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Sat Aug 31, 2013

Fri Aug 30, 2013

  • ADP followed up this AM, triggered by filling out ADP's requested survey on customer service. Current ADP POC is Becky Beck 866-940-2311 Ext 2532
    • Scheduled ADP Orientation class September 10th 130-430PM CST
  • One stop shop for OSE Scheduling products - OSE Schedule templates for 4th 2013 and 1st 2014 Quarters, added Product Lead GVCS Rollout Schedule
  • GVCS Rollout Schedule meeting in PM and OSE Schedule
  • Deleted GVCS Roll Out Schedule wiki page, Product Lead Roll Out Schedule wiki page, created Product Lead GVCS Rollout Schedule wiki page
  • OSE Ford Ranger
    • FeF Truck status - hood temporarily fixed, gas tank is still outstanding, if truck is needed then provide $25 payment upon pickup and M&R
    • Added M & R Automotive to Vendor Database
  • Routine Executive Staff Meeting - Archived V.08-30-2013 and 'prepped V.09-03-2013: added Design Sprint Schedule discussion point, Ford truck status, updated Current Week Priorities (identified and annotated minimal inputs needed from Executive Staff)
  • From OSE Design Sprint, archived Design Process here, Development Process Archive, and updated with Development Process link
  • Cloverdale contact out of the office - call back Sept 3 to confirm LifeTrac 6 steel order pick up date
  • HabLab laundry
  • Updated Bed Logistics - hardcopy on HabLab Message Board
  • Spark payment en route
  • Deleted OSE Truck Logistics Log to create OSE Ford Ranger. New wiki page is comprehensive, includes maintenance log. Updated OSE Organization and Operations Manual and DPV Orientation and Message Board
  • OSE Development Process Product Development Board - added Step Instruction and Sample Deliverable for
    • 60: Compile BOM
    • 65: Complete requisition form for ordering parts
  • OSHA standards hung
  • HabLab clock fixed

Thur Aug 29, 2013

Wed Aug 28, 2013

  • ADP has not processed AutoPay paperwork, submitted their (ADP) transaction survey with comments to trigger processing
  • Provided information needed for quote to Aetna representative - Benefits Research
  • All Development Process products hard-copied

NOTE: The following product is an internal document used to compile Wednesday blog inputs from Executive Staff.
  • Removed all non Executive Staff besides Lucas from PM client list and OSE Schedule
  • Added to PM calendar: Tues Executive Staff Meeting (1230PM CST), Friday Design Sprint, LifeTrac 6 Discussion, Thurs Shuttleworth Meeting, Ops Meeting, Tues Shuttleworth Meeting, Tues Ops Meeting
  • Updated James Slade Contract per Aug 27th meeting
  • Inputted generic Healthcare Preferences from staff into Benefits Research - reviewed quotes, but waiting on additional quotes to forward for third party decision

Tues Aug 27, 2013

  • OSE Operations - brief to Berea interns - brief shifted to Thursday 430PM CST - updated in PM and OSE Schedule, notified attendees
  • Solar - see meeting notes, provided Ameren bill to AES
  • Placed disclaimer and categorized as Outdated Information Money Handling Policy wiki page
  • Requested from PM if it is possible to extract Critical Path Diagrams like this.
  • For future To Do - What is CiviCRM - User Login
  • OSE Budget updated to reflect Sprint phone, payroll transition from biweekly to semimonthly, BofA transactions to date, inputted expected solar payments - will updates Shuttleworth inputs tomorrow
  • FAQ wiki page - Additional questions added and formatting corrected
  • Wednesday Blog Update Compiling Document - updated

Goals for the Week:

  1. Executive Staff Meeting, Monday and Friday
  2. Ensure ADP payroll issues are corrected
  3. Step Instructions and Sample Deliverables

Recap Last Week:

  1. Completed Development Process with Executive Staff
  2. ADP still correcting payroll issues
  3. Response to Letter 1312 submitted

Mon Aug 26, 2013

  • Contacted ADP - Still using previous system, ADP to finish processing paperwork
  • October 18th (Friday) - Marcin to speak at The Feast - coordinate during the week of September 2nd
  • Health Insurance - Employee benefits
  • Rescheduling meeting with Dr. Mason Peck
  • Adjusted internal document - James Slade
  • Routine Executive Staff Meeting - Held and updated for Aug 30, 2013 inputs, scheduled on OSE Schedule, scheduled on PM Calendar
  • Factor e Farm Agriculture Resources added John or Brother's Welding - 'To Do: need to integrate into Vendor Database
  • Inputed Gary's September 9th arrival on PM and OSE Schedule
  • Set up autopay for Marcin's [ Sprint] account - email updated to for future management, updated Critical, IT, Vendor, and Media Account Management (internal document - labeled EXEC STAFF ONLY)
  • The Feast meeting scheduled on PM and OSE Schedule - September 3rd at 1200-1230PM CST - Dial-in information in calendar notes
  • Updated OSE Organization and Operations Manual with the following:
    • Operations Manager Admin: Interim protocols: Routine Executive Staff Meeting and Project Manager Communication & Document Classifications
  • Updated PM with Lucas arrival, Aug 28 2PM CST United Express, updated PM and OSE Schedule with Lucas departure, Oct 3 9AM CST, info'd PL
  • Ops Meeting with Leandra and Cory (T) Wednesday 4PM CST, pending Cory's availability, scheduled in PM and OSE Schedule, notified PL and TCM
  • Jelka of one/one - melting media, requested permission to publish GVCS photos in recent The New Normal book, confirmed photos are free to use

Fri Aug 23, 2013

  • Log in problems - Elifarley is correcting by reducing the options to log in and providing How To use OpenID instructions, TY Elifarley
    • Create an account leads here
    • Dead end > Fill out our contact form and request an account and a user name
  • Removed the following from Visit Factor e Farm
    • General Visits - To further public education, participation, hands on experience and still achieve our facility goals, we offer facility tours. Due to the volume of visitors, we are reserving Saturday afternoons for this purpose. Our rate is $500 for the afternoon per group, regardless of the number of people visiting. True Fans are not required to pay for these tours. We may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Once made, the fee is non-refundable. For Visits, lunch is from noon to 1 PM, followed by a tour and a 45 minute Question and Answer session with the Founder afterwards.
    • Work Day Visits - Another option is Work Day Group visits, also on Saturdays, where instead of paying for a tour, the group pays a $50 fee - and puts in an afternoon of work. True Fans are not required to pay the fee. We do lunch together, and then 4 hours of work. Lunch is noon to 1 PM. This Work Day ends by 5 PM and a one hour tour begins. Work days and tours must be confirmed with payment 2 weeks in advance. Visitors may stay afterwards for dinner at 7 for a discussion with the Factor e Team.
    • Work Day - Another option is Work Days, also on Saturdays, where the $50 fee is waived - and the person or group puts in a full day of work from 9 to 5 PM. Lunch is provided, noon to 1 PM - and we encourage that you bring food to share. This Work Day visit ends by 5 PM and a tour begins. Visitors may stay for dinner at 7 PM for a discussion with the Factor e Team.
  • OSE response to Letter 1312 - 1st draft complete, review by ED ongoing
  • Re-connecting with Advanced Energy Solutions - POC: Dave Helsel, 816-390-7733,, St. Joseph, MO 64506, Office: 816-232-1205, Fax: 816-233-1207

Thur Aug 22, 2013

Wed Aug 21, 2013

  • Finished Future State August 2013 - Create Development Process wiki page with:
    • To do Master Product Development Board
    • Bubble charts created (1-5)
    • Internal Development Process Matrix - Issues Column to be discussed routinely to ensure process is constantly improved based on user feedback
    • Action Item Tracker
  • OSE Internet and Phone - CenturyLink - connection intermittent - called to troubleshoot
    • Spoke with CenturyLink support:
      • Learned that one of OSE internet lines has been on vacation since Feb 2013. This was not communicated during previous calls to CenturyLink on July 12, 2013. To compensate, CenturyLink is providing internet service for 1 year at a discount rate. The rate expires and increases on August 22, 2014; order number associated: 1182581932
    • During technical assistance call:
      • Troubleshoot DSL/phone line filter. Filter is not the problem.
      • CenturyLink verified the problem is not a programing issue.
      • Intermittent sync - speed issue on customer end, so tech will verify surfing speed with customer on location - no later than 340PM CST, ticket number 6152743
  • Updated DPV Orientation and Message Board with OSE Internet and Phone - CenturyLink
  • Updated OSE Organization and Operations Manual with the following:
  • The Spark Invoice coordinated, reworked, and submitted

Tue Aug 20, 2013

Goals for the Week:

  1. Continue executing OSE Development Method Planning, formally known as the Development Process and System Engineering Implementation Plan
  2. Ensure ADP completes payroll corrections
  3. Respond to Letter 1312 - specifically connect with IRS agent to determine scope of response

Recap Last Week:

  1. Did not complete Future State August 2013, ongoing into this week
  2. Completed short-term tax deliverable and working with ADP to correct payroll discrepancies (progress made)

Mon Aug 19, 2013

  • Completed 3 of 4 monthly SESLOC transfers
  • Continue working APD issues - signed and returned ADP contract - internal OSE document
  • Determined a monthly budget target - Operating Budget - internal OSE document

Fri Aug 16, 2013

Thur Aug 15, 2013

Wed Aug 14, 2013

  • Created




Tues Aug 13, 2013

Facilitating Product Development Board implementation by

  1. Create Module - Product Development Board which corresponds to 1) the work uploaded onto LifeTrac 6 Modules by the current DPVs and 2) the modules outlined by ED on Dozuki
    1. Module - Power Cube
    2. Module - Cab Frame
    3. Module - Foot Pedals
    4. Module - Bobcat Standard Quick Attach
    5. Module - Loader Arms
    6. Module - Pivot
  2. Create wiki page to hold Module - Product Development Board
    1. Module - Power Cube
    2. Module - Cab Frame
    3. Module - Foot Pedals
    4. Module - Bobcat Standard Quick Attach
    5. Module - Loader Arms
    6. Module - Pivot
  3. Link Dozuki to each wiki page
    1. LifeTrac 6
    2. Module - Power Cube
    3. Module - Cab Frame
    4. Module - Foot Pedals
    5. Module - Bobcat Standard Quick Attach
    6. Module - Loader Arms
    7. Module - Pivot

Goals for the Week:

  1. Continue executing OSE Development Method Planning, formally known as the Development Process and System Engineering Implementation Plan
  2. Continue to address short-term tax deliverables & payroll questions

Recap Last Week:

  1. Completed mapping Ideal Future State
  2. Completed tax deliverable and payroll questions - however, new tax issues and payroll questions were identified, need attention

Mon Aug 12, 2013

Sun Aug 11, 2013

  1. Priority during week of August 12th
    1. Finish Idea Future State Issues and Risks
    2. Future State
    3. Taking Future State, build a Master Product Development Template in PM (just like what we did with LifeTrac 6 last week) and update the Master Product Development Board

Sat Aug 10, 2013

Fri Aug 9, 2013

Thurs Aug 8, 2013

Wed Aug 7, 2013

Tue Aug 6, 2013

Goals for the Week:

  1. Continue executing the Development Process and System Engineering Implementation Plan
  2. Address short-term tax deliverables & payroll questions

Recap Last Week:

  1. Completed up to Ideal Future State in the Development Process and System Engineering Implementation Plan
  2. Completed Operating Budget - input expected costs based on planning (ongoing)

Mon Aug 5, 2013

  1. Taxes
    1. ADP 877-603-7079, need WA State Unemployment ID number to correct discrepancy
    2. Sourcing WA State Unemployment ID number, 888-836-1900, Account Management Center 888-836-1900, Direct line (ask for Kelly) 360-902-9360 - informed that all unemployment is reportable to MO
    3. ADP 877-603-7079, confirmed correct unemployment reporting - time-sink to correct discrepancies - will receive email explaining credits owed to employee and workers compensation corrections
  • Coordinated a second follow up interview with Emily Eakin
  • Following Lucas Warner's input, reformatted Prototype Assessment and LifeTrac 5 Prototype Assessment so all questions are on a single page - eliminate the need to drill down in wiki pages
  • Updated Hablab Chore Chart & Laundry Schedule
  • Updated Bed Logistics - DPV Miguel Castro departed, DPV Johnathan Miller arriving
  • OSE Schedule sharing updated (departed and arriving DPVs)
  • 1-877-829-5500 option 2, to:
    • Confirm that May 13, 2013 submission of Form 8868 was approved - Call back with ED present to authorize account access for OM - mid week, early or late during working hours
    • Confirmed OSE's end of fiscal year is also the end of calendar year
    • ED confirmed a signatory on Form 8868
  • Provided Linda Seeley with the Fiscal Sponsorship Contract and other, via email.
  • This AM's IP Meeting Notes & Comparing OpenHardware Licences

Sat Aug 3, 2013

  1. Added process steps to Future State July 2013 Matrix
  2. Updated Development Process and System Engineering Implementation Plan with TCM next steps:
    1. ID persons performing functions in the design/build phase of the ideal future state
    2. Review / verify ideal state from beginning to end -- bump ideal state to current state to ensure removal of "process" roadblocks"
    3. Using matrix, ID additional issues / risks, aka ID resource constraint
      1. assign responsibility/authority
      2. actions for that step (outline actions)
      3. ID products created (typically derived from actions)
      4. ID communication channels and triggers
      5. ID step for issues/risks
  • Complete for discussion - Operating Budget
  • Google Hangout Alternative - Unison, Hall, 8-15 people max
  • Microhouse support equipment sync meeting scheduled for Tuesday 5PM CST
  • LifeTrac 5/6 Decision meeting scheduled for Monday 11AM CST
  • Completed BofA Operating Budget inputs from April to August 2013 - Explains past costs
    • Next step - project future costs knowing current costs and budget for new projects (solar panel installation) since May 2013 budget build
  • Parking Lot updated with Media Outreach points
  • Transfered OSE Organization and Operations Manual to document formate for simpler building/editing

Fri Aug 2, 2013

  • Ordered HydraFabber CNC Mill Spindle Mechanical BOM
  • Ongoing Future State July 2013 - Completed Ideal Future State July 2013
    • Parking Lot
      • Evaluate system/structure analysis tools that are open source/free
      • DPV Orientation
        • Introduction to design tenets
        • Materials used during builds
        • Video of materials for RCs
        • Embed list
      • Analysis of parts/supplies - parts availability analysis of geographic locations (TCM)
      • Standardize versions - example V.8-2-13, time if needed V.8-2-13-1217 or V.
      • Safety briefing edit and application for 100% compliance
      • Establish Truck Log & DPV Debit Card Log
    • OSE Definitions
      • What is the assumption of the workshop capabilities needed to fabricate the 50 GVCS - a reasonably well equipped workshop - what is that? Define a reasonably well equipped workshop
  • Emily to initiate follow up interview on Saturday, August 2 at 530PM EST
  • Adam Eig connected as future welding SME and pilot project (located in Washington, DC) POC - forwarded Adam' information to TMC for follow up
  • Weekly meal funds provided for week of August 5
  • Need for Microhouse support equipment discussion on Monday/Tuesday - James Slade, James Wise, Tom Griffing, Gary (PL), Lucas Warner (DPV), Marcin (ED)
  • Discussed
    • Enterprise = The Business + business of The Business
    • Invention, Decision, Implementation
    • Implementation - hours dictate implementation capabilities
    • R, S, I, V, B - Constrained by time and also set up as time sensitive wrt to execution
      • Responsible
      • Support - deliverables
      • Input - knowledge
      • Veto
      • Blame - relieves pressure
    • Systems - look for plug and play that allow for quick exits (own the data, ensuring flexibility)

Thur Aug 1, 2013