Task List for the Civilization Starter Kit DVD v0.01

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See also Civilization Starter Kit DVD and Civilization Starter Kit DVD v0.01

Marcin email - opensourceecology at gmail dot com

DVD Publishing

Last updated Feb 18,2012

We are tying up loose ends and publishing hard copies of the first version (v0.01) of the Civilization Starter Kit DVD. While full instructionals on fabrication are almost complete (Tractor fabrication procedure is being finished currently), remaining pieces that are to be added are technical fabrication drawings for the tractor and Power Cube.

This DVD iso will be freely downloadable. We will also make it available for sale to fund further development of the DVD in order to improve our publishing standards. We will do this by recuiting a Civilization Starter Kit DVD Manager to continue the ongoing process of editing and updating content, recruiting contributors, following up with contributors, placing commits in the Open Pario Repository, and publishing future releases of the DVD.

Top 30 Priority - Technical


  1. Production assistance for DVD
  2. Need Lead Editor to manage entire content
  3. GVCS t-shirt design
  4. GVCS sticker design
  5. Distributive_Enterprise_Business_Plan_for_Earth - DPV by Aaron Makaruk
  6. Animation with Construction Tool set product ecology
  7. Animation showing the product ecology of 50 machines.
  8. Building of a collaboration platform site - DPV at Factor e Farm


  1. CAD- 100 hours of assemblies and parts - CEB and Pulverizer. Status - CAD_Current_Work . Contact Mike Apostol - mike.apostol at gmail.com
    1. CEB has 28 assembly/weldment drawings and about 75 piece part drawings
    2. Pulverizer - 5 assemblies/weldments and 30 piece parts or so just thinking about it right now
  2. CEB - fabrication drawing PDF
  3. CEB - fabrication procedure PDF -Currently on wiki, still needs CAD fab drawings for each step. Will be transfered to MAKE project pages so it can be exported as PDF- - Brianna Kufa (12/12/11)
  4. Tractor - fabrication drawing PDF
  5. Tractor - fabrication procedure PDF
  6. Pulberizer - fabrication drawing PDF
  7. Pulverizer - fabrication procedure PDF
  8. Power Cube - fabrication drawing PDF
  9. Power Cube - fabrication procedure PDF
  10. CAE Tractor
    1. 1-7/8" CR wheel shaft torque limit in presence of 3/4" throught bolt hole
    2. torque limit of 3/4" through bolt in wheel collar mounting - shear limits of bolt and collar with welded nuts
    3. Motor shaft and coupler torque limits
    4. Wheel shaft max load capacity
  11. CAE CEB
    1. Frame maximum pressure limits
    2. Chamber maximum pressure limits
  12. Power Cube CAD - Tom Griffing
  13. Power Cube - complete set of fabrication drawings - Tom Griffing?
  14. Fabrication drawings - 100 hours of fabrication drawings
  15. Fabrication procedures - 100 hours collating material
  16. SnapLock CNC collaboration - milling controllers - need to identify someone who built them to helps


  1. 400 sf basic microhouse plans and architectural drawings
  2. Embodied energy of construction calculations: workshop, living units, and 400 sf microhouse
  3. Design of a Closed Loop Blackwater System for HabLab. One good resource is Hyphae Design Laboratory. Brent from Hyphae was recommended to me - they sound like cutting edge designers.
  4. Architectural drawing detail for CEB construction - Floyd Hagerman did a sketch - full instructional video should be produced to include dry-in strategy for CEB construction; shallow insulated footers, Dutch bond, etc.

Top Priority for Instructionals

  1. Disassembly video - CEB - email Ian - il.midgley at gmail.com - dropbox download
  2. Disassembly video - Tractor - for product manual -
  3. Disassembly video - Power Cube - use existing footage from Marcinose YouTube channel; needs indexing first
  4. Disassembly video - Pulverizer
  5. Fabrication video - surface mount CEB controller - YouTube footage
  6. Index all of marcinose YouTube videos by topic - CEB, construction, tractor, pulverizer, power cube
  7. CEB Controller fabrication - Yoonseo Kang
  8. CEB Integration - mechanical, code, electrical, hydraulic - Yoonseo Kang
  9. CEB mechanical - fabrication - Currently on wiki, still needs CAD fab drawings for each step. Will be transfered to MAKE project pages so it can be exported as PDF- - Brianna Kufa (12/12/11)
  10. CEB mechanical - assembly - Ian Midgley
  11. Soil pulverizer fabrication video - download footage from Ian's dropbox. Compose script. Contact Ian.
  12. Ergonomics of Tractor Assembly - Ian
  13. Ergonomics of CEB assembly - Ian
  14. Ergonomics of Pulverizer Assembly
  15. Introduction Video shoot with Marcin and crew
  16. LifeTrac operation, safety video - Ian
  17. CEB operation and safety - Ian
  18. Pulverizer operation and safety - Ian
  19. Walk around analyzing Machines for Field Testing results with Marcin
  20. Machine Field Testing video - Ian
  21. Write and record Pulverizer assembly script
  22. Power Cube Operation and Safety - Ian
  23. Construction results on Workshop - Ian
  24. Construction results to date on Hab Lab - Ian
  25. Index Marcinose YouTube channel videos
  26. Continue building repository of Open Source Soundtracks

Top Priority, Publishing

  1. DVD production - DVD publishing assistance – interface and DVD burn - email Marcin
  2. ToC editor - need master editor
  3. GVCS T-shirt design
  4. GVCS T-shirt production
  5. GVCS sticker design
  6. GVCS sticker production
  7. GVCS refrigerator magnets

DVD v0.01 - Needs

Project Lead: Simon Walter-Hansen

  • Download content of sourceopen.org from archive.org for posterity
  • Edit raw video footage here: http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/CEB_Press_Fabrication_videos (Feb 19)
  • Receive deliverables from:
    • Mike Doty (Feb 27 - Mar 5)
    • Matt Maier (Feb 26)
  • Connect with Roger Olson, Casey Foster, and Daniel Worth regarding commitments. (Feb 16 - Feb 22)
    • Receive deliverables (Feb 18 - Mar 5)
    • On regrets:
      • Locate & Contact alternate contributors (Feb 18 - Feb 22)
      • Reallocate commitments (Feb 23)
  • Download PDF plans for all tools from MakeProject (Feb 19) - None of the MakeProject files are complete.
  • Download CEB Press solenoid driver playlist from YouTube. (Feb 19)
    • Edit into comprehensive video (Feb 19)
  • Proof-read CSK v0.01 content (Feb 20 - Feb 22)
  • Format CSK v0.01 layout for clarity, consistency, and usability (have added navigation to CSK ToC for most pages) (Feb 20 - Feb 24)
  • Test viewing of content from DVD/.iso without internet access (Mar 4)
  • Compress .iso for upload (Mar 5)
  • Upload .iso to Trepstar for production (Mar 5)
  • Upload .iso for distribution on OpenSourceEcology.org (Mar 5)
    • Determine host(s) and mirrors for .iso (Feb 19 - Mar 4)
  • Obtain OSE/GVCS graphics (Feb 19 - Feb 27)
    • Generate graphics file for DVD surface and DVD sleeve (Feb 27)
  • Order test copies of "economy" DVD to evaluate product quality (Feb 27) - Completing a test batch before v0.01 GM ensures quicker delivery when v0.01 goes GM.
  • Create an order page for CSK DVD v0.01 (Feb 19 - Mar 5)
  • Create/assign task of uploading order spreadsheet to Trepstar (Mar 1 - Mar 5)

Next 30 Priority - Technical

  1. Lead Documentation on CNC Torch Table - Luke Iseman
  2. Develop automatic z-height control for torch table
  3. Continue developing CAD/CAM Problem Statement. Email Mike Apostol.
  4. Ironworker documentation lead - Brianna Kufa
  5. Torch table project - documentation
  6. Torch table project
  7. Sawmill – full CAD (4 days). The complete carriage minus blades is waiting to be drawn up in full CAD. Requires Factor e Farm visit. Email Marcin.
  8. Sawmill - DPV - sourcing hydraulic motors and field testing complete sawmill at Factor e Farm - 1 month. 4 years of full time Farming or sawyer experience required.
  9. Cement mixer – CAD - 4 days DPV
  10. Interview with Reid Enniss, San Diego, CA, custom fabricator and builder of balers. Need to prepare questions on design strategy for an open source baler, hydraulically driven.
  11. CEB construction techniques – annotated architectural detail drawing - for foundation through roof section