:
    • YT Channel Plots
    • More Blender Work + YT Side Testing
    • More Plotting On Activated Carbon
      • Thermal + a RTO seems reasonable
      • Water+Ozone is intresting, yet liquid waste may be challenging perhaps carbon->liquid->evaporation pond->Incinerator/pyrolyser/rto?
    • I Think A D3D Toolchanger, Many Toolheads and a M3DP 1-10 hp motor should be our "deliverables"
    • That and more Social Media Prescence
    • Tomorrow i wil ltry and finish + upload the tree plantout edit, and also do some local networking
  • ANYWHO That's about it
  • Usual 6/7 hrs idk


  • WHEL, I AM LOGGIN OFF FOR THE DAY; i'll be back in 6-12 hrs
  • Had a covid scare, siblings and parents BOTH had infected workspaces (to the suprise of EVERYONE except health officials ~~who didn't want florida to open up~~ )
  • Seem to be good for now, so no quarentine
  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • AND some work on:
  • Got familiar again with Blender NLVE-ing so am good to go on that, just need new content / be pointed to specific needs of old content re-processing
  • Need to knows:
    • Old Content/New Content
    • Are Jumpcuts Alright with everyone?
  • OSE Youtube Plotting documentation here, and made a discord channel on this + the podcast
  • I want a good mic setup (xlr interface + condenser, etc...) pre doing that, so a no on that, but even smartphones (short of lenses/scratches+data managment) can make GREAT video, so i am good to go on that
  • ALSO
  • Dived into the "ultimate" engine/generator
  • Essentially UBI with ALL the heat recovery:
  • So that's that thought i've been fermenting on
  • ALSO
  • Was plotting Carbon Scrubbers that can be "regenerated" with no swapping, may need a wet scrubber/gas storage because it would "dump" all the stuff it captured out
    • For smells diluted outside disposal/biofilters could work too
  • Did some plotting on aesthetics of the OBI houses, especially post cabin (ie apartment complex etc)
  • Need to make a page on tool aesthetics later
  • Guessing on hours, was mre sporatic today 66, but may be less
  • I'll leave it at that


  • Today is chaotic
  • Started out learning/teaching logic gates, code, and arduino to me and a younger sibling over breakfast
  • Minecraft Code -> Minecraft Command Blocks -> Chicken Spawner Button -> added ocillator "clock", add AND gate for a switch, add a pulse delay etc...
    • Then did the good ol blink/pwm/make hz of audio arduino program
    • Still have like no componets
      • Made a sketchy pin->aligator clip->snap circuits mess (did work though, and i LOVE the concept of snap circuits (wanna os it though...) )
  • SO I am diving into code for realsies now, and hopefully can be capable in 1-3 months idk
  • Still need to learn non-autodesk cad (i was spoiled in school with "free liscenses"), an in person class may be more modivating idk
  • Was going to do networking, relitives showed up, and did the ol catch up from long lost friends/rellies navy brat routune (was good to catch up ! )
  • Then did the dev meeting
  • Then did a little discord stuff, seems to be calm rn? ~00:50UTC?
  • Did more improvements of my "about me page"
  • Now on to the "real stuff" post diner
  • Am behind on sleep and REALLY tired, so may just crash post food and move on to tomorrow


  • Starting to get sloppy due to sleepyness, so time to go (12:40 lol; adhd is one hell of a drug)
  • ANYWHO slept in VERY late, and took care of a younger sibling for the day so barely any work
  • Mainly did
    • Usual wiki work
    • Usual SMM work
  • AND some work on:
    • OSE Book Publishing
    • Nonsensical Psudo-Philosophy of Mine
    • Goofy Idea/Project - Brainstorming/Documentation
  • And i'll leave it at that (~4 hrs?)


  • WHEL, I AM LOGGIN OFF FOR THE DAY; i'll be back in 6-12 hrs
  • Reaching macro limit of my default keayboar (it can't handle the sheer efficiency + POWER lol) so need to learn Autohotkey
  • Usual wiki work
  • Usual SMM work
  • ALSO Hyping up:
    • DIY Motors Gearboxes
    • "OS Accesability/Translator/Meme Speak+Dialect/creole Decoder for ANYTHING" (ie fill in + dev all of this (will do tomorrowish) )
      • A HUGE and NEEDED deliverable
      • It is almost essential for international + multi age/ability group people (ie me being a dumb millenial vs "country hick" vs old hoh person, etc)
      • Also most tools are expensive or not floss
      • Also can include macros, no slur bots, and even word to wikipedia/reddit page/ose wiki page bots etc...
      • AWESOME project IMO but as usual need to herd ~~cats~~ devs around
      • I am trying to lol (and i heard my cat oliver irl well...)
  • ANYWHO That's about it
  • Usual 6/7 hrs idk


  • So i did mainly a PILE of networking/smm on discord etc
    • And judging by the influx of new devs' it's working?
  • That is the main thing
  • Nexus Space goofyness (was plotting using asteroids for mars strip mine blasting ~~That or fusion only acellorator based nukes~~ )
  • I started the "OS Memes" bit, kinda dumb, but lowkey (good?) propaganda for OS Philosophy
  • That's about it
  • Did a tad more than usual so guestimated 7hrs


  • Guess i'll log off for the day
  • Getting back into a good rhythm
  • Usual Pile of networking (mainly on wate oil burner, pyrolysis kiln, and on a powderized charcoal burner today)
  • Usual discord lurking/managment/networking
  • STARTED diving into PET workflows (could benefit others, but PET MUST be dry to be used)
    • I think this would be huge for OSE and PP as botttles are VERY common, yet currently unusable (short of pyrolysis, or making 3cm+ wide rope
  • Guess that's about it
  • Unsure on hours, guess i'll put it at 6 idk


  • Some personal issues are arising, may cause a bit of a gap, hard to tell
  • Anyhow ususal networking / page linking
  • CNC Mill + CNC Etchant Plot/Spray-> Rinse -> PNP -> circuit out seems like a good workflow, need to link pages around next time i dev
  • More people joining the discord, will need managment + role creation etc
  • Possible pyrolysis sme
  • Nexus space is exploding
  • That's about it, heading off to bed, should be back in 12-72-ish hrs most likely very up in the air for the next week or so


  • Got to philisopical / political, gotta fix that lol
  • ANYWHO back to work for me
  • Going to do more diesel engine gearhead-ery + nexus space stuff (mainly biopetchem) + networking/customer service
    • Whoda thunk it (pissed off people readin my shit)
    • Have a personal mess developing, may interfere of majorly boost my efforts lol (will tell more as it develops, preview:it's a complex clusterfuck of emotions, people, and m o n e y
  • So sorry if i've been erratic, unstable, nsfw, brutally honest, or ranting more than usual (can vent somewhere if y'all are intrested)
  • ANYWHO think new main "focuses" are:
  • Diesle/Cars etc as a NEEDED deliverable
  • Need for more pr
  • Concerns on us going the way of others and becoming corrupt / sketchy (thinkin long term like 20-100yrs post us, existrntial pie in the sky stuff, that IS needed though as Collapse Happens Slowly
  • plus other shitposts etc
  • may start the OSE-Podcast if intrested? not 100% "good" rn so may be dumb, but also i am thinking/ranting might as well "get it down on paper" before loosing it lol
  • ANYWHO (a book idea on that btw...) that's about it for today
  • SHould be 6hrs to 3 days until "first contact" depending on my end
  • TLDR is shit is hittin the fan, but i feel kind of ok/good
    • is this what closure/normal feels like lol
      • Been upside down so long i find right side up bad (and am now great at metaphors idk lol?)
  • "goodluck and godspeed" lol (watched history today, the new apollo 11 b roll / talking points / quotes imo with this new launch
    • over optimistic, young dumb:
      • f u l l y a u t o m a t e d - l u x u r y - q u e e r - a n a r c h o s p a c e c o m m u n i s m
    • here we come lol, gnight!


  • Alrighty, signing off for the day, i'll be back in ~8-12 hours or so (been waking up oddly early, and sleeping bad recently (lost a day in a sleep shedual and payed the consequences lol)
    • Didn't get as much done today as i hoped
  • Just had some personal stuff, so should be good tomorrow etc
  • DID do even more networkign
  • One of the discords is EXPLODING, and thus some people may trickle in? either way can probably co-develop / fork their designs (they are more...grid scale, more info later)
  • Some people may still join (read the email and/or discord and/or slack marcin please)
  • Mainly did off wiki plots on biopetrochem in gdocs (let me see if i can share them in ssettings after this, do read em have some legit chemical engineers on the team!
  • Also just misc wiki work, helpin marcin with tedious aspects of pages + subtle changes to appease my snobbery
  • ALSO was plotting checking if my local library has a 3d printer etc (now that they are re-opening (albeit slightyl too soon imo, florida man infects...) ) and help them set up a makerspace/better one if no, as often organization, not funds is key
  • Hsould be productive with more sleep (also may be starting to reach my "stretch limit" (a little TOO much networking lol)
  • I'll end on that


  • Alrighty, signing off for the day, i'll be back in ~8-12 hours or so (been waking up oddly early recently)
  • Didn't get as much done today as i hoped
  • Just had some personal stuff, so should be good tomorrow etc
  • DID do even more networkign
  • One of the discords is EXPLODING, and thus some people may trickle in? either way can probably co-develop / fork their designs (they are more...grid scale, more info later)
  • I also need to make the OSE one better, now that more people may join
  • Mainly bot choice + role creation etc
  • Started wanting to do more OS Diesel Engine + Bio-Petro Chem stuff, got sidetracked
  • Glad the knitic is starting up again! useful stuff
    • MAY be able to use a bottle to coarse thread/rope workflow, look into this
  • Got someone who was intrested in the pyrolysis kiln from PP Discord, contacting me, they may dev, or at least use it?
  • Also did more formal plotting on an OS weather station (has been in my head for a while, hence the speed lol) sensors seem to be the big unknown, sort of, many are OTS, just need modular pcb "stacks" to be [[OSE Spec ?
  • Hard to tell, but we seem to be getting on the same page/in a grove? who knows
  • MAY have saved enough for a prusa kit (max, or something cheaper idk) so that may be more clear in next week or so decision wise, may just be pushed another month etc
  • I'll end on that


  • Alrighty, signing off for the day, i'll be back in ~8-12 hours or so (been waking up oddly early recently)
  • launch was canceled, so all hype no launch today, 3 days till next window
  • Did more diesel/engine plots
  • We really should rename that page IMO (would need a good 15-30 min of link/name/doc name changing, but is do-able, even for all me
  • Then did a PILE of networking
    • Joined ANOTHER discord channel lol
  • Need to write em up on OSE later
  • Got better/messed around in OnShape more, i am not the expert, but think it is Probably better than FreeCAD
    • Only hold-up is cloud dependancy
    • Should? be fixable via OS(-ish) forking to pc or personal server, if even needed?
  • Also did misc stuff related to the discord, similar to what User:Marcin may do with small video conference related stuff, that seems random "outside of the loop"
  • IE 'USE THE DISCORD and slack (ish), and ...
  • Also a PILE of Sme's and existing marketing/networking in one discrod, may be of use
  • ANYWHO, that's about it
  • Added an extra hour or so to the guestimate of usual due to waking up earlier, so 7hrs or so


  • Alrighty, signing off for the day, i'll be back in ~9-12 hours or so
  • I live in jacksonville fl, so if the spacex launch DOES happen tomorrow (weather is questionable, entering Florida's wet season) i will see that from where i am or a short drive south
  • I did my usual discord lurking, may add more info about some of that tomorrow on to this wiki
  • Also did some more fuel + diesel engine plotting
    • Thinking up my diesel concept, may be more complex than the current plan for the simple diesel, need to plan more
  • Also plotted a bit on the Advanced Powercube Construction Set
    • Getting the diesel engine, and tanks of all the fluids to fit in this system would be optimal
      • Although bulky is always earier, especially for the first fully "in house" build
    • Also need to finalize the "standards" i think 25 cm cube external would be good, but need more opinions
  • That's about it


  • Gettin late ~00:15 local time...technically the 19th locally... so i'm about to sign off and go to bed
  • Didn't get around to meshroom today, supposedly meshroom uses a differemt tracker "CCT Tracker"
    • Should be fine in a stationary, non moving setup like 3d scanning, and not ar/vr/mr etc
  • Did a PILE of networking on discord, and on youtube/email
    • The pyrolysis person wrote back and was suprisingly anti-open source, and nationalist? Was odd, but they may reconsider. Also they had a paywall on cad so go-figure?
  • Did a little more work on that
  • Found a bottle peeler for someone on the PP Discord and made a page
    • No 3d printable version, should be quick for someone good with freecad, essentially similar to a pencil sharpener, or vegtable peeler
  • Found out about a CHEAP printer, may legit buy, as a deal for 120USD was suppoosedly a thing! Need to check burnable money
  • Still haven't got stuff for the arduino, doing some networking
  • Came up with the idea for the raspberry pi server on a discord. I'm still insure about it. I am an overbuilding, young, dumb person, but it seems odd to do FLOPS, and intense fast stuff on simple SBC's. Granted the software protocols may make up for this, also rpi 4 is quite capable! Either way it's a good low cost option, and is VERY modular, and could be even more so with FPGA's
  • Found out about the ant thing, i personally hate roe on sushi, not rich enough/intrested enough to eat caviar, but did eat ants on some mountain while camping that some local said were good (were oddly sweet do to beries, odd to eat though had to pre-squish kill, long story). Dad had an ant farm as a kid, hipster market so may be a cashcow, just a thought train i had and wrote down (like 2/3 of my stuff lol)
  • I seem to be getting in a rhythm and getting a good workflow
  • Good at stock macros, semi-accurately touch typing, discord fully networked, desk all proper, productivity seems to be going up
    • Now i just need to learn (more)code and freecad...
  • I guess i'll leave it at that
  • Also we need to get better about Orpan Pages and unclear page purposes, i try to help, but i am not the original page creator anbd thus feel i may "mess up" the basics section
  • Also USE THE SLACK / DISCORD P l e a s e
    • Checking in in real time removes confusion, and makes work more productive, most companies/dev teams do this for workdays perhaps we should to (granted no timezone role yet, so unsure on what "day" is for the most people. I think most people active on this are in the americas/carribean? Need a poll/role list to really know
  • Unsure on hours, as much of it was networking, so i guess i will do the usual 6?
  • I'll leave it at that


  • So i'm about to sign out for the day ~11:00 pm / 23:00 local time (EST), 3:12 utc (technically tomorrow too!)

also grabbed some research papers/videos

  • I also posted about this on the PP discord for use/development help
    • Would be useful for non-recyclables (thermosets), and hard to recycle plastics (PET), also tires/biomass could supplement
    • Could be sold as fuel etc making a good enterprise oppertunity, especially if fuel infrastructure in the local area is sparse
  • I also made a "pyrolysis oil" playlist on my youtube:
  • Outside of side projects, that was about it.
  • Also really starting to get a workflow that works well for me (schedualing + macros)
  • Am trying to learn to touch-type (i currently do some hellish combo of two finger pecking and touch-typing) so may gain speed
  • Also learning more on how my pc does it's macros stock
    • May delve into Autohotkey once i master the stock system
  • Side Projects:
    • Photogrammetry: Made printable trackers, may use tomorrow, if i can get a camera/lighting workflow together, don't have external flash, just spare static lights + windows, will see (also learning a lot on the photogrammetry discord)
    • WLED plotting about this, need money to burn on digital led strip and ESP32 stuff... (the discord is very active)
    • I found an old arduino (from a science fair that ended up not needing it years ago, lost it in storage, long story...) so may start up with that
      • I have no pin-wires, or sheilds/breadbords, so may do an amazon buy, looked into that today a bit
    • I think i will do the typical "hello world" and blink/pwm dim an led programs before a more "permanant" project
      • Still debating what that will be, for my favorite uses ESP32 seems better than my low capability Arduino Uno (stock ie no wifi) so unless i suddenly can make a CNC, it will most likely become a IOT button with a cheap wifi sheild, and a " "big red button" + speaker/light " module + case
        • No 3dp or welder...yet so would have to be wood, or an electric outlet box (outdoor ones) for a case
  • Alrighty, singing off


  • Signing off for the day
  • Did mainly geek-ing out on various gearhead-ery with all the diesel engine stuff marcin was plotting
  • Also did my usual lurking on various social medias and found some intresting stuff i posted
  • Also was talking with some anti-vax person on the pp-discord, during a pandemic, that was...something
  • Anyhow i need to print those markers out and have another run at Meshroom my first run a day or so ago didn't produce anything usable, so i'll need to do some fiddling around (and probably ask for help/find a youtube tutorial for the settings etc)
  • Also will check out that other os-cad


  • All over the place as usual
  • I joined a ton of related discords, so lots of NETWORKING
  • I think the main "thing" today will be me putting my pc to work on learning photogrammetry stuff


  • Goodness i'm bad at these
  • I don't know about hours, as i chaotically jump back and forth between constructive stuff, and fun nonscence, and sleep hygine MAY not be exactly great (adhd is one HELL of a drug...)
    • ANYWHO i'm going to estimate ~5hrs? Can be changed later if need be\
  • Now for the details of what i've been doing:
    • Typical Page Organization, Link Fixing etc
    • Some human web-crawling, finding relevant stuff, various ideas etc
    • Got my "proffesional" social media/netwroking more together. Now have a full on reddit, slack, discord, and some various small things, attached to this "business email"
      • Also started posting a pile of stuff on reddit, discussing ose/open source stuff/various tech/science geekery (r/3dprinting is great...)
      • Met 1 intrested person who i am trying to get through all the applying stuff, they are a farmer, so real life testing etc, they also have some plans of their own (a combine, plastic crop cover/silage bag bio-sourced replacedmets etc) but i wont steal their thunder and whatnot, also still getting them all conected
    • My various pet projects/ideas
      • Universal Burn Unit name may be bad? essentially all the burning, heating, and general fuel-fire-heat stuff in an orderly place, like a server cabinet, but larger
      • Mobile, and small makerspace plotting
      • A bit of filament drying, managment, and splicing work
      • Some software finding, not a good enough coder to do the Big work / benefit analysis and all that (...yet), but finding the potentially useful stuff gets that step done
      • Started getting VERy industrial, was looking up gas scrubbers, and towers for using ambient temp to concentrate solutions etc, and got LOST in all the CFD, and papers and aaaaaaaaaaaa, but ii did learn some stuff there
      • Intresting stuff in the rubble of "clean" coal, can be applied to charcoal and biomass easily (outside of oily-coals etc brown coal?)
        • Also india has a PILE of info on biomass, with all their rural infastructure plots
      • Main issue i am seeing is how to scale all this too
      • Did some look at cryogenic stuff, may need to see if User: Marcin dealt with this with all the funky sensors that need low kelvin temp, and all the crazyness in fusion research
        • Main small scale options seem to be thermo electric (pyramid of cells to compensate for growing inefficiency as the "stack" thickens), throttle valve (had a fancy name, someone did it for liquid nitrogen open source-ish/diy with a scuba pump, and a janky collection of stuff), turboexpansion may be possible, but turbines are complex, but perhaps with the right software, and an engineer devor thwo to throw at it?
      • In this, and in some of the burner things i ran into the issue of heat sinks/exchangers
        • We don't need industrial scale, and space isn't often a concern so aluminum or "less optimal" metals could work? I heard of people using Computer stuff, but the PRICES
        • Lot of design issues in these (all the optimization, thermal models?, etc)
        • But liquid-liquid heat exchangers, and solid/liquid->air heat exchangers are a big need (especially small "chip" size designs?
      • At unf, and some recently some people online, melee games are huge, nintendo switch consoles and whatnot, may prefer the older controllers, or custom ones, but these can be either old, cheap crap, or obscenely overpriced "pro" stuff, also economy of scale etc
        • I think this could somewhat easily be open sourced (especially non-joystick stuff, just keyswitches), milled and put together with 3d printed + sanded cases etc and be a good product
        • Not too "useful" but some people hopped on that "fidget spinner hype" in elementary schools etc and made some serious money for their print farm etc
      • Also i think marcin or someone was doing something on low level ar for assemblies
        • i am a HUGE ar/vr/mr nerd, so can help with that, know all the snob terms, current products, main lacking stuff is code+game design etc (blender can do this; has it's own game engine etc, don't know it's capability etc"), and hardware. I have a nice (plastic frame + glass lens) google cardboard, a pretty nice spartphone, and some kickstarter vr add on that adds 6dof to pc tethered pc cardboard, but is buggy, android based as of now, and is mainly for asia markets (can't read most info/ software is geo locked etc etc), and have a good pc grade laptop so i could definetly run things for testing etc
    • QUITE A WORDWALL, but i think that's about it, and i plan to post a pile of stuff, and think out loud sort of on the slack, so go there to dive into the mess/bounce ideas off me/give me some task (Sheltering in place right now and for quite a while (north florida is hit kinda bad, supply chains good (not nyc etc), but still pretty bad), so i don't have much to do so can be delegated, to what i am capable of doing
    • Also trying to learn freecad, but got a bit stuck, will try fiddlingaround more in there, once i "get" that the things i can do...
  • As always ask for clarification if need be, and you know where to contact me


  • Day whatever of shelter in place
  • Doing this tutorial first:

Getting lost in meus/UI

constrained sketched and extruded everything

If i remember correctly freecad calls extruding a sketch Padding?

All i need to do is select the centered hole and negative extrude, or use a dedicated drill function, but i can't seem to do that. Must be on my end (obiously), but i am thoroughly lost on that one


Started with some small stuff, then did some more work on the 3d print enclosure after a relevant email reply, and some tinkering in the tinkercad file (ps tinkercad is bad)

Then did some muckraking looking for the OpenRC controller files, got nothing, may be a dead end outside of their concept + guides + diagrams

Then did some fire saftey stuff

Then did some wire managment + spicing stuff

Finally Did some stuff on ink for stamps and pens etc


Ive been volunteering a local animal shelter so was busy walkin dogs and pettin cats etc so not spamming the wiki with AS much edits

Was watchin some youtube and saw 2 intresting diy/open source 3d printers one was for binder jetting, and the other seemed like an entirely new process

Made pages for both of those

Then moved on to some more electron tech stuff, been obsessing over it recently (CRTs and Vacuum Tubes etc), perhaps User:Marcin can help with their degree? not high priority but EBM is one HELL of a 3D Printing tech

Also updated/refined a half baked construction set on stuff i don't really understand

Still plotting my makerspace in a box ideas

Trying to get that 3D Printer Enclosure all put together and ready for anyone to easily make, as well as make an ose adaption perhaps + aid in the original development (sent an email to the designer for collaboration request)

Moved back to some lighting tech

Sulfur lamps are really intresting, but are underdeveloped and may go into the graveyard with thin CRTs, Mechanical PCs and other thech that is possible yet not FULLY developed due to focus on other tech, will tinkker with it some day

LEDs THOUGH, can make full on daylight at night, some require watercooling which is hilariously excessive sounding

Then went from there to watercooling

Then moved on to efficiency stuff

Finally Did some template outlines (FINALLY), outlined some ideas i had for improving these templates, and added MOAR MACROS.

I have officially used up all 5 of my laptop's macro keys...

Time to turn that yard sale keyboard into a macro keyboard, gotta grab that label maker...

Thats about it


Added some more semi-useful stuff:

A PILE of Redirects (May want to make a bot or somthing as it can get VERY tedious, even with macros and C+P)

More info on Geodesic Domes

Stuff on Cement Impregnated Fabric

Stuff on some road stuff

Some high tech agriculture stuff, I would DEFINELY reccomend the series of videos on the "Plant Factory" page, very in depth and intresting. (i THINk they posted their sources too, could be a good information mine)



Did a pile of semi-useful stuff

ADHD Hyperfocusing + Caffeine really does wonders...


hours are inprecise based off of the "Recently Changed" page, I did take occasional breaks adjusting other tabs, messing with glitchy hardware, and a dinner break, so time is only semi-accurate.

Today I:

  • Did some page organisation and increasing links/redirects
  • Added some more info on
    • Composites
    • Metallurgy
    • Cathodic Protection
    • Precious Plastic's Work
    • Other Various stuff that popped in my head, or that I rabbit holed into
    • Also suggested some bots, my coding experience is little if any, so esentiall armchair thinking (There as well as many other places lol), but these would improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy, as well as encourage international collaboration, so they may be worth investing some time (Especially all you programmers out there)

I also don't know the limitations of what we CAN code for the wiki

  • Chrome Plugins, and Window/Linux Software, may be a way around this, but sound like even more of a mess


  • Haven't logged in forever
  • It's geting pretty late so my contributions are starting to get pretty sloppy so i'll stop now
  • Watched a bunch of videos by the youtube channel "Thought Emporiom"
  • Then I found out that that one shut down due to funding issues, so i'm still looking (although I did find out they still do hackathons etc, they jusdt don't have a space. I did contact them and will see what comes from that)
  • I made a poster design for collecting intrested people to start an OSE Club at UNF
  • I am debating doing so as it is a lot of work, and uni is rough enough as is for my ADHD self, but IT'S TEMPTING
  • Recently I have Been Attempting to instal OSE Linux on a live usb, but it has been a bit glitchy, so I'm still working on that
  • I have contacted a few people on youtube to see if they would like to collaborate so we will se what comes from that\

--Eric (talk) 5:36, 24 October 2019 (UTC)


  • Started A Python Tutorial


Today I:


Today I:


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.


Today I:


Today I:


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.
  • Did some research on thermal storage + made some new construction sets to go with this


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.
  • Watched the Latest Dev Meeting


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.


Today I:


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.
  • Watched all of the recent video uploads by Marcin
  • Watched the Dev Team Meeting

Also I have bee pretty unstable recently, so work has kind of died down, but hopefully I will improve soon. I will also update my log more later.


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.
  • Caught up on this log
  • Reread some old bookmarks and organized them (they were on bioluminescence, will put on a page later)


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.
  • Did some work on researching + documenting cellulose solvents
  • Watched the Latest Dev Team Meeting


Today I:


Today I:

  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.
  • Finished up finalizing the prepratory organizational work for the Open Source Digital Fabrication Construction Set (IE That has full pages for all the things in there (ie not just a "basics" section) ; All they need now is actual development (more planning, cad, bom, etc)


Today I:


Okay so I havent used this in a while, sorry about that. Going foreward I will try to be better about that.


  • Read others' contributions + Orginizational changes + link additions to some pages.
  • Updated all of the Open Source Digital Fabrication Construction Set to the modern page organizational standard (ps the ebm devices need work but that will hapen some other time as I am getting tired and reckless
  • Updated my long neglected log

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