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This is not just a forum. It's a discourse on building the next civilization and solving all pressing world issues - via collaboration as in our Mission. Start with Social Contract, How We Collaborate, and What You Can Do. Also, see Areas of Activity and OSE Crash Course. Developer Crash Course. What Open Collaboration Is and Isn't. Then move on to solving all Pressing World Issues via Movement Entrepreneurship.

As such, the single purpose of the OSE Forum is Distributed Market Substitution across major sectors of the economy, to create the Open Source Economy. This means that all projects have an explicit intent and execution of Moral Intelligence in the form of making a better world for everyone. This implies eradicating Artificial Scarcity and creating mindsets of abundance, which are pre-requisites to human evolving beyond the threat of self-destruction.

Therefore, anyone participating must be working on scalable, open, collaborative projects.

These are not one-off propositions, but highly replicable and tested designs, builds, and procedures that can be used in an enterprise. This implies a level of optimization and efficiency. That is - the work developed on this wiki must have economic significance (practical replicability), not self-indulgence, as the primary goal. This is both a rigorous and obvious requirement. For the non-replicable cases, there are many other less focused websites that provide generic edutainment, such as WikiHow, Instructables, Thingiverse, and others. Our content is filtered specifically for a high level of performance that makes the knowhow economically significant, and a high level of documentation that makes the content replicable. This is required so that we realize the promise of open collaborative development - namely to change the world - as opposed to being relegated to the world of hobby, as we work on continuing the existing system without changing it. We believe firmly in delivering The Promise of Open Source

Development Evolution

Forum Log

Main Function

The main function is to provide a high level of coordination on technical development for a new civilization, with OSE branded as a civilization reconstruction experiment. As far as publicity - publicity comes from outcomes, not pumping projects up in-process. In-process inspiration can come from OSE Blog posts, OSE Workshops FB Page, OSE Twitter. Concerted coordination on tech development starts with the high-level inspiration as in the OSE TED Talk, and the daily grind based on delivering the high level vision of the yet-undelivered (2023) Promise of Open Hardware.


  • All topics.
  • One section is art of possibility, but it's vetted by calculations and Distributed Feasibility. One paragraph summaries of:
    • DMS
    • Distributed manufacturing
    • Industrial productivity in a small scale
    • Numeracy
    • Literacy
    • Open Source Ecology
    • DE
    • OS Microfactory and Industry 4.0
    • Materials production. Hydrogen, steel, food, fuel, and concrete in your garage with various appliances.
  • Y combinator forum (Hacker News) is background reading.


  • Solar thermal house heat with heat pumps and PV. Baseline calc - 7 kw x24 hr= 184 kWhr at Thermal Storage Calculator. 6 totes at 30C delta. Hiring based on background reading, calculations, etc. Numeracy, literacy, Collab design, and CAD crash courses. Apply today to be a Movement Entrepreneur. Anyone can become a movement Entrepreneur. $200k homes as a strat. Materials production at $200k/year $1000/day garage production ops.
  • Open Enterprise Development -


  • Listing and topgrading top issues, by country , global, and topical. With long term thinking. Example - Outstanding USA Issues
  • Only constant is change, so design for update, evolution, upgrade, continuous development, etc, and transparency for involvement of others. Start with Listening to Understand
  • Top issues - OSE and world related
  • Industrial Inertia Topics - this is a study of the 'way things are' as a way to underscore the importance of OSE work. Across all sectors and institutions. This is how we don't do things - by a deliberate elimination of inefficiencies from first principles design of an ideal system. This is the culture of OSE, which will be manifested in the world's first Network State.

Meta Positioning

  • Required Reading - OSE's fundamentally creative (longtermist, and explain longtermist and approach if there are immediate crises) approach to.solving pressing world issues.
  • RR 2 - OSE Whitepaper on Assumptions and therefore Approach, including sequencing and rollout
  • Moderation - Thank you. Your feedback is not consistent with our assumptions. Please read our assumptions and approach. If you question our assumptions, please let us know, and we can collaborate on a new approach based on the updates assumptions. We work transparently and are completely open to changing our assumptions if they are faulty.
  • Positioning - solving Pressing World Issues, but not with The Best and the Brightest - ie, need real, practical experience, technical skills, and a connection to building real things, not just policies or programs. An interdisciplinary viewpoint for systems thinking, coupled to practice. Not forgetting about nature. In short - Open Source Ecologist perspective.


Same as OSE positioning:

  1. Learn to design and build anything
  2. Learn collaborative design
  3. Learn how to identify and solve pressing world issues.
  4. Become ethically financially independent


  1. Solving housing
  2. Solving water
  3. Solving food
  4. Solving education
  5. Solving energy
  6. Solving transportation
  7. Solving the environment

Basic Design

  • Constructive approach. We solve for 19 SDGs - as such:
    • Open Source Ecology - We solve pressing world issues. 50 machines and 500 modules for reinventing the technosphere.
    • Forum has 19 sections. Corresponding to 19 SDGs. P. 622 MJ26. Image embed.
    • Solve housing. Solve food. Solve poverty. Solve classism. Solve energy, education healthcare. Equal opportunity. Etc.
  • Feedback loops - use Forum plugin for star ratings throughout OSE.
  • One section for general discussion. Welcome.
  • Development, OSE Chapters, and Extreme Enterprise are the 3 other sections.
  • Always link to wiki articles or blog posts. Welcome guest blog posts for seminal contributions.
  • Clear governance regarding trolling to eliminate or block any bad behavior and keep forum quality up. Dealing with Trolls. Make this clear to all users. Note that there are 'soliloquoy' tools in forum software. Install this troll plugin.
  • Merciless Edit Policy - Edits may happen. the Forum will be managed so that posts deemed not useful, off-track, or otherwise inappropriate will be removed to keep discussion quality high. Zero tolerance for harassment, misinformation, or other foul play.


  1. Aspirational and development-focused

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