Marcin Log - October 2013

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Fri Oct 26, 2013

Development Template - November 2013.

Thu Oct 25, 2013

Hired Chris Reinhart and seeking Microhouse client - [1]; published to Kickstarter supporters. Lego Technik. Updated Universal Rotor Concept Drawing with Chris - to build trencher in 2 weeks from stock parts. Started OSE Operations Critical Map.

Fri Oct 25, 2013

Uploaded Microhouse Detail Finishing to Trovebox for Chris Reinhart Log presentation. Started Microhouse 1 Development Board, Microhouse 1 Foundation Module Development Board, Microhouse 1 Doors and Windows Development Board, Microhouse 1 Walls Development Board, Microhouse 1 Floor Development Board, Microhouse 1 Utility Module Development Board, Microhouse 1 Kitchen Development Board, Microhouse 1 Bathroom Development Board, Microhouse 1 Interior Design Development Board, Microhouse 1 Finishing Development Board, Microhouse 1 Roof Development Board, Microhouse 1 Electricity Module Development Board, Microhouse 1 Internet Module Development Board, Microhouse 1 Water Supply Development Board, Microhouse 1 Landscaping Development Board. Then Started Microhouse 2 Overall Development Board, Microhouse 2 Foundation Module Development Board, Microhouse 2 Doors and Windows Development Board, Microhouse 2 Walls Development Board, Microhouse 2 Floor Development Board, Microhouse 2 Utility Module Development Board, Microhouse 2 Kitchen Development Board, Microhouse 2 Bathroom Development Board, Microhouse 2 Interior Design Development Board, Microhouse 2 Finishing Development Board, Microhouse 2 Roof Development Board, Microhouse 2 Electricity Module Development Board, Microhouse 2 Internet Module Development Board, Microhouse 2 Water Supply Development Board, Microhouse 2 Landscaping Development Board. This is for the next phase of Microhouse development with equipment testing and further tech development of construction items such as a strawboard machine.

Thu Oct 24, 2013

Updated Ironworker Development Board. Built vertical stabilizers, pivot stabilizer, and table with Dan Log.

Wed Oct 23, 2013

Time Lapse in Kdenlive. Testing of backhoe, starting with Backhoe Testing and Data Collection. Starting to solve Ironworker Parts Diagram.

Tue Oct 22, 2013

Backhoe Finished.

Mon Oct 21, 2013

Started Backhoe Hydraulics - Development Board. Started Backhoe Bucket - Development Board, Backhoe Cylinders - Development Board, Backhoe Hose Routing - Development Board, Backhoe Stabilizer Legs - Development Board, Backhoe Quick Attach - Development Board, Backhoe Control Valve - Development Board, Backhoe Stick - Development Board. Completed Backhoe_Boom_Range_of_Motion_Analysis.

Sun Oct 20, 2013


Fri Oct 18, 2013

Giving a presentation at The Feast today - The Feast On Good Presentation. Started CNC Circuit Mill Development Board.

Thu Oct 17, 2013

Gave a presentation to Engineers Without Borders and others at Columbia University. 6 summer interns showed interest - great result.

Wed Oct 16, 2013

Traveling to The Feast On Good.

Mon - Tue Oct 14-15, 2013

Working on Backhoe build. Installed pivot, legs, quick attach plate, and boom. Need to do stick and bucket.

Sun Oct 13, 2013

Doing Recruiting of DPVs, see Recruiting Log there. Started Open Source Microcar Development Board. Updated LifeTrac 6 Development Board.

Sat Oct 12, 2013

Started Backhoe Boom Development Board. Started Straw Board Machine Development Board. Emailing 53 Founder's pick of DPV invitations. Developing detailed design rationale of backhoe pivot geometry.

Fri Oct 11, 2013

Built pivot of backhoe - Backhoe_Pivot_Build_Pictures first ever test case of realtime upload of instructional picture and procedure upload during a build event at Factor e Farm. See Backhoe Pivot Build Time Lapse.

Thu Oct 10, 2013

Proposal: build of Backhoe Pivot on Sat starting 10 AM. Fab Instructions (Dan, Cody) -> BOM (Dan, Cody) -> Video Script (Rob) -> Shot List (Rob)-> All Day Time Lapse, phone (MJ)-> All day Pro Timelapse (Emmett) -> Assembly Animation (to match Shot List, Need to recruit a person; spec: doable in 1 day, needs instructional) -> Trovebox -> Dozuki Instructional -> Connexions -> Youtube Timelapse in realtime. This could be the first real case of real-time documentation up to a printed, remixable manual. If we aren't ready Sat, do it Monday. Software version control animation - Gource.

Wed Oct 9, 2013

Finishing Weekly Cash Flow. Set up Ironworker Deliverables Board, also found at Dozuki. Started Microcombine Development Board. Started Microcombine Reel Module - Development Board, Microcombine Auger Module - Development Board, Microcombine Feeder Module - Development Board, Microcombine Threshing Drum Module - Development Board, Microcombine Header Sickle Bar Module - Development Board, Microcombine Straw Sickle Bar Module - Development Board, Microcombine Drive Module - Development Board, Microcombine Frame Module - Development Board, Microcombine Winnower Module - Development Board. Did Microhouse Prototype Assessment. Doing final report for the Kauffman Foundation Grant Final Report. Publishing Assembly Animation Sample.

Tue Oct 8, 2013

Sketchup to Animated Assembly Videos. Discussed Get Involved with Karien.

Mon Oct 7, 2013

Began Backhoe and Ironworker class and development. Planning roof finish for Thu, and stove finish for Sat. Weekly Cash Flow. Updated Backhoe_Side_to_Side_Pivot_Module. Started Backhoe Development Board.

Sun Oct 6, 2013

Started CNC Torch and Router Table Development Board but can't post to Dozuki because of error on Torch Table location only.

Sat Oct 5, 2013

Design Sprint - Development_Status_and_Needs#Sat.2C_Oct_5.2C_2013_Plan.

Fri Oct 4, 2013

Putting the roof sections on Microhouse - Chris_Reinhart_Log#Fri_Oct_4.2C_2013.

Thu Oct 3, 2013

Recruiting Meeting Notes.

Wed Oct 2, 2013

2513 Bricks stacked for OSE Microhouse. See Chris_Reinhart_Log#Wed_Morn.2C_Oct_2.2C_2013.