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Daily Log of Tasks

Currently taking MITx-2008x-Fundamentals-of-Manufacturing-Processes-learning-page

Currently working on D3D Universal With Dual Z Axis Version 1 0 0

Oct 4: Big Printer, day 4

Sep 20-23: Printer build

Tue Sep 14

Listen to and ToC'ed 120 Design Lessons - Day 24 [1] - test file: File:Square calib file.fcstd

Sat Aug 14

Read Merge_Workflow

Wed Jul 28

Media:OSE free cad certified File:OSE free cad certified

FreeCAD Badge submission

  • Was Lesson 3A and 3B from FreeCAD 101 sufficient? How could we improve the lessons so you can get the FreeCAD Badge faster? I did not watch them (before doing the exercise). The vidoes are a bit rough and a bit lengthy, but nicely illustrate the hands-on approach that OSE takes.
  • How long did it take you to install FreeCAD 16? With AppImage, it is trivial. (But I am used to doing that. Biggest hurdle on Linux is to make the file executable, I imagine.)
  • How long did it take you to learn the skill to perform the Feature-on-a-Feature Exercise? Cannot say, because I had some experience with FreeCAD 0.19 before. The major pain for me was the regression to 0.16:
    • few shortcut keys and different pull-down menus
    • less consistent sketcher interactions
    • external geometry tool in the sketcher is more limited (it took me quite a while to find out what's working)
    • occasional crashes

Wed Jul 22, 2021

Prepare for and record FreeCAD_Badge.

Sat Jul 17, 2021

Watched Apprenticeship_Meeting_1

Wed Sep 16, 2020

Read Open Source Automated Electromagnetic Coil Winder, would be nice to come up with a design to leveraged as many parts from the D3D Universal as possible

Tue Aug 4, 2020

Air D3D Universal BOM International

Like the idea of language-agnostic instructional (LAI) [2]

Tue Jul 7, 2020

Read OSE and semantic versioning Versioning

Sat May 16, 2020

Read D3D v20.04.27 Future Work

Read Chinese Open Source

Sun Apr 26, 2020

Started D3D Grid (design proposal to make the parts adhere to a grid-based standard)

Fri Apr 24, 2020

Started Nextcloud

Thu Apr 23, 2020

Started docu on second z-axis with HackMD [3] (Should be incorporated into the OSE docu in some form later on.)

Mon Apr 20, 2020

Made a pass over Semantic Versioning. (Found out the hard way that the Wiki's conflict resolution is horrible.)

Sat Apr 18, 2020

Read article [4] about Good Jobs Institute.

Started Collaboration Tools

Read The "Poor Can Only Afford to Buy A Tool Once" Issue

Fri Apr 17, 2020

Experimented with HackMD [5] and worked on an example how a part (screw DIN912 M6) could be documented (editing and commenting enabled for everyone with the link):

Apr 9, 2020

Added to Inductive Sensor

Mar 2, 2020

OSE Linux with Flatpak?

Fri Feb 28, 2020

Watched video with Gabe Log [6]

Tue Feb 11, 2020

Started Licensing Templates.

Stumbled over the sys admin User:Maltfield.

Started to look into licenses and legal stuff Category:Policies. Very happy to see that OSE favors reciprocal (GPL and CC SA) licenses!

Mon Feb 10, 2020

Added to PWM Power Control [7]

Filled out Workshop Feedback Form [8]. Results are publicly visible, which I find interesting, but perhaps a privacy problem if ppl are not aware of it.

Watched Q&A with Benoit and logged key points on YT [9] Read and improved Second Toyota Paradox, but need to read to original paper (paywall) to really understand what is going on.

Sun Feb 9, 2020

Uploaded more videos to YT playlist and improved videos' explanations. Add playlist link to Collaborative Video Assets

Listened and commented Mitch Altman video [10].

Sat Feb 8, 2020

Check.pngFilled out Enterprise Development Survey.

Sat Feb 1, 2020 - STEAM Camp day 8

Dimmer Circuit

Sat Jan 28, 2020 - STEAM Camp day 4

virtual meeting (US)

Sat Jan 25, 2020 - STEAM Camp day 1

D3D Universal Build Manual

Fri Jan 24, 2020

Read Daily Log of Tasks and created this page.

Wed Jan 22, 2020

Skimmed FreeCAD 101.

Watched OSE FreeCAD Tutorials#OSE FreeCAD Tutorial 1 (Sketcher workbench). Boy, that was fast, impressive video.

Watched Basic FreeCAD Workflow (YouTube) and followed along. Notes about 3D printing:

  • 49:36 printer inaccuracies (press-fit vs. loose-fit)
  • 50:45 production engineering means documenting cad/printer interdependence
  • 52:00 printing in mid-air
  • 57:00 LulzBot has FreeCAD files