Civilization Starter Kit DVD v0.01

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First mention of the Civilization Starter Kit DVD has been made in Marcin's TED Talk on the Global Village Construction Set.


 1.0  Forward from the Founder – Video
 1.1  What is Open Source Ecology? The Open Source Ecology Paradigm
 1.2  Global Village Construction Set: Rollout Plan
 1.3  Getting Involved: So, you want to build a new civilization?
 1.4  From the Founder: My Story


 2.1 GVCS in 2 Minutes Video 
 2.2 TED Talk Video
 2.3 Kickstarter Video
 2.4 Practical Post-Scarcity Video
 2.5 OSE Enterprise Plan Video
 2.6 How to Build the 4 Machines in a Basic Workshop

CEB Press

Note: this is Prototype III. See CEB Press Genealogy. Current version is VI.

 3.1  CEB Press Design Rationale, Product Ecology
 3.2  CEB Press Master CAD File
 3.3  CEB Press Bill of Materials
 3.4  CEB Press Fabrication Master PDF - 89 pages
 3.5  CEB Press Fabrication videos - Mechanical fabrication
 3.6  CEB Press Electrical Fabrication videos
 3.7  CEB Press Control Code
 3.8  CEB Press Ergonomics of machine assembly - full assembly video (11 min)
 3.9  Compressed Earth Brick Press: Fabrication Drawings
 3.10  CEB Press User Manual


 4.1  Tractor Design Rationale, Product Ecology
 4.2  Tractor Master CAD File 
 4.3  Tractor Bill of Materials
 4.3-4.4 Tractor Fabrication Manual
 4.5  Tractor Assembly - full assembly video (12 min)
 4.6  Tractor Fabrication Drawings
 4.7  Tractor User Manual
 4.8  Quality Control Checklist

Soil Pulverizer

 5.1  Soil Pulverizer Design Rationale, Product Ecology (needs Tractor with Power Cube)
 5.2  Soil Pulverizer Master CAD File
 5.3  Soil Pulverizer - Bill of Materials
 5.4  Soil Pulverizer Fabrication Instructions
 5.5  Soil Pulverizer Fabrication PDF
 5.5  Soil Pulverizer Fabrication and Assembly videos
 5.6  Soil Pulverizer Fabrication Drawings
 5.7  Soil Pulverizer User Manual

Power Cube

 6.1  Power Cube Design Rationale
 6.2  Power Cube Sketchup
 6.2  Power Cube - Bill of Materials
 6.3  Power Cube A-Z Instructionals
 6.4  Power Cube Fabrication PDF
 6.5  Power Cube Fabrication and Assembly videos
 6.6  Power Cube Fabrication Drawings
 6.7  Power Cube User Manual


 7.1 Field Testing Results
 7.2 OSE Microhouse

Street Team

 8.1 Sticker & Magnet designs: 
     • OSE B&W LogoOSE Color Logo
 8.2 T-shirt design: 
     • Tractor


Civilization Starter Kit Credits (collaborators and contributors)
OSE License for Distributive Economics
OSE Specifications
Tractor Scaling Calculations and CAE Analysis


Compressed Earth Brick Press: Design Rationale
Compressed Earth Brick Press: Fabrication Manual
Compressed Earth Brick Press: Fabrication Drawings
Compressed Earth Brick Press: User Manual
LifeTrac: Design Rationale
LifeTrac: Fabrication Manual
Tractor Fabrication Drawings
Soil Pulverizer: Design Rationale
Soil Pulverizer: Fabrication Manual
Soil Pulverizer: Fabrication Drawings
Soil Pulverizer: User Manual
Power Cube: Design Rationale
Power Cube: Fabrication Manual
Power Cube: User Manaul
Power Cube: Failure Modes and Troubleshooting
Appendix: Civilization Starter Kit Credits
Appendix: OSE License for Distributive Economics
Appendix: OSE Specifications
Appendix: Tractor Scaling and CAE Analysis
Appendix: Hydraulic System Troubleshooting