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HintLightbulb.png Hint: This is the 8" bed printer, updated from the original D3D Pro to include the updated Universal Axis consisting of single printed pieces for the motion axes. See more complete documentation at D3D Pro

D3D Pro v20.07
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Short description
Product Ecology Uses 3D printed parts printed by itself.
License OSHWA and OSI compliant. CC-BY-SA-4.0 International, GPLv3, DIN SPEC 3105.
Module 1 Universal Gearless Extruder
Module 2 Fast Heated Bed
Module 3 Universal Axis CNC motion system
Module 4 Universal Controller multipurpose controller
Module 5 Universal Frame system
Key Specification Scalable to 18" bed size using the 8 mm Universal Axis, and scalable to 4x4x8 foot size using the 1" Universal Axis.
Construction Steel frame with 3D printed corners are used to hang the Universal Axis. Steel-plastic assemblies are used throughout, using 3D printed plastic for complex geometries and steel for strength.
Productivity Best-in-class heatbed for speed of heating and temperature (up to 187C). Best-in-class extruder for print speed using rubber (in addition to thermoplastics). Current productivity is 5 lb/24 hr print rate per print head. Features ready scalability to 20 lb/day print rate using the Supervolcano Nozzle. Features scalability to 4-9 print heads for an 80-180 lb/day print rate.
Completion Status
Project began in 2016 with the Universal Axis, is in production as of October 2018. Production engineering is currently being refined. Current production models are D3D Universal 2 and D3D Pro v20.07. See 3D Printer Genealogy and Status of Completion for overview of 3D printer and the GVCS in general.
Next Steps
Product releases of D3D Pro 2 (12" print bed) and D3D Pro 3 (18" print bed), as well as developing the 4x4x8" 3D printer + OSE Shredder + OSE Filament Maker to solve the plastic waste issue. OSE's solution is distributed production of construction materials such as plastic lumber and other large objects from waste plastic feedstocks, with a print rate of up to 180 lb/printer/day.
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Development Template
Description Link to Work Product  %
1 Requirements + Value Proposition D3D Pro v20.07 Requirements + Value Proposition 0
2 Industry_Standards D3D Pro v20.07 Industry Standards 0
3 Conceptual Design D3D Pro v20.07 Conceptual Design 0
4 Module Breakdown D3D Pro v20.07 Module Breakdown 0
5 3D CAD D3D Pro v20.07 3D CAD 0
6 Calculations D3D Pro v20.07 Calculations 0
7 Electronics Design D3D Pro v20.07 Electronics Design 0
8 Wiring and Plumbing D3D Pro v20.07 Wiring and Plumbing 0
9 Software D3D Pro v20.07 Software 0
10 BOM D3D Pro v20.07 BOM 0
11 vBOM D3D Pro v20.07 vBOM 0
12 CAM Files D3D Pro v20.07 CAM Files 0
13 Cut List D3D Pro v20.07 Cut List 0
14 Build Instructions D3D Pro v20.07 Build Instructions 0
15 Fabrication Drawings D3D Pro v20.07 Fabrication Drawings 0
16 Exploded Part Diagram D3D Pro v20.07 Exploded Part Diagram 0
17 Production Engineering D3D Pro v20.07 Production Engineering 0
18 Build Pictures and Video D3D Pro v20.07 Build Pictures and Video 0
19 Data Collection D3D Pro v20.07 Data Collection 0
20 Future Work D3D Pro v20.07 Future Work 0
21 Troubleshooting and Repair D3D Pro v20.07 Troubleshooting and Repair 0


Enterprise Template
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1 Unique Value Proposition D3D Pro v20.07 Unique Value Proposition 0
2 Product Strategy D3D Pro v20.07 Product Strategy 0
3 Cost Structure D3D Pro v20.07 Cost Structure 0
4 Business Plan D3D Pro v20.07 Business Plan 0
5 Open Source Franchise D3D Pro v20.07 Open Source Franchise 0
6 Training and Management D3D Pro v20.07 Training and Management 0
7 Facility Design D3D Pro v20.07 Facility Design 0
8 Supply Chain Development D3D Pro v20.07 Supply Chain Development 0
9 Production D3D Pro v20.07 Production 0
10 Quality Control D3D Pro v20.07 Quality Control 0
11 Product Assets D3D Pro v20.07 Product Assets 0
12 Marketing Strategy D3D Pro v20.07 Marketing Strategy 0
13 Marketing Plan D3D Pro v20.07 Marketing Plan 0
14 Product Webpage D3D Pro v20.07 Product Webpage 0
15 Sales and Distribution Strategy D3D Pro v20.07 Sales Strategy 0
16 Customer Support D3D Pro v20.07 Customer Support 0
17 Shipping D3D Pro v20.07 Shipping 0
18 Open Source Everything Store D3D Pro v20.07 Open Source Everything Store 0
19 Marketing and Sales Data D3D Pro v20.07 Marketing and Sales Data 0
20 Customer Feedback D3D Pro v20.07 Customer Feedback 0
21 Continuing Improvement D3D Pro v20.07 Continuing Improvement 0
22 Future Work D3D Pro v20.07 Enterprise Future Work 0