Marcin Log - March 2015

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Tue Mar 30, 2015

Started CEB Product Release 2015. Continuing Open Source Nursery.

Mon Mar 30, 2015

Lukas Winter discussion. Open source MRI, agrees that change can happen only if it's open source. $1/magnet - then you need a specific field. SNR may be bad, or scan time may be double. Cost is in the liquid helium. Expected reduction is 10-20 lower. Personally lukas interested in MRI for those who do not have access. Ex Zambia they have 2 MRI systems. They can't find technicians that are able to use the system. The liquid helium is the main cost of the system. Operating costs - $1M scale for machine - then 10% service and maintenance. Permanent magnets do not allow you to go too high scale. Low thousands in terms of number of magnets. Cylinder shape of overall magnets. MRI - magnetic field plus radio frequency. Proton spins are used. Spatial encoding is done by strength of magnet. RF system. Gradients + code. MRI is quite old - 30 years ago - so many patents ran out for basic feasibility. What is protected and who is willing to share how much. Next conference - end of May. If nobody joins? How do you do all the communications? If possibility to do this full time would go for it. Postdoc. I suggested Shuttleworth and Crowd funding. Also from Poland - 1987. Sensitized about scarcity and inefficiency. Sensitized - from scarcity to more a undancs. Refugee and immigrant - more sensitive. Other part is spirituality of inner development and outer development. If you are sick you want to have access to health. Agriculture - grandparents had garden.

Sun Mar 29, 2015

Continuing Factor e Farm Master Plan Workshop. New - Aquaponics Greenhouse Infographic. Beginning of Aquaponics Concept/Technical Design. Water for Every Farm.

Sat Mar 28, 2015

Open Source Nursery. Upper Midwest Hazelnut Development Initiative.

Fri Mar 27, 2015

Wrangling Aquaponics Greenhouse Working Team and Extreme Recruiting. Continuing 2015 Garden Plan. Quick Bread.

Gayle Young - leadership development - honing in leadership development. Maybe a workshop - with leadership aspects built in. What are the leaders expected to do? Wikimedia leaders do things like Chapters, university partnerships, natiaonal libraries. OSE: standardization of how you build and document. Distributive Enterprise - need leaders to emerge. Leadership training on site. What are the on-ramps, and how do people feel larger mission - Gayle said she would have fun at this. What is the social engagement - marketing is an existential meme. Communications roadmap, product roadmap. Who we can grow organially to right now? Wikimedia - eclectic + geek + fierce about freedom of info + consensus driven sometimes at cost of moving forward + documentation sometimes hinders growth + discipline of moving forward in hierarchy vs do what you want + blunt culture + no militia + wikimedia is not political partly because they are bad at it + tension between chapters and Foundation. Agile = sprints + retrospect + burndown. Ideas and model are exciting - wants to do it. Experience Design for leadership training. Less or more formal role - flexible. Not good on financial. But leadership dev. Virtual Deep Dive into a topic. Gayle feels it is important to get the best people on board - network or node map - systematically going after something.

And methodology of contributing that rewards them, takes little time, has impace - how do we. Top names, books, conferences, universities, same names keep popping up. Google Spreadsheets.

Thu Mar 26, 2015

Replication Survey added - Replicator's Survey. Image Word Cloud. See former work on Documentation Standards. Sample Map and Fusion Table in google. Open Source Hardware Dev Process - new book - [1]. Product Development group in TU Berlin. Product Lifecycle Management is core competence. Open Hardware - first attempt at the research level. So step is to do IT and Methodoligical Support for OSH projects. French/German call for funding. Jeremy's PhD thesis is in sustainable development - will send papers. Universities and Companies are to collaborate - Consortium. Startup for Open Source - GrabCAD Workbench was the closed solution, and they made it free. Product Data Management is interesting. Workbench has interesting features for Product Data Sharing - for co-development of mechanical products. There is also wevolver - Goal of Jeremy: what online communities and projects need. Industrial Information Technology - for the moment - for normal companies, not open source projects. So open the research field of Product Data Management to the open source world. This will be a consortium of several institutions. TU Berlin - Product Development department. TU Berlin - Quality Management. Humboldt University (HU) Berlin - business models and motivation mechanisms for open hardware - already has several years on open innovation. One research lab on designs to this. Product Development Process. U Grenoble - Product Development, UG Innovation Management; - FR - open product development, crowd funding. Knowable. P2PLab - QM guys at TU Berlin - are focusing on formalizing the processes for open development. Travel Funds for workshops. Official Letter of Interest from OSE - send me a template. Jeremy Bonvoisin - official advisor to OSE. Consortium will still be there, OSE can join. Core members in Consortium get funding, in France and Germany. Outside of Fr/Ge, no funding. Consortium is an agreement with different entities - it is now defined but does not exist. Jeremy will send a LOI template. Julian from TU Berlin Quality Management. Proposal will be published - draft version - coming. And final version in a month. Ecological Product Development - nice to make an eco product - but it's limited by the context in wnich it emerges. If you want to make a real ecological product - you are constrained. That's why Jeremy came to the topic of open source. In DIY products, one criterion, not valid for OS - you want a bigger car than your neighbor - because of external standards. Because you define the standards, you can break all the rules. High potential for sustainable product dev comes from OS. He is a young researched, 3 yr old PhD. Product Data Management OS is a great potential. Jeremy started working on a project - DIY bicycle - And second, big Research Project on Sustainable Manufacturing - a platform for students exchanging projects. Will try to develop this project. Aluminum extrusion on demand companies exist - economic constraints for own profiles. Opensourcing aluminum extruder - open source production machines would be useful. Machines are high maintenance costs. For example, one motor on a milling machine - could repair with their own motor - and forced to buy a motor from manufacturer at 5x the real cost about motor. They are interested in an open source milling machine. Nice vision on innovation - but spend a lot of energy on creating new approaches...Participation of user has psychological influence on willingness to buy something. Also, there are practical reasons for participation - repair allows lifetime design. It is well-implemented for bicycles in France. Lots of legal structures that teach people to repair bicycles. It is working with bicycles...One other possible partner - openIT agency -, - Lars Zimmerman. Circular flows of materials -

Wed Mar 25, 2015

Continuing Factor e Farm Master Plan Workshop. Began formalizing Disruptive Development - the last step of open source. Team Building Log. Hybrid Organizations. Method for attention focus using an open source framework: 1. Find allied open source projects. 2. Fund projects via proposals which have significant value propositions. 3. Make clear Value Instructionals. 4. Develop clear alignment of value generation. 5. Develop leadership. 6. Show proof of concept to minimize investor risk. 7. Motivate via distributive enterprise. 8. Build upon proofs of concept. 9. Develop consultant talent. Host well for chest rated events with crystal clear outcomes: 1. Study of industry standards for earning potentialm. 2. Market study. Pilot scalability. 3. Sweet spot research - what is the value proposition? Ex: 2x-5x earning potential. Superior design. Different business model. Iterative testing. Background research of open source aquaponics efforts.

Background research- industry standard nonorganic production levels; market research for sale model; market research in diversified CSA model. Best Efforts crowd source data collection. Import Substitution market research - market analysis and revenue potential. Top player collaboration. Dilemma: the most successful agent does not publish. Specific tasks development. Data comprehension platform. Super mindmap, collaborative.

Needs tracking of detail layer - more details of any piece of info - via zoom like a mindmap. Needs immediate load time. Needs development of navigation to many different areas of project. Needs meaning-making function. Needs BPM function Needs CRM function Needs a gamification layer Needs community Dev layer - profiles, etc - exciting Info's. Needs zoomable clickable realtime cloud editable word or 3d image cloud. Needs upvoting of content Needs 3D navigation. Needs funding construction set built in. You earn points by valuation of contributions by review team. Creation of 3D assemblies of information. Feasible. Word cloud that allows for animated expansion - simple navigation via zoom in to only that, but it is 3D animated to make it interesting.

Or icon cloud.

It is design by icons. We create 2D in is that stand for very specific items zooming in on icon gets you a more detailed changed icon. Icon has descriptors like periodic table.

Address only the navigation. Zoom in, word or icon, click to detail layer. back and forward arrow is history. 3D text edit - wherever you are zoomed into something, can add links that pop in a 3D window, zoomable

Tue Mar 24, 2015

Statistics on soil erosion. Leadership Assessment. Social Media Platforms. Discussion with Lonny - Wiki. Aquaponics Leader Candidates. Started Factor e Farm Master Plan Workshop.

Mon Mar 23, 2015

Web Infrastructure - created. Linked from Website - which is an index to all web info. Orientation Assessment - basic checklist for whether a person is oriented on OSE collaboration when they join Working Teams. Website. Met with Web Strategy Working Team and Graphics Working Team. Real Economy Lab, theworldfix, Vinay, Holistic Management, Permaculture and badgersett, Land institute. Jeremy Bonvoisin, OS unicycle, Koruza, Yann Zachman, public lab Jason, Koruza useful source, Jean baptiste graphical crowd collab, - worthwhile doc development. Sending Team Leadership Development Form to Aquaponics Working Team.

Sun Mar 22, 2015

Planting our 20 Pawpaws, 30 chestnuts ( what stock), 12 honeyberries, 20 G30 Apple Rootstock. Adapting Lay-Flat Trailer and 30" Tree Auger.

Fri Mar 20, 2015

Discussion with Musti of Koruza. It would take 3 months of work to next prototype of Troublemaker 3D printer - an improved version. 100 Troublemakers have been built to date. Koruza is not interested in production, but OSE is interested due to Tractor Construction Set prototyping using a combination 3D Printer/Small Laser Cutter for parts/square tubing . 2 printers $2k in materials cost at single quantity, $5-6k overall budget including materials to hire one of Musti's developers and user community of 100. Per prototype cost is $750. The part that makes it cheaper is - just about all parts bought in bulk save about $250. Bulk buy of screws and mechanics, electronics. Electronics can get even cheaper than existing. Existing includes motor + power supply - 110Euro in a quantity of 100 - 200Euro for one of them - for current electronics. Basic form of control - you solder. One big chunk is electronics, printhead - E3D printheads; Current version of build - . CNC Torch is second part - . For OSE, need to update CNC Torch-Router Table 2 - Gantry - 3D CAD to include the file - it's missing. Current docs are at [2]. Impressive work on Useful Source. Then visited Versaland, and Badgersett Research.

Thu Mar 19, 2015

Towards completion of Swimming Pool. Continuing Local Team Building. Refining Calendar. Need to update DPV Orientation and Message Board. Updated DPV. Created Build Time Assessment as part of DPV application. Biomass Miracles. Air Cars.

Wed Mar 18, 2015

Continuing Team Building and Contributor Orientation. Forking Garden_Plan_2015 to Work Days 2015. Decided to proceed on existing documentation method - until better is found. Starting dozer research -

Tue Mar 17, 2015

Continuing Garden_Plan_2015. Continuing Team Building and Contributor Orientation, after setting up Team page and cleaning up front page of wiki. CLIP 3D Printing. Lay-Flat Trailer. Started Permaculture Voices 2 assessment and followup. Published OSE Schedule 2015. Published February 2015 OSEmail. Found out about Max Meyers from Jean-Baptiste. Continuing Team Building and Contributor Orientation.

Mon Mar 16, 2015

Need to update Development Team. Started Development Strategy Team. Posted Permaculture Voices 2 Presentation. Team Leader Training.

Sun Mar 15, 2015

Bale spiked bales and corrected waterflow - [3]

Sat Mar 14, 2015

Started Marcin Calendar. Prunus Nigra Bounty. Prunus Tomentosa. Prunus Armeniaca. Sociocracy. Iowa White Peach. Continuing Team Building and Contributor Orientation.

Fri Mar 13, 2015

Koruza Tree Structure of BOM + documentation. Congrats on Jonathan Log. Koruza Discussion. First Diana Leafe Christian Discussion - Project Advisor.

Thu Mar 12, 2015

Started Organizational Log at Admin. Starting Local Community Building. Starting Team Building and Contributor Orientation. Indie Philanthropy. Jonathan started Organizational Development

Wed Mar 11, 2015

Returned to Scrumy. Set up OSE Schedule 2015.

Sat Mar 7, 2015

Did Collaborate for assessing interests at PV2 and Distributive team on aquaponics.

Tue Mar 3, 2015

Google Presentation today. Open-sourcing_Closed_Code

Mon Mar 2, 2015

Wiki Guidelines. Met with Graphics Working Team

Sun Mar 1, 2015

Finishing Google Presentation. Updated Presentation Sign-In. Exploring Lean Oragnization case studies starting with Linux Foundation. IT/Web Team started.