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Same as other manufacturing page, only this will have all the links attached to make pages.

This page is the starting point for making a CEB Press:

  • The Fabrication section details the process of making the parts from raw materials
  • The Assembly section identifies the process of putting the parts together to form the machine
  • The Programming section deals with automating the process by using a microcontroller called an Arduino to control the hydraulic system
  • The Testing section describes processes to perform to test the functionality of a CEB Press


Simple plates

Good to start with, all you need to do is punch/drill holes.

Structural Supports

Soil Loading System

Machine Core

Frame Preparation

Assembling the frame

You'll need to have finished all other components in Machine Core and Frame Preparation and 2 Leg Holders





  • Controller Box-The information here needs to be updated with correct circuitry, diagrams and pictures. Dorkmo has a board design that removes the breakout board putting the Detroit and breakout all in one. Will see if he can update with that info. -Bunny 11/5
  • Solenoid valve-This wiring needs to be verified. -Bunny 11/5
  • Solenoid Driver -Code needs to be verified. -Bunny 11/5
  • Sensor Unit


Before beginning assembly, insure you have finished all of the components listed above.

Final Assembly and Job Site Setup


An Arduino is the microprocessor that controls the CEB Press's actions. It must be programmed with the CEB Press's unique program for making bricks.

Source code can be found at github: