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Working Doc


General Tactical Principles for Execution

How to achieve scalability, robustness, growth, high service, and wide support?

  • Create disciplined entrepreneurs capable of rigorous, integrated problemsolving - promising pain and glory through a 1000 Hour Curriculum leading to the edge of all knowledge. This is the Edge of Knowledge program leading to original contributions to humanity, along the lines of OSE Education.
  • Recruit for avoiding the 'Great Resignation' defined as individuals go to university idealistic, and leave university to make money, selling out their initial idealistic dreams. This means likely recruit for college age (18-22) for people to be put on the track of solving pressing world issues, and at an age without the baggage of work in a cubicle, prior commitments, family, or other. It is really about people setting out to set their own course, with direct and explicit intent to reach the edge of the known within these precious 4 years.
  • Identify Strong Stakeholders
  • Design for 100x via guaranteed funder (CoC)-high need (Tom's Shoes for Ukraine Liberation (Kherson) - dual use (production logistics for abundance). Align top talent in open source projects (Ardupilot, ROS, BeagleBoard, Arduino, OpenCV, OpenAI, OpenAR, OpenMR, OpenXR, OpenCores, OpenFPGA. Involve 3 distinct cases (demining, surveying (recon), automated earthworks machines, Autonomous Mesh Networks)
  • Create a program that allows any individual to experience the possibility and a nurturing environment to reach the edge of human knowledge and practice within 4 years. 260 Work Days * 8 gets us there in 5 years. This avoids the confusion of 'what to do' in one's life by getting one straight to Unsolvable Problems
  • Be inclusive, open, collaborative because we are all in it together
  • Provide core messaging of hope, positive psychology, love, evolution, transcendence, sublimation and back it up with Universal Basic Assets
  • Time Binding - allows for every participant in the ecosystem - producer and consumer - to add value of feedback, design upgrades, needs, design evolution. . This is executed by Amazon-like Feedback, Work Docs, wikis, Forum and Whitepapers on Solving Pressing World Issues, immersion education via Rapid Learning Facility, advanced documentation infrastructure and Visual Workshop augmentation, production of AR assist an common devices, and the meshing of core Civilization Starter Kits through the internet allowing for civilizations-in-a-box anywhere that rocks, soil, plants, and water are available.
  • Do not create a Scarcity-Based Business Model to maximize benefit. Create an Abundance-based business model, and print your own currency
  • Create an organizational model for backing currency based on Transparent Asset Accounting
  • Orient around Moral Intelligence and a call to duty and service of humanity. Make these not empty words.
  • Robustify product for build, cost, performance via integrated, modular, design, ecosystems
  • Integrated education is applied to solving pressing world issues by addressing material abundance
  • Integrated education is self-funding by production, and can grow by setting up growth infrastructure (RLF, productive campus with food, energy, housing)
  • Develop Growth Infrastructure, consisting primarily of investing heavily into effective education (Rapid Learning Facility), backed by participation in trillion dollar industries (housing, cars, fuel, food, education, semiconductor, steel, military industrial complex, concrete, dairy, soft drinks, plastic, lumber)
  • Solve Pressing World Issues
  • Brand as education, which is power to the people - see OSE_4_Year_Program#Key_Value_Proposition
  • Build the Open Sector to level the playing field from knowledge to execution
  • Set up a base for 10x growth year on year via provision of open sector-based enterprise for the eradication of artificial material scarcity.
  • Develop new communities via education for stewarding optimized, Open Sector tool sets - with accompanying inclulcation of moral intelligence through a collaborive essence
  • All revenue from education goes to Open Sector development and refinement of Rapid Learning Capacity - because knowledge is power.
  • Do Great Work - something that is - for you - excitingly ambitious. Great work typically includes Superlinear Returns, so be patient and unherd.
  • The nature of OSE work is such that it helps you find your Great Work, which everyone can do but most people don't
  • Each campus features breeding stock that can yield 100% diet with zero effort, mimicking the Garden of Eden after eating the apple of wisdom.
  • Tells stories - fables, myths, superheros - that which lies in all of us
  • Topgrades - selects the biggest wisdom people across all disciplines for tactical execution, such as YC, Zelensky, Tim Snyder, technical advisors, etc. The role of these is to critique the Whitepapers on solving pressing world issues. Longtermist solutions with Elders, execution by Whitepaper, execution by student cohorts, technique by open collaborative modular prinstitutional (product-institutional) ecosystems, funded by printing open sector resources, taught by RLF capacity, purpose and meaning by moral intelligence. Congruence between this Expansion Septuple.
  • Include great muths in the messaging, from The Punisher, Superman, etc. Following timeless ideals of character and accomplishment.
  • Retirement plan. 10% of revenue is an Endowment for the Future, where you can continue to serve in any of select, choice 50 or so retirement communities worldwide, with largely automated infrastructure for thriving while still serving humanity at the prime of one's wisdom. This addresses security. This is a way to continue existing within the regenerative sector, as opposed to being cast into the wilderness.