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OSE Europe

We are in the process of forming UK OSE Community. Please contact Eugene at: oseuk (dot) coop (at) gmail (dot) com

First OSE community in the UK

If you are interested in creating the first Open Source Ecology community in the UK, please add your name and contacts to the list. Please write "farmer" if you are a farmer interested in hosting OSE trial period, use of tools, in a need of help or "enthusiast" who is willing to commit yourself to working at OSE project or "supporter" who will be interested to come and help with whatever skills you have or difine yourself. We are aiming to unite a diverse group of people working towards common goal:

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First OSE community in UK
User page Email Chat/IM Your involvement Where are you based at the moment Comments Vision Time available: h/week
Eugene Kazlou eugene __aat_ ostech-electronics.co.uk skype: li-eugene enthusiast Gloucestershire, UK
Will Cleaver willcleaver __aat_ gmail.com skype: williamcleaver enthusiast London & Durham UK Forestry Commission contacts
Daniel Connell solarflower.org __aat_ gmail.com skype: sugarandfat enthusiast Various
Jamie Clarke jamieclarke333@googlemail.com zSkype entusiast Essex UK Strawbale building, geodesic domes and more Z-months a year & z-h/week
Mark Norton markjnorton __aat_ earthlink.net skype: nolaria supporter New York, USA I can't directly participate in building a UK OSE community, but I'm happy provide comments and constructive criticism.
Alvaro F Boirac alphydan __aat_ gmail _dot_ com skype: alvaro.feito enthusiast Isle of Wight, UK Expertise in Wind Energy, Programming, appropriate technology currently 2-4h/week. 2012: full sporadic weeks
Samuel Carlisle samuelcarlisle (at) gmail (dot) com skype:samuelcarlisle enthusiast London Hackspce, UK Electronic Engineer based at London Hackspace My OSE 'Team Culturing' Entry
Mark van Harmelen markvanharmelen atsign gmail.com skype: markvanharmelen supporter / enthusiast Manchester/London Computer/web, basic fabrication, building, research skills adoption in africa 1+hrs/week
Christopher Fraser chrisf at goop dot org enthusiast London Electronics and fabrication Low energy building Various
Adam Messer messerad ___atsymbol____ gmail ___dotsymbol___ com enthusiast London Currently starting to build a powercube at the London hackspace. Build a house.
Josef Davies-Coates josef ___atsymbol____ uniteddiversity ___dotsymbol___ com enthusiast London Member of EcologicalLand.coop and exploring cohousing possibilities etc in London. Got land in Spain too but don't want to live there myself. I'm re-starting The Open Co-op http://open.coop (content out of date) part of which will likely be creating TechShop.ws type spaces in London
Darren Hill mail ___atsymbol____ vegburner ___dotsymbol___ co___dotsym___uk enthusiast London Fabricator and grower - worked extenively modifying diesel engines to run plant oils
Paulo Marini research.gfb att gmail dot com enthusiast Leeds/Heckmondwike Management, research skills Here in the non for profit social enterprise I am working we think Open Source Ecology rocks and we're looking at the possibility to replicate the machines on site in a future. We welcome like-minded people/teams/organisations to get in touch/visit us anytime. www.greenfuturebuilding.org.uk
Lucy Wills lucy __aat_ globefox _dot_ com skype:inanna23 enthusiast London Designer / Tinkerer / Applied Imagination MA bod, some expertise in materials reclamation, informal knowledge of farming, esp. working horses and farm animals 1-2 hrs a week later in the year.