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OSE Europe

We are an open, dynamic and self-organizing group of people. Everybody is free to join and contribute.

You can participate:

  • with Fundraising - help us with fundraising for the GVCS and European projects.
  • with Donation - OSE Europe is gaining members rapidly, visiting and evaluating potential land options, raising funding, prototyping and documenting the Solar Fire (one of the gvcs50) developing advanced food production methods and testing every type of open source 3D printer available. However this requires extensive funding which currently all the members are paying for out of there own pockets. If you can help us please offer a donation.
  • in OSE Community - you can join, start and develop OSE Community in Europe.
  • as Friend - you can join a growing open network of people creating an open society.
  • as Lawyer - you can help us with the legal questions of our work.
  • with Web Development - you can help us developing easy to use web infrastructures.
  • as Designer - you can help us designing flyers, business cards and posters.
  • as Programmer - you can help us with simulations of how our business models could grow to help show potential investors. In time we will need coders for the solar fire project.
  • as 3D modeler - you could help us with 2D or 3D CAD models of a 4v geodesic dome greenhouse and 1m x 1m laser cutter as well as planning the layout of the site and infrastructure.
  • as Farmer - you could help us organizing a planting guide for next year, giving any information about costs and profit. You will be the first person consulted to help us with any potential land offers.
  • as Landlord - if you currently have disused or cheap land that you would like to use for something better or would like to see renovated let us know, we are always looking for good land offers, your site could be the place for the first OSE village in your country.
  • as you like - you are free to participate as you like. Just send a message to our open Google group.

You can also help us with the creation of our ideas.

Share about Yourself

please follow these instructions on how to create Your open wiki profile page.

Use the Wiki

We would love You to become involved with the Wiki. The main goal and use of Wiki is collecting, organizing, distilling, and upgrading a large quantity of microcontent to make it useful, powerful, and economically significant, and to then share it openly with, and accessible to everyone.
Generally, as we are part of the OSE Wiki, the official Wiki Instructions with the Wiki Policies and Content Specifications should be read and understood.