OSE License for Distributive Economics - Requirements

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Additinal items required in the OSE License for Distributive Economics include - in addition to the technical knowhow on the technology side - the following enterprise assets. The intent here is to avail all the assets that lead to easy, lucrative, and fun replication of enterprise. By shifting enterprise from Artificial Scarcity-based revenue models to abundance-based revenue models, there is hopw for achieving Self-Determination. Ie - to transition from employment to self-determination. The principle for doing this is embodied in the OSE Change Model, and is for the sake of this End State in general. We believe that a prerequisite for a prosperous society at large is a distributed economy. This is somewhat obvious: distributed economy is distributed production is distributed wealth - and is the next phase of evolution of human economic systems. As such, Distributed Market Substitution appears an inevitability - if humanity is to evolve out of artificial scarcity-based economics.

Some assets enabling easy, lucrative, and fun replication of enterprise include the items in Template:Enterprise. Availing the following information eliminates countless hours of reinventing the wheel everywhere - and allow for innovation to be unleashed past its current and slow rate.

  1. Unique Value Proposition
  2. Product Strategy
  3. Business Plan
  4. Open Source Franchise
  5. Training and Management
  6. Facility Design
  7. Supply Chain Development
  8. Production
  9. Quality Control
  10. Product Assets
  11. Marketing Strategy
  12. Marketing Plan
  13. Product Webpage
  14. Sales and Distribution Strategy
  15. Customer Support
  16. Shipping
  17. Open Source Everything Store
  18. Marketing and Sales Data
  19. Customer Feedback
  20. Continuing Improvement
  21. Future Work