January Milestone and Strategy Brief

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As a general perspective - 12 projects need to be run in parallel, with a monthly prototyping cycle for 3 prototypes - to deliver the full GVCS by Dec. 21, 2012. There are 355 days left.


GVCS Milestones and Strategy

Last updated 12/31/11

  1. January 7 - disseminate OSE Enterprise Plan far and wide to seed the acquisition of the remaining $5M of $5.5M by April 1, 2012
  2. January 31 - recuit Co-Founder or CEO, Build Naturally Workshop Organizer, and OSE Blogger, Farmer, Builder, and Production Manager
  3. CEB Press - build a CEB Press on a trailer - Jan. 15. Document trailer fully by Jan 31 via remote CAD documentation. Status: delays possible with Sweiger production schedule. First replication by Sweiger Shop by Jan. 31, 2012.
  4. Tractor - upgrade to Quick Connect Wheels tested by Jan 2; tractor slated for testing with Bent Loader Arms - carrying 3000 lb brick pallets, and forestry with sawmill. Slated for fabrication streamlining - by cutting frame on Torch Table in 1 hour + 2 hrs on bandsaw. Demonstration of 8 hr production time for complete frame slated for Feb. 15.
  5. Power Cube - Tom Griffing with fabrication optimization, Power Cube Prototype V - first run by January 7. Offering machine for sale testing the enterprise model.


  1. Dimensional Sawmill - finish build by January 15 by having Sweiger Shop finish the build - put in 8 hours of testing by January 31. Recruiting Sawyer for testing phase after Jan. 15. Purchase outstanding hydraulic motors by Jan. 1, 2012. Status: delays possible with Sweiger production schedule. Need sawyer for Dedicated Project Visit. Status: 1/8 time by Marcin
  2. Ironworker Machine - Prototype 2 by Janauary 31. with Brianna sourcing blades and following the Scotchman design. See Ironworker Prototype II page. Status: good. Brianna Kufa is full time project manager.
  3. CNC Circuit Mill - parts being sourced based on SnapLock CNC; Open Source Stepper Motor Controller being evaluated; prototype completion as scheduled. Status: good; Yoonseo Kang is full time project manager.
  4. CNC Torch Table - pursuing replication of Ben's machine - see CNC Torch Table Prototype II - Status: good.
  5. Modern Steam Engine - Wally Mounster design, 3D cam and poppet valves, 25hp rating. Secured plans. Getting Lathe running by Jan. 15, procuring milling machine by Jan 15. Studying plans and beginning build Jan. 15.
  6. Heat Exchanger - planning to visit Tom Kimmel to build Prototype I, using his coil winder; replicate coil winder in the process; 1/2" black pipe design, retrofittable to home stoves; pellet burner option may be possible.
  7. Gasifier Stove - plans forthcoming by Larry Dobson by January 31; build time not known. See existing plans at Gasifier_Burner_Prototype_I. Status: plans delayed by 1 month; build complexity not known but appear high in complexity.
  8. CNC Multimachine - pursuiing total modylarity of structure, precision axis linear drive, precision rotary indexer, and drive heads. Complete construction set for lathes, mills, drills, etc. Status: concept stage, need to recruit precision machining subject matter expert such as Dan Granett. Needs: serious need of progress


  1. Inductuon Furnace - concept stage only. Status: needs work.
  2. Bulldozer - 12,000 lb drive prototype with triple wheels by triple gear reduction of LifeTrac IV via sprocket and chain. Allows identical design with heavier frame. Status: needs data on torque limit of 1-7/8" and 3" shaft. Needs model based on LifeTrac.
  3. Solar Concentrator - replication of SolarFire system is first priority. Needs project manager.