January 2020 STEAM Camp Detailed Curriculum

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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Refactoring from original concept

Day 1 - OSE Intro and Collaborative Development of Technology That Matters

Level of Completion:

  • Check.pngContent known
  • Check.pngCheck.pngBuild prototyped
  • Check.pngCheck.pngCheck.pngContent written down
  • Check.pngCheck.pngCheck.pngCheck.pngContent recorded (video of curriculum and build for online course)

OSE Intro, Collaboration, FreeCAD, and Universal Axis.

  • Check.png 9 AM OSE Introduction: Collaborative Design for a Transparent and Inclusive Economy of Abundance
    • Review of OSE Workshops FB page for introductions
  • Check.png10 How to Start an Open Source Project to change the world with Collaborative Literacy and Open Source Product Development.
    • Skills, Incentive Challenges, and Extereme Build Events for Extreme Manufacturing. Dev Kit + Meetups + Open Source Everything Store
    • Open source project infrastructure concepts: module-based design, work logs, wikis, project dev template on wiki, Forum, bug tracker, FAQ, Wiki Taxonomy, Infobox, FreeCAD, Comments (to OSE Workshops FB), cloud editable Google Presentations, Gitlab. Roadmap, critical path, repos, versioning, version history, part libraries.
    • Open Source Boot Camp Universal Axis Tools: 3D printer, circuit plotter, cnc mill.
    • OSE Dev Kit - Universal Axis Tools + OSE Linux, FreeCAD, Cura, Arduino IDE, OBS Studio, Kdelive, KiCAD, Blender, FB, Twitter, Forum.
    • Open Source Everything Store - the Open Source Amazon
  • Check.png11 FreeCAD. Learning the basic FreeCAD workflow for design in 45 minutes + Test. Embedding 3D WebGL and part library into the Wiki
  • Check.pngCheck.png12 Universal Axis, Universal Controller, and Marlin CNC Control
    • 3D Printer Design Workbench in FreeCAD
    • Understanding how to use each as building blocks for different applications.
    • Scaling with TB6600 external drivers
    • Quick connection (of Axes into different geometries) and toolhead quick-connect for different applications: 3D Printer, Plotter, Mill.
    • Cura to Marlin - Understanding the software workflow and its modification
  • 1-2 - Lunch
  • Check.pngCheck.png2-6 PM - 3D Printer Builds
    • Build Overview of D3D Simple
    • Universal Axis Build
    • Universal Controller Build - for printer, plotter, cnc mill, welder, battery charger, temperature logger, and motor controller.
    • Simple Extruder Build - build of a simple extruder that anyone can build from 3d printed parts, and off-shelf stock parts by cutting and drilling
    • Wiring build
    • First Run - and 3D Printed Hacksaw or Mini Drill
    • Scalability Fun - using a longer version of 3D printer by combining 4 printers into 1

Day 2 - Making Circuits and Electronic Devices

  • 9 AM - Reflections and Learnings from yesterday. Background 3D printing of Circuit Plotter Parts.
  • Check.png10 - Modular Electronics: Intro to Designing like a Pro by Treating Everything as Modules
  • Check.png11 - Designing in KiCad: an Arduino Uno
    • KiCad 101. Circuit making process with KiCad and part libraries. Designing an Arduino around the Atmel 328 chip.
    • Generating toolpath files for plotting
    • Importing electronics from KiCad into FreeCAD.
    • Using FlatCam, post-processing, and importing into Lulzbot Cura
  • Check.pngCheck.pngNoon - Building a Circuit Plotter - basic and ecological circuit making at your fingertips
    • How to design a modular, quick-connect XY plotter tool head for the Universal Axis
    • How to etch circuits in an environmentally friendly way
    • Pen holder build
    • Building the quick mount
    • Modifying Marlin Software for a plotter application including bath agitation on bed.
  • 1 PM - Lunch
  • Check.png2 - Plotting and Etching an Arduino Uno: circuit plotting for practical results
  • Check.png4 - Soldering the Arduino Together
    • Soldering components
    • Programming the arduino with Arduino IDE. Sketch and upload.
    • Test run with Reprapdiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller - Hello World: Open Source Rocks!

Day 3

  • 9 AM - Reflections and Learnings from yesterday.
  • Check.png10 - Designing Brushless Electric Motors - going brushless for life
    • Axial flux vs radial flux motors
    • Design of a simple coreless Radial Flux motor. FreeCAD Motor Designer.
    • Design of a brushless motor controller
  • Check.pngCheck.png11 - Electric Motor Build: Building a 50W stackable axial flux pancake motor
    • Coil winding using a winding jig
    • Magnet attachment to cnc cut disks
    • Motor assembly with 3D printed parts
  • 1 PM - Lunch
  • Check.pngCheck.png2 - Motor Controller Build - starting from etching of circuit boards for a simple control circuit based on PWM motor controller.
    • Soldering components and wiring up the system
  • Check.pngCheck.png3 - Making a CNC mill from the Electric Motor
    • Mounting the motor and attaching a 2 mm milling bit
    • Making a Quick-attach mount for the Universal Axis.
    • Wiring the motor
  • Check.png5 - Using Marlin for CNC Milling with auto bed leveling
    • Mounting a work piece
    • Sample CNC Milling of aluminum

Day 4

Note: we can combine the Battery Charger, Cordless Welder Controller, Light Dimmer, and DC Electric Motor Power Supply to one Universal Power Supply with the Universal Controller and Power Stage. Thus, we should generalize the control code and power stage to be able to handle all of these functions. This makes it manageable - turning this into a question of coding the different functions, using the same generalized power stage. This is possible because all these power devices are simply DC power sources. We can potentially use the DIY arduino as the brain.

  • 9 AM - Reflections and Learnings from yesterday.
  • Check.png10 - Battery Packs for Just About Everything - using ubiquitous 18650 cells
    • How to design battery packs. Scalable, parametric battery holder in FreeCAD with interconnects. FreeCAD Battery Designer.
    • How to design a RAMPS battery charger for 18650 cells
  • Check.png11 - Building a 24V battery pack - from a prepared and 3D printed kit
    • Building Battery Holder
    • Interconnecting batteries
    • Adding a state of charge indicator light
  • 1 PM - Lunch
  • Check.png2 - Arduino-controlled Battery Charger - we learn how to charge batteries - with a scalable smart charger controlled by the Universal Controller. We do a sample prototype build.
    • Hardware build
    • Software and its logic
  • Check.png3:30 - An Arduino-Controlled Cordless Welder - Did you know that Cordless Welders exist? We will stack battery packs to make a cordless welder
    • Circuit Build of power stage - understanding how to switch large amounts of current with an Arduino brain
    • Connection to Universal Controller - to provide current control, selectable through the LCD screen
    • Programming the Arduino controller - controller logic
    • How to program the Reprapdiscount Smart Controller LCD screen
    • Doing a sample weld

Day 5-9: Project Days