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Extreme Production Engineering is production engineering for distributed, small scale manufacturing in the form of family-run businesses. The value proposition is Distributed Market Substition, Lifetime Design, and Systems Design. When industrial productivity is achieved on a small scale, the goal is to fund people doing transformative work. The revenue goal for a business model based on Extreme Production Engineering is $1000 per person per day, which is competitive with Amazon and other top-performing corporations when gross profit margins are considered [1]. See Revenue Per Employee industry standards. Here we develop the case for a 3D printer-based enterprise.



  • Build up elements that are to be used throughout the ecosystem, with high adherence to OSE Spec - specifically industrial productivity, and never education only
  • High performance for industrial productivity on a small scale: 5-20 lb print rate, filament making, etc.


  • DIY heatbeds? Don't know distance of heater wire - need to test in practice. If heatbed is insulated, it will be easier to keep at even temperature.
  • Use both types for now: 8" standard and 8" nichrome, but do 129V for speed.
  • Get a 120V now, make 120V now. This could be a great saver.
  • Cost comparison: $13 for heat bed vs $2.50 for nichrome wire with sleeve. Need high temp wire to go with it + butt connectors for wire. Small ferrules will do. Check out both options. Have 30 and 31 ga nichrome on hand. 6.7 ohm/ft for 30 ga. Need only 4 feet. If we double the wire length - get about 270W which is not too hot. Sh

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