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OSE Europe

We apply the GVCS Core Values in the development of technology.

Furthermore in our relationships and activities we apply:

  • Unity and Connection - we unite and connect with each other. We understand that together we can achieve much more and develop individually as well as collectively. We consciously connect like-minded people and nurture good connections.
  • Open Communication - we share valuable information not only to few of us but to everyone. We share openly our needs, our development, failures and successes, so that we can help each other and grow.
  • Respect - we respect each other, no matter whether we are from OSE or other projects.
  • Responsibility - everyone of us takes full responsibility for his/her actions. Everyone of us is responsible for the individual and collective development.
  • Curiosity and Life Long Learning - everyone of us has curiosity for knowledge and is dedicated to life long learning.
  • Open Participation - we encourage everyone to participate in the creation of an open society.
  • Allowing Diversity - as open network, we are aware that there will be people with diverse values and opinions and even when we don't like them, we don't exclude them, but we allow them to contribute to the projects if they want to. We are aware that allowing diversity and contribution to happen will create a stronger healthier open network.