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A hemp decorticator is a machine that separates hemp stalks in to different materials that are used for a vast array of products;

· Bast fiber; for plastics including 3D printer filament, composite materials, textile, etc.

· Hurd (also called shives); for paper, hempcrete, insulation, fibre board, etc.

· Green microfiber; beauty products, CBD, nutritional products, etc.

Hemp seeds can also be used and turned in to food products, ink, paint, lubricant, etc.

It can also be used for plants such as jute or kenaf.


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  • Hemp bast fiber
  • Hemp hurd
  • Products that can be made from hemp fiber and hurd. See Hemp


No concrete plan so far.


Working principle

From main product page Hemp decorticator:

Several hemp stalks are simultaneously fed into one end of the machine, in between a pair of rollers.

A Feeding hopper can facilitate feeding and permit a distance between the user and the moving parts of the machine for safety.

The stalks are crushed into shives between the roller pair and the soft bast fibers are separated from the woody interior off the stalk.

The blades of all rollers are blunt. That way, fibers are not damaged, but stalks are still crushed into hurd and the fiber is separated from the stalk.

First pair of rollers roll the stalks into the second pair of rollers.

The second pair of rollers spin at a different rpm than the first pair and further crushes stalk into hurd while separating fiber.

Hurd and fibers are spat out from in between the second pair of rollers.

Fibers are "caught" on a Horizontal pole placed close to the second roller pair.

Hurd can be caught in a Net surrounding the output-end of the machine.

The rollers are connected via a gears and driven by a 7.5 kW motor[1]. The roller are supported by bearings positioned at each end of the shafts.

Hemp decorticator.jpg

Component functions:

Item no. Quantity Item Function/Description
1 4 Bladed roller Cylindrical component with dull blades. Shaft sticking out at each end. The two roller pairs spin at different rpms; between 1000-1200 rpm.[1]
1 8 Bearing w/ housing The shafts of the Bladed rollers are fit into the bearings.
2 1 Motor Drives the Small pulley directly.
3 1 Small pulley Connected directly to Motor.
4 1 Large pulley Mounted to one of the shafts. Connected to Small pulley via the Belt.
5 1 Belt Connecting the Small pulley and Large pulley.
6 - Gear Mounted to shafts to connect the Bladed rollers.
7 1 Welded frame Supports the rest of the components and includes cover along with Feeding hopper.
8 2 Wheel The Wheels facilitate transportation.

Safety considerations



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