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OSE Europe

The OSEE Blogger communicates what is happening in OSE Europe with monthly status updates.

The task is simple and includes:

  • Connect with the main country contacts and find out:
    • What was done in the last month?
    • What are the main blockages?
    • What is the plan for the next month?
  • Compile the information in an easy and understandable way
    • if possible add links to relevant country specific website pages.
  • Publish it as a Status Update on the OSEE blog.
    • Add the category "Organizational Development" and tag "organizational-development".
  • Maintain the list of the main country contacts.

Status update quality:

  • focus on providing value for the reader.
  • use fewer clear words.
  • include links to interesting information, so that the reader can quickly navigate to what is interesting to him.
  • the words in a sentence should not leave the reader with questions that cannot be answered.
  • select as category "Organizational Development" and add the tag "organizational development"

Time estimation is 2-3h/month depending on your ability to process and present information to the public.

We need volunteers. Please contact Nikolay if you are interested.