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  1. Extreme Enterprise is under development. Latest presentation is at FABxLive.
  2. D3D Universal v20.07. See 3D Printer Genealogy.
  3. D3D Pro v20.07
  4. D3D v20.04.27 and D3D v20.04 - the 18" and 12" versions of 3D printers, are nearing product launch.
  5. Open Source Screw Machine - concept has been defined. Ready for development using up to 2" Universal Axis
  6. Universal Axis v20.07
  7. Extreme Enterprise swarm enterprise development to product level over a weekend
  8. FreeCAD Workbenches Platform
  9. Working on OSE-Related Podcasts


  1. High Temperature 3D Printer
  2. CNC Torch Table v19.10 - continuing product finish
  3. Open Source Shredder for economically significant production of 3D printing filament from waste, plastic furniture, and construction panels.


  1. May - Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp - currriculum refinement and business development
  2. D3D v20.04.27 - working on product release of 18" bed printer, release planned for end of May
  3. Marketing development with 180 Degree Consulting
  4. Development of Filament Maker
  5. Recursion on 3D printer components - screw-machine for heat sinks and nozzles, 3D printed wire loom, linear bearings, and circuit boards.






See Current Projects Log