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Lesego D3D Pro South Africa
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Fri Oct 9, 2020

Set up remote screen control.

FreeCAD Lesson

Over 1 hour remotely - teach a person to do FreeCAD

  1. Open FreeCAD
  2. Upper Left - click page with plus sign

Move to Google - https://meet.google.com/pjd-xfwp-gvh


Part Sourcing

  • End of October
  • STEM cycle - starts January.
  • STEAM in South Africa - lots of corporates support STEAM, such as Lesego's employers
  • Build the thing

Business Model

  • Red Bull - exposition included - corporates are invited. Focus around a build of go-karts.
  • General public participates - enter a group.

Wed Sep 30, 2020

Prepared the 3D printed parts to compare cost between SA and USA, the parts are issued to the local printers.

Tue Sep 29, 2020

Worked a bit on the freecad tutorial 1 & 2, at a glance. aiming to catch the workbenched concept

Mon Sep 28, 2020

Building and working on the Live USB Compilation to comply with OSE Linux (Ubuntu). The creation was completed successfully. Checked the system it's operating successfully.

Sun Sep 27, 2020

Development Template
Description Link to Work Product  %
1 Requirements + Value Proposition Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Requirements + Value Proposition 0
2 Industry_Standards Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Industry Standards 0
3 Conceptual Design Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Conceptual Design 0
4 Module Breakdown Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Module Breakdown 0
5 Design Guide Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Design Guide 0
6 3D CAD Lesego D3D Pro South Africa 3D CAD 0
7 Calculations Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Calculations 0
8 Electronics Design Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Electronics Design 0
9 Wiring and Plumbing Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Wiring and Plumbing 0
10 Software Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Software 0
11 BOM Lesego D3D Pro South Africa BOM 0
12 vBOM Lesego D3D Pro South Africa vBOM 0
13 CAM Files Lesego D3D Pro South Africa CAM Files 0
14 Cut List Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Cut List 0
15 Build Instructions Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Build Instructions 0
16 Fabrication Drawings Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Fabrication Drawings 0
17 Exploded Part Diagram Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Exploded Part Diagram 0
18 Production Engineering Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Production Engineering 0
19 Build Pictures and Video Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Build Pictures and Video 0
20 Data Collection Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Data Collection 0
21 Future Work Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Future Work 0
22 Troubleshooting and Repair Lesego D3D Pro South Africa Troubleshooting and Repair 0

Fri Sep 25, 2020

3D printing for education in South Africa, while introducing entrepreneurial, open source product development.

Fri Sep 11, 2020

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Fri Sep 4, 2020


Tue Sep 1, 2020

Payment 1 sent.

Thu Aug 13, 2020

  • Sees interest in heavy machines
  • Got a little bit into 3D printing
  • 2 months backlog from COVID, now lower risk. Catching up at work now.
  • After 4-5 months will review if can spend more than 20 hours/week
  • Wants a chapter.
  • Engineers, mechanical, structural, electrical. Has a permanent team of lead engineers.
  • Metallurgical, process engineer - Lesego
  • Junior engineers, not permanent.
  • Mining. Process plant - they don't do greenfield (from scratch). Goes into operations that exist, or expansion. Feasibility studies.
  • Spiral system for washing chrome. Did a small plant. Electrical motors. Cheaper to run on electrical.
  • 'I'm a metallurgist'.
  • Production and smelting facility, and creating the opportunity for others. Interested in steel.
  • 3 steps in PMG - 1. concentrate by crushing, expose mineral. 2. Flotation or spiral, float - cocentration. You add surfactants. Aerophilic. Depressors. Silicates and other oxides - makes them more hydrophilic so they sink. Xanphaste,
  • Xanphate - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xanthate#:~:text=Xanthate%20usually%20refers%20to%20a,most%20xanthate%20salts%20are%20yellow.
  • 600 rand pay in conulting work
  • Frother - petro-based materials
  • Easier to buy the concentrate - chromate, and then mix with iron source to get ferrochrome
  • South Africa is the window to Africa.
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mintek
  • Obviously I want it all. Agile and rapid development. Printer + Torch first. Then heavy machines.
  • Movement entreneurship - yes! Always looked for goals beyond reach.
  • Pressing world issue - priviliges at the cost of many people. Being forgotten... View is opposite.
  • So OSE can help on this issue.
  • Skill soft skill ok. But practical skills of building things is the missing link. More artisinal.
  • Artisinal people would make more money. Practical skills are a must.

Fri Jul 24, 2020

Sat Jul 11, 2020

South Africa BOM


Meeting Notes

Lesego First Meeting Notes

Wed Jul 8, 2020

Video of Interest submitted - https://vimeo.com/436360890