Marcin Log - November 2013

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Tue Nov 26, 2013

Shuttleworth reapplication.

Mon Nov 25, 2013

I have been down periscope on Shuttleworth re-application for the final year, plus doing the trencher build, stove install in workshop. Nice Product Development Timeline from Chris.

Wed Nov 20, 2013

Engineers for a Sustainable World Webinar happening today for our Engineers for a Sustainable World Partnership. Evil Twin Booking organization.

Tue Nov 19, 2013

Reviewing Operations Manual. Trencher build - see youtube timelapse.

Mon Nov 18, 2013

Operations Critical Path.

Sun Nov 17, 2013

Script. Rob published Trencher Universal Rotor Instructional - Modular Wheel Units instructional - Realtime documentation on Trencher curling out daily. Ladies and gentleman - I started posting to Facebook. This is the Last Mile. CNC Torch Table X Axis Drive Parts.

Sat Nov 15, 2013

Onboarding Samthetechie Log, Scott Bunn Log. Workshop 2014.

Thu Nov 14, 2013

Contributor Agreement. Found out about Belbin's Team Role Model for the different roles in an organization. Beginning work on Script

Monday Nov 11, 2013

College Tour - see also College Tour Dogfood Session. Mon to Thu - Shuttleworth Gathering, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sunday Nov 10, 2013

Attending the Shuttleworth Fellows Gathering in Edinburgh, Scotland. Shuttleworth Application 2014 Brief.

Sat Nov 9, 2013

Sprint Contributions. Continuing on Lasersaur Steps.

Fri Nov 8, 2013

College Tour 2014.

Mon Nov 4, 2013

In Innsbruck working on Lasersaur Doc Build. Setting up OSE Lasersaur Overall Machine Development Board, OSE Lasersaur Electronics Development Board, OSE Lasersaur Frame Development Board, OSE Lasersaur Gantry Development Board, OSE Lasersaur Skin Development Board, OSE Lasersaur Software Development Board, OSE Lasersaur Optics Development Board, OSE Lasersaur Laser Tube Development Board. Trencher Concept Drawings.

Wireless controls - Build timelapse at Culturelab - - about 40 hours.