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Name your new product version correctly: Product designation followed by "_v" followed by the last two digits of the current year followed by .two digits indicating current month.

Name example: Steam engine_v21.05

where "21" indicates the year 2021 and "05" indicates the month of May.

1. To create your product version page, enter its name (according to the format described above) in the search bar in the top right corner and press enter or click the search icon.

2. On the results-page, click the link found within the sentence Create the page "Product Designation_vYY.MM" on this wiki!

3. Go back to this template and Press Edit.

4. Copy the contents.

5. Go back to your product version page.

6. Paste the template contents into your product version page.

Now you can start adding contents. If appropriate, headings provided in this template can be modified, deleted or replaced.

This line and those above shall be deleted after you have implemented this template for a new development page.


For other versions of this product, see the Product page: [Insert link to the product page here. This template can be used for product pages: Template:Product]

Replace this text with a brief description of the product version. Feel free to include a picture (see Wiki instructions to learn how to upload files).


This project is in stage 1 of 5; Design.

1. Design

2. Planning

3. Prototype

4. Almost done

5. Full Release


No replications so far.

The following format can be used to reference a replication:

[Start date YYYY-MM-DD, Location, Product version, Link to a page showing some documentation of the replication process or results]


Replace this text with a DevTemplate. A DevTemplate is a table linking to the necessary documentation for the product version. It can be created in two ways:

Product ecology

The product ecology shown below is from the Power Cube page and merely serves as an example. Each product has its own context in the product ecology. Delete this text and modify the internal links in the product ecology table below so that this product ecology section is appropriate for the product/version you are describing.

Product Ecology
Power Cube Power Cube
From Uses Creates Enables



No concrete plan so far (consider using Scrumy or a Critical path.)


Replace this text with more detailed information about the product.

Working principle

Replace this text with a clear description of the product's working principle.

Safety considerations

Replace this text by listing safety considerations.


Replace this text with a BOM (Bill of Materials). To learn how to make a BOM, see How_to_Make_a_BOM.


Replace this text with a Part Library. Go to Part_Library_Template to see what a Part Library should look like.


No bugs identified yet.


See the Discussion tab for general communication regarding this product version.

Meeting logs

Replace this text with internal links to OSE wiki pages for meeting logs related to this version of the product.

Active team members

See the meeting log for active team members.

See also

Insert relevant internal links to OSE wiki pages.

External links

Insert external links here.

HintLightbulb.png Hint: Last updated 2013


Record all critical personal and enterprise information in a private place you will remember and have easy access to! This is so important! Save yourself the frustration!


Helpful forms to print out to get started with organizing all the appropriate information.

Personal Information and Items Form: File:PersonalForm.pdf

Website Information Form: File:WebsiteForm.pdf

Organization Information and Items Form: File:OrganizationForm.pdf

Communication Information Form: File:CommunicationForm.pdf


Comm. Preparation

If there's a lesson to be learned in social communication, it's to never, ever say derisive or derogatory comments at someone or behind their back. Always maintain stable relationships by using appropriate words that give others the benefit of the doubt.

Get an email account. Common example is Gmail.

Get a VoIP account (voice over internet protocol). Common example is Skype.

Get a cellphone and number. Common service providers are AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile

Get a website. Website Setup (Step by Step Guide)

Advisory and Collaboration

Technical Advisory Team

Agriculture Advisory Team


Commerce Preparation

Get a bank account.

Get a credit card that can be used online. Common examples are VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

Optionally get an online financial account. Common example is PayPal.

Get some letter size office paper.

Letter Size 100% Recycled Paper via Amazon

Get a printer with scan and copy functions. (Linux: sudo apt-get install hplip)

HP Photosmart C410A All in One Print-Scan-Copy-Fax

Get a black ink cartridge for the printer.

HP 564XL Black Ink Cartridge - Pack of 2

Get cyan, magenta, and yellow colour ink cartridges too.

HP 564XL Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Ink Cartridges (Separate Cartridge for Each Colour)

Optionally get a 3-hole Paper Punch

Carl Heavy Duty 3-hole Punch

Optionally get a few binders

Avery Nonstick Heavy Duty EZ-open 2-inch Slant Ring Binder

Optionally get a few binder dividers and pockets

Smead 3-ring Binder Index Dividers

Filexec Binder Pockets - Clear, Letter-size


Marketing - research whether people will want to buy your products


Advertising - let people know that your products are commercially available

Social websites - facebook, twitter

Other websites - reddit,

Online advertising - Youtube ads, Amazon ads, Google Ads


Sales - receive money and transaction information from buyers

How to Write Terms and Conditions for Ecommerce Website

UPC Numbers

If selling through major retailers or distributors, get a UPC number (universal product code) or get an exemption if applicable.

Global UPC Corporation with Monopoly (hefty 1000+USD registration with recurring annual payments of around few hundred dollars for a few dozen UPCs): GS1

Resellers of Permanent UPC Numbers from 2002 Class Action Lawsuit vs GS1: NationWideBarCode

Retailers and Distributors

Selling On Amazon

Amazon Seller Training Centre

Product Identification Stickers

These are the white stickers with barcode and numbers on them, sometimes with the name of the product too.


Shipping - ship the products to the buyers


Boxes - Cardboard Box via Amazon

Tape - Paper Tape via Amazon

Packing Material - Packing Paper via Amazon

Shipping Labels

These are the white labels with send and return address on them, sometimes with additional shipping information.

Making Labels

Label Source Link

Use Open Source Office Suite Software - Libreoffice Homepage

Carriers - shipping organizations. Common examples are USPS, FedEx, and UPS


Cash vs Accrual Accounting

Depreciating Equipment

How to do MACRS Accounting

Accounting Manual - Great accounting info and resources here


RocketLawyer - Insurance Info


Employees and Independent Contractors


All About Limited Liability Companies - LLC Info Website (Strongly Recommended)

RocketLawyer - LLC Starting Guide for Each State (Strongly Recommended)

In the US, some states have government websites with online registration.

Ex. Missouri LLC Online Filing with Gov

Ex. Washington LLC Online Filing with Gov

Ex. Companies that help you through the entire process: Legalzoom, RocketLawyer

Get an LLC. LLC Setup Step by Step Guide


Finding Appropriate Legal Advice

It's easier to find an attorney through a free attorney referral service (lawyer referral service) than it is in your local phone directory. That's especially true if you don't know which type of lawyer you need. An attorney referral service helps you find a local lawyer who practices law in the specialty that fits your legal issue. (source

"Present your case for free on LegalMatch. Licensed lawyers review your case and decide whether to respond. When a lawyer is interested in helping you, we provide you a full attorney profile with their background information, fees, and ratings by other LegalMatch users so you can decide if they're the right lawyer for you." (source:


Do I Need a Trademark?

Trademarks - First to File vs First to Use


How to Move Businesses

How to Merge LLCs



When to get a Tax ID for LLC

All About Taxpayer Identification Numbers - from

3 Tax Advantages of LLC

Choosing a Tax Structure for your LLC

Form 1065 - Return of Partnership Income - Federal Tax

You also need to pay appropriate state and local taxes for partnerships.

Where to Send Tax Forms and Cheques

United States Tax Deadline - April 15

Sole Proprietorship

Tax Forms - Sole Proprietorship - United States

United States Tax Deadline - April 15


Substantial Presence Test for Taxation

Form 1040 - Individual Income Tax Return

You also need to pay appropriate state and local taxes for individuals.

United States Tax Deadline - April 15