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Team Culturing Information

WHO are you?

Poli Log

Information junkie. Researching and outlining is my hobby. Secret rabble rouser.

Joined the development team in 2018.

Current focus is to integrate with the team to build on each others strengths so we can make physical progress.

Goal is to master OS design software and build microfactory. Wish to develop platforms to make GVCS II and III.

OSE wiki worker since 2012 developing the concepts for bio-based components of GVCS III:

Bioplastics - Polylactic acid, Polyethylene from Ethanol, Cellulose acetate, Moldable mycelium

Tools - Fluidized bed reactor, Fermentor, modular and integrated Biorefinery

Feedstocks - Ethanol from Sorghum, Algae, Lignin

Other topics Biolab, OSE student organizations, OSE gene bank, OS synthetic biology

Algal genetic engineer, see my site:

Become a CRISPR expert by taking my online course.

Unabashedly libertarian. Dreaming of post-scarcity.

"F' the roads, where is my flying car!"

Marcin is my hero.