OSE 4 Year Program

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  • General subjects, such as learning how to count. But it gets from zero to advanced mental models including Baseline, Multiplication by Zero, etc. Describes how to know everything. Constants and empirical info vs derived quantities. Hacks. Creating a reduced language. Creating a Construction Set

Priority Product Releases for Bootstrap Funding

  • House
  • 3D Printer + CNC machines - CNC torch etc
  • Tractor
  • Plastic recycling infrastructure
  • Aquaponic greenhouse standalone product


  • Average student to teacher ratio is 18:1 at colleges [1]


  1. Year 1. Learning how to think. Congratulations: if you went to school you were likely dumbed down from your native genius level. No worries - in one year we promise to bring you back up to your original genius and then some. We first unlearn bad practice, and replace it with good practice by learning how to read, write, count, and logic. Year 1 Narrative, Assumptions, and Mental Model.