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OSE Europe

Communication is very important aspect in the work we are doing and we continuously develop our communication skills.

  • We open valuable internal communication - if we see that a communication between few people can bring value to more people or everyone, we share it openly there where it is needed - in the Wiki, the blog, the Google Group, on our events and to the people who need it.
  • We keep communication relevant - if we want to communicate something relevant to just a few people (e.g. asking a personal question, etc), we communicate to those few people, a not to everyone (e.g. in the Google Group).


We publish all information which should be accessible by everyone in this Wiki.


We publish blog posts in our blog. There you can find all last news from OSE Europe. If there is something you think should be published on the blog, just send a request for an account to oseeurope (at) gmail (dot) com and you will be given the right to do so. This is especially desired for forming groups in Europe sharing what they are doing, if they don't have their own website.

Open Communication

We communicate to everyone in OSE Europe in our Google Group.

Google Group

You can use the Google Group to reach (almost) everyone.


To change your membership settings:

Online Meetings

We discuss topics and actions together in our Online Meetings. Everybody is free to create a meeting suggesting the agenda and inviting people. We are open to everyone and we are self-organizing ourselves. We have conference calls in skype and Mumble.

Social Media

Receive news from our Facebook Page.

Open Source Ecology IRC