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See OSE Areas of Activity


Hardware development

  1. Software for controlling CNC motor. See Open Source Stepper Motor Controller and Electric Motor Controls
  2. Learn more about power electronics and start implementing related open-source technologies. Crash Course on Power Electronics
  3. Complete CAM files for the tractor. See
  4. Check the Specific Project Needs.

Web presence

  1. Import bbPress forum posts into Vanilla Forums (
  2. Import forum posts from FeF
  3. Provide SSO
  4. Wiki maintenance


Three conditions should be met to create a credible fundraising solicitation for high net worth (hnw) individuals and foundations.

  1. Clear presentation of the project's mission and significance.
  2. Plan to achieve that mission with milestones, budget breakdown, etc.
  3. One completed iteration of the Open Source Development Pipeline that shows how each of the 40 items will be developed and 'opened.'

Possible Funding Channels

  • High net worth individuals (ex. rich kids, financial service professionals
  • Progressive foundations See list at Foundations
  • True Fans (subscription basis)
  • Selling hardware


  1. Find subject matter experts


To do

  • Devin: Infographic
  • Isaiah: Explainer video
  • Devin: Talk to guy who may be interested in designing the OSE pattern language icons -Icons_for_Proposal_2011
  • Elifarley: Talk to graphic designer about brochures
  • Conor: Research different collaboration platforms used by successful open hardware projects
  • Devin: Tune up BeeX funding infrastructure to allow integration. Enable subscriptions.
  • Miquel: Assess versus Open Pario as collaboration platform

Higher Education

Liora and Andrew Langford from Gaia University, January 2010

We are looking for students at universities who are interested in further theoretical development of the open source economic development model:

  1. Innovative business students to study the neo-commercialization model
  2. Philosophy students to study the peer-to-peer economy model
  3. Students of industrial, electrical, mechanical, and other engineering disciplines to explore developing open source technologies
  4. Computer science students to develop of innovative software platforms for collaboration
  5. Students of rural sociology, as this is a revolution of the countryside

Did the thing with Gaia University ever happen? I noticed they are offering post-Masters certificates. Does OSE want to encourage people to take advantage of Gaia's open courses to study some of the things proposed as potential doctorate programs?

Gaia University
Blog Gaia
Proposed Ph.D programs

Negotiate independent study projects with students at colleges and universities? Is this still a potential reality?