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OSE Europe

This is a list of the online meetings of OSE Europe.

Software: Mumble
Address: oseeurope.org
Port: 64738

Important: Please test the connection before coming to the meeting!

Weekly Status Meetings

Update: Currently we are not holding the status meetings Europe-wide. You can check for meetings in the corresponding country. Of if you want to organize a meeting for Europe, just write in the Google Group.

Old info:

We are making weekly status meetings every Tuesday at 20:00 CET in Mumble. Everyone is welcome to participate or listen.

The Status Meeting Agenda is:

  1. Status Report
    1. Personal Introduction (15 secs) - only done if at least 2 people don't know each other
    2. Status Report (2 mins)
      1. Did - What did I do last week?
      2. Blockages - What is blocking my work?
      3. TODO - what I will do next week?
      4. Note: Please communicate the most important information shortly and concretely! Don't ask questions to the other people during the status report. If you have some comments or ideas please write them down and share them later in the open discussion. By doing so we are efficient in communicating the most important information as quickly as possible.
  2. Open Discussion - we can discuss freely the work, blockages and possibly other relevant topics.

For those of you who cannot participate, please send your status report per email to the OSE Europe Google Group (ose-europe (at) oseeurope (dot) org).

See meeting template.

Jan 28

Status Report: http://sync.in/9DONYCnBEZ

Jan 21

Status Report: http://sync.in/rRjhjhSyVl


See the archives.