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Lesego Log.

HintLightbulb.png Hint: This includes initial discussion on certifications. See more recent work at OSE Skills Certifications

Fri Sep 4, 2020

  1. OSE FreeCAD tutorial - FreeCAD_101#Lesson_3a:_OSE_Basic_Workflow_Tutorial
  2. Shuttleworth Foundation is located in South Africa - [1]
  3. Crash Course
  4. GVCS_State_of_Completion
  5. Universal_CNC_Axis
  6. Seed_Home_v2
  7. Seed_Home_2_Business_Plan
  8. Seed_Home_2_Planning
  9. Seed_Eco-Home
  10. https://www.herox.com/

Cardinal Rules -

  1. Log all your work. Start with stubs.


  • Ubuntu - DIT
  • Self-Determination - true point of right livelihood is bringing everyone up.
  • Design Rationale logging - through Visual Part History. See D3D_Universal_v20.07_3D_CAD peg as a great example.

Chapter Certification

Skills gained and demonstrated - with certification for each step.

  1. Prepare a full kit. Kit Production Certification
  2. Build printer. Printer Build Certification.
  3. Source complete printer Part Sourcing Certification
  4. Start a new development template and fill it for D3D South Africa, with an improvement like below. Documentation Certification. Work log, and dev template. All else is included in there.
  5. Troubleshoot it completely. 3D Printer Troubleshooting and Repair Certification.
  6. Design 3D prints - do an upgrade to an existing part demonstrating ability to identify an issue, propose a solution, and execute upon it. FreeCAD Design Certification for 3D Printing.
  7. Run a build workshop - building 4 printers in 1 day. Build Workshop Teacher Certification.
  8. Run a FreeCAD design workshop - online webinar. FreeCAD Workshop Teacher Certification.
  9. Optional: Produce filament maker. Filament Maker Build Certification.
  10. Optional: Produce shredder. Plastic Shredder Build Certification
  11. Optional: Produce CNC torch table and cut shredder blades with it. CNC Torch Table Certification.

Tech Expectations

  • D3D Genealogy - all of those have been built, but we are perfecting them.
  • Iterations are not just for any product, but the best product in the world for lifetime design (serviceability), modularity, scalability, fast build, low cost, high performance
  • OSE Chapters do not come to a finished product. It is co-development collaboration.
  • We currently sell a couple printers per month.
  • Video production - getting up and running with OSE Film Studio