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It is possible for complete novices to produce high quality Open Source Product Development assets such as product websites, brochures, etc, for a house, or related machines. The intent here is mass Hackathons that fund development of product releases by crowd collaboration: getting sufficient buy-in to enable major forward progress on a product release, at least $150k.

Assets include:

  1. Render of the product - using SweetHome3D for attractive 3D render for CAD coming
  2. Diagram of the product - using Google Slides - arrows to parts - using a 3D screenshot or rendering of the product
  3. Blender explosion - if the Explosion Engine is created.
  4. FreeCAD workbench - if the process is refined enough to the point of complete ease.
  5. Interesting Icons - via Icon Howto - how to make super attractive icons as a novice.
  6. Attractive brochure - from template
  7. New house designs - completely buildable. From design - go to technical model by understanding interfaces and design guidelines.

Critical issues are to understand that:

  1. Templates, plugins, add-ons, user-friendly software, and some proprietary software - gets you to collaborative magic.
  2. Understanding that while an advanced workflow leads to professional-grade results - high quality and attractive results can also be obtained by using an easy-to-learn tool - which requires only minutes or under one hour to learn. There are many open sourcce tools to facilitate this.
  3. For design work - there are many parametric designs available that can be generated readily
  4. For design work - cross sections can be obtained etc. This is an example of work breakdown structure to minute parts that - while they are overwhelming as a whole - can be broken down into small parts with <1 hr learning curves.
  5. That using a development environment - such as OSE Linux - avails all critical software, and puts everyone on the same page. Understand: do not use a VM, use it off the USB or dual boot.
  6. The critical insight is that if we can identify all the powerful, easy-to-learn tools - that is the value that can engage thousands of people to produce meaningful results in realtime.

This is the promise of the Hackathon.

You design a product. You also can engage - $2100 level gets you a 14 day course as a bonus (early bird rate after the early bird deadline).

  • $75 for the 3 day experience. Free to Summer X participants, and inside crowd.
  • $105 for The Book. A coffee table book.
  • $2100 - for the 14 day crash course to solve your housing need.
  • Done via Kickstarter for marketing.
  • Risk management - with 300 minimum, we allocate $22,500 to a full time editor for the book.