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OSE Europe

GVCS Fundraising

We are dedicated to the completion of the GVCS by year-end 2012. OSE Europe has an important role to play – fundraise $500,000 till July 1 2012.

For this, we are searching for people who believe in the OSE mission and can help us with the fundraising. You can join the fundraising team by:

  • finding USA and European Foundations supporting local manufacturing, sustainable agriculture, local energy production, ecological housing, open source software and hardware, and long-term sustainable solutions.
  • finding people who want to support financially the above.
  • communicating with the foundations and people.
  • writing grants and proposals.

or you can

  • give us practical ideas and connections on fundraising. Do you know a friend who may want to help us?

If you want to help us, please check the Fundraising Strategy page for more information and contacts.

Fundraising for Europe

We are starting exciting projects in Europe. Soon there will be more info how you can help us with fundraising.