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OSE Europe

Together with our friends we are working on our mission.


  • Free Technology Academy - a foundation based in Amsterdam, applying the principles of copyleft and the four freedoms on multiple domains. (connection: Wouter Tebbens)
  • GlobalVillagesNetwork - we connect villages around the world to share their knowledge and cooperate. (connection: Franz Nahrada)
  • P2P Foundation - we study the impact of Peer to Peer technology and thought on society. (connection: Nikolay)
  • SolarFlower.org - open source solar energy collector which can be made very easily from common recycled and salvaged materials, using basic tools and skills. (connection: Daniel Connell)
  • The Zeitgeist Movement - a grassroots movement connecting sustainable and educational projects worldwide aiming towards a resource based economy.



  • Apollo-NG - a mobile, self-sustainable, independent and highly-experimental Hackerspace using next-generation technology (connection: Nikolay, Alex - Aron, Chrono)
  • Arctic Perspective Initiative - open authoring, communications and dissemination infrastructures for the circumpolar region (connection: Nikolay - Stephen Kovats)
  • Open Design City - a space that enables people to share. Whether knowledge, skills, ideas or tools and materials our community finds new ways to share for our collective benefit. (connection: Nikolay - Jay)
  • Stiftungsgemeinschaft anstiftung & ertomis - a federal coordination- and service centre to promote and support the networking, as well as the mutual knowledge exchange between urban community gardens and open workshops for crafting as well as initiatives for social revitalization of neighborhoods. Besides of advising and guidance of projects, the staff of anstiftung & ertomis is also doing empirical research in the field of sustainable lifestyles and self-sufficiency. (connection: Nikolay - Tom)
  • The Zeitgeist Movement Germany - a grassroots movement connecting sustainable and educational projects worldwide aiming towards a resource based economy. (connection: Nikolay - Franky)
  • Velogistics - worldwide platform for lending cargo-bikes and other post-fossile transport utilities locally, from private-to-private or organization-to-organization (connection: Nikolay - Tom)
  • Workshop Cargobike - Wiki platform and initiative to aggregate open-source plans by facitlitating and documenting workshops for non-profit associations and groups of people to build collectively their own upcycled cargo-bikes. (connection: Nikolay - Christophe)


How to Add Friends

If the friends are working on our or similar mission we would be happy to know them. We want to make sure that we have a personal contact with every friend. If you have such personal contact, please add their name, website, short description and yourself as the 'connection' to the friends here:

To be contacted

  • http://demotech.org/ in Netherlands - Re-design is our job. Re-designing concepts, tools, methods, ideas to make them accessible and affordable to everybody in the world