Marcin Log - October 2016

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Sun Oct 30, 2016

Open Source Water System. Open Source PV System. Open Source Biogas System. Little Giant Velocity M13 Ladder. Stihl Chainsaw Chain. MPPT Charge Controller. Rainwater First Flush Diverter.

Sat Oct 29, 2016

ARTI Biogas Digester. Open Source PV System. SDHC and SD Cards. Open Source Water System. PWM vs MPPT Charge Controllers.

Fri Oct 28, 2016

Mini Excavators

Wed Oct 26, 2016

Seed Eco-Home Foundation Forms in Build Planning 2016. November 2016 Workshop Logistics.

Tue Oct 25, 2016

Build Planning 2016 - Critical Supply Chain Issues. Open Source Water System. Aquaponic Greenhouse Budget.

Mon Oct 24, 2016

Seed Eco-Home Foundation.

Sun Oct 23, 2016

Seed Home Foundation Plan

Sat Oct 22, 2016

Considering praying mantises, and revival of hillbilly heater. It is 120 at top of greenhouse, and water is 70. Useful 3D Prints - adding sprouting jar lids. Aquaponic Pond Digging Technique.

Fri Oct 21, 2016

Solar panels came. LifeTrac 6 revival. Puppies stitches out from spaying. Flattened pad for Seed Eco Home. Began digging pond.

Thu Oct 20, 2016

Workshops Food Plan.

Wed Oct 19, 2016

Open Source Water System. Open Source Biodigester.

Tue Oct 18, 2016

Hydraulics Construction Set. Shop Class as Soulcraft. Biodigester Log. Volunteer Timesheet. Build Planning 2016 - workflow risk analysis. Stitching Pictures Into a Time Lapse. Takeuchi Mini Excavator.

Sun Oct 16, 2016

Mark Log - adding to TEG system. APAC

Sat Oct 15, 2016

Open Source Soil Mixer. 3D Printer Construction Set Builds.

Fri Oct 14, 2016

Canon Rebel T3i Shoot Remote. Build Planning 2016. Open Source Water System. Open Source Pellet Burner. Open Source Biodigester. Open Source TEG. Open Source PV System.

Thu Oct 13, 2016

Open Source PV. Additional Rewards. Soil Mixer. Chest Freezer.

Wed Oct 12, 2016

Adding to Universal_CNC_Axis - stepper mounting. VAWT

Mon Oct 10, 2016

3D Printer Design Evolution#Axis Build - build docs. Open Source Pellet Burner - added Luka Canji. Build Planning 2016 - updating tasks. Block - HR protocols. 12 Commandments of Collaborative Literacy. Water Filter Log added. OSE & Makerbot - Perfect Together. PTO Motors

Sat Oct 8, 2016

RepRap Extruders. 3D Printer Design Evolution

Thu Oct 6, 2016

Mushroom Log. Open Source Microctontroller. Excellent review at TEG Log.

Tue Oct 4, 2016

CAT 5 Cable. Sunelec. Server Log. Planet Natural. MPPT Tracker. OSHW for Science. Build Planning 2016 - adding site earthworks. Workshop Work Exchange Policy.

Mon Oct 3, 2016

Podcast. Build Planning 2016. WikiFab. Utility Room Integration

Sun Oct 2, 2016

Aquaponic Greenhouse Automation. Carrot Types.

Sat Oct 1, 2016

Open Source Pellet Burner - added Open Source Pellet Burner 101 video. Open Source PV System. Power Jack Inverter.