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Next Steps

  • Ebook should probably be a way to catch interest for Design Jams.

Meeting Notes

Build a desktop microfactory, and reinvent local production right in your home town

  • Accessibility Rules - for best practices on naming websites
  • Link should be: https://opensourceecology.org/3dp and 3Dp and 3DP
  • For maintenance purposes - you don't put the folder with a website at the /3dp -
  • Verify with Michael that /3dp folder is a maintenance nightmare
  • Thus, use https://3dp.opensourceecology.org as the URL
  • If the same key opens all doors to a house, is the house any less safe than a house with a single door?
  • Competitive analysis: Benchmarking + Competitive List Audit
  • Imade3d.com -
  • 3d4edu.org
  • Irregular workshops at different hacker- and maker-spaces for internal and external audience
  • STEAM education - various orgs providing
  • The Crucible - SF bay area -
  • Tumbleweed houses
  • On demand auto fulfillment. Example.
  • OSE Logo - B&W - for t-shirt and polo shirt
  • Click buy for a t-shirt or polo shirt - say $18 for a t-shirt, OSE gets $4.73 per shirt at https://inktothepeople.com as an example
  • Products: kit, XM workshop 1 day build - read the existing 3DP workshop, teachers' or librarian's 2 day training (build day + training), t-shirt, sticker, polo shirt
  • 1 week - basic website.
  • Phase 1: sign up for a workshop, sign up for a Teacher's Training
  • Assets
  • New logo by JB - Sticker for the 3D Printer. And revisit in one year for a 3D printer.
  • Create a modular logo for different product.
  • See Kit.com
  • stocktankpool.net - check their kits for kit model



  • We offer a 3D printers.
  • We also offer 3D printer builds - in 5 hours!
  • We also train teachers how to build, maintain, and design printed parts.
  • But that's where we leave all the others behind...
  • We offer a turnkey Desktop Microfactory consisting of the 3D Printer, CNC Circuit Mill, Laser Cutter, and 3D Printing Filament maker - which allows you to produce 80% of consumer household goods in any community - starting from recycled plastic.
  • We offer a modular, scalable Construction Set of machines - so you can build larger or smaller versions depending on your needs and budget.
  • Once you have the 3D printer - you can print parts for all the other machines - and build your own desktop microfactory from easy-to-source, off the shelf parts.
  • We are standing on the shoulders of giants, building upon the work of the RepRap 3D printer community, Precious Plastic, Recyclebot, Open Circuit Institute, and Lyman Filament Extruder - and adding our own innovation - to produce a powerful product package.
  • Our goal is to democratize production and involve everyone in product design all over the world. You may have heard about this idea before - but now we have the open source tools, and we are producing a repository of open designs to make this happen.
  • We develop public designs via Design Jams - open to the public - and we offer training in 3D printing, CAD design 1 hour FreeCAD crash course, using part libraries, and how to collaborate openly with a large team.
  • We offer: kits (3DP, CNC circuit mill) - we can drop ship these. Need to refine BOMs - 3DP BOM - D3D_v18.07#BOM and Circuit Mill BOM - D3D_CNC_Circuit_Mill#BOM
  • We offer registration for workshops. Sign up for initial interest. Once there are 12 people interested at a given location or 1 hour away - we run a workshop
  • Design Jams - basic narrative

For Teachers

  • (Imade3D positions themselves as Professional Development opportunity for teachers - -see their site)
  • We can provide an amazing Professional Development opportunity as you learn to build a 3D printer. We offer 2 day workshops for teachers and librarians, day 1- build - day 2 - operate, maintain, design 3Dd printed parts - all using a fully open source tool chain.
  • We an also train you do do design useful products - anything from a 3D printed pen, a cordless drill, or a vaccuum cleaner - and to run design contests with your students. This would be similar to First Robotics, but producing real, useful, and marketable products that improve with time and become part of a common human heritage of open design. We will be running these events once per month at Open Source Ecology.
  • We can teach you how to start a recycling operation in your school - turning waste plastic from your cafeteria to virgin 3D printing filament - for producing new products while cleaning up the environment.
  • We can offer Professional Development building the 3D Printer, CNC Circuit Mill, Laser Cutter, and Filament Maker today.
  • Register as a pair - $1400 for a 2 day workshop - you keep one machine that you built during the workshop. $2100 for a 3 day workshop where we teach you how to lead a Design Jam on the 3rd day.
  • Inquire for further details - or register online. We need a minimum of 4 registrations to run an event - we after you register - we will have to find 3 other

For Everyone

  • Register for a workshop (nonexisting workshops - we host one when 12 people sign up)
  • Register for a planned workshop - any one that is already on our schedule. We can add people to Teachers' workshops as well, where people register for 1 day and teachers register for 2 or 3 days
  • Buy a kit
  • Buy swag. OSE pen (like 3D Printed Pen, sticker, and t-shirt.


Google Photos

  • First D3D protype and workshop 2017 - (includes original photo shoot picture), early 12-build group workshop footage - [2]
  • Crazy workshop shot for PR - [3]
  • Workshop pix, etc - High Resolution GVCS Media
  • OSE Logo
  • Third workshop 2017 - part 1 - [4] - part 2 - [5].
  • Lawrence build workshop 2018 - [6]
  • Packing of D3D v18.01 - [7] - Includes 1801.jpg. Time lapse of box print included in files - [8]
  • Build of 2017 print cluster - set 3 - [9] - set 2 - [10] - set 1 - [11]
  • 9 frames - [12]
  • Time lapse of 10 pieces being printed - [13]


Workshop Announcements

  • April 29, 2017 workshop announcement - [14]
  • August 12, 2017 workshop announcement - [15]
  • Sep 30, 2017 Announcement - [16].


May be useful to play in the background of website?

  • 8 min Promo video by Dixon - [17] downloadable in HD.
  • 2 min promo by Dixon - [18]
  • Workshop promo video April 2017 by Marcin - [19]
  • Workshop promo Aug 2017 by Marcin- [20]
  • Time lapse of April 2017 build - [21]
  • Time lapse of August 2017 build - [22]
  • Time lapse of Lawrence 2018 - [23]
  • Time lapse of big box print - [24]
  • Time lapses of various 3D prints - [25]