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SEH Product Development Roadmap

See Seed Eco-Home Roadmap.

Entrepreneur to Systems Transformation Entrepreneur Program

2022 Investment Product - Engaging Investors in Mission-Aligned Funding

Concept: Funding a [3x R&D to startup ratio] enterprise that works with a proven business model, with undiluted capital strategy for transformative scaling using a non-scarcity based revenue model collaboration. The R& yields significant results to add value to the existing enterprise, with enterprise scalability attained via enterprise modularity and non-scarcity based investors.

Keys: non-scarcity based business model. Scaling is via modular design. Non-dilution occurs with agency.

OSE aims to develop a fair investment strategy on a $5-7M super-seed scale where both the investor and visionary entrepreneur collaborate with fully-aligned incentives. And where fairness is achieved. Fairness is scarce in the VC world - in so far as nobody can predict the future. Period. That means agreed upon terms cannot be fair under the conditions of short exit (5 years). To solve this:

  1. Extend exit period to 10-20 years - but this would happen only if details don't work on a 5 year time scale.
  2. Engage investor in full ownership at exit (or sooner if agreed)
  3. Investor cross subsidizes development
  4. 2 copies of an enterprise are developed: one is the Proofing Enterprise (economic model is proven). The second enterprise - the Running Enterprise - is the one that is provided as a turnkey franchise to the investor, with lifetime of ongoing product evolution via Open Source Ecology. However, both parties are in full control of their own enterprise - without conflict of interest - and the return depends largely on the initiative on each side. The enterprise, however, is designed for scalability - such that the core enterprise module can be replicated readily to other locations. This is where ethical choices can be made to bring enterprise to areas where it's needed via the replication process.
  5. 50/50 revenue share is guaranteed - the funding must fund 2 enterprises. The Proofing Enterprise absorbs most of the investment - and the benefit is shared 50/50 in terms of each party running their own enterprise at exit. About $3-5M is allocated to enterprise development (R&D, product development, enterprise development)- and $1M (twice) is allocated to the actual buildout of each enterprise. In this way, the investor paid for the development, and both parties get an identical enterprise at the end. The investment must be whatever it takes to set up 2 such enterprises. The only way this could succeed is if the enterprises are open source, distributive, lean.
  6. The end product is widespread replication of a distributed enterprise. Because the market size is large (such as housing, cars, 3D printing), growth depends only on each party's initiative - not artificial scarcity creation.

The $1M enterprise build-out budget includes:

  1. $250k - land, anywhere from 1-40 acres
  2. $250k - 4 full time staff and staff training, 6 months salary until revenue kicks in.
  3. $250k - production facility build (includes 30-40% in labor)
  4. $250k - Truck, trailer, tractor + implements, tools

The enterprise back end and operations protocols are all collaboratively developed and open source. OSE focuses on education and product ecosystem development a la Global Village Construction Set concept.

This model is fully consistent with collaborative design (50/50 setup), transparency (open source, Distributive Enterprise, inclusivity (OSE trains others), and abundance. This is consistent with Distributed Market Substitution. The result is an enterprise model that depends on efficiency for collaborative advantage (not competitive advantage) - as opposed to artificial scarcity such as proprietary IP or other Competitive Waste.

Large market size indicates that scalability can be achieved at the super-unicorn level ($T scale, not $B scale).

How to prevent defectors attempt at monopoly? If the Proofing Exercise is open source, the public domain gains sufficient primacy that any attempt at monopoly is met with distributed replication. Because the knowhow is open, and the execution is dear. Execution is not digital - it is a primarily physical product - therefore the monopolization follows rules of physical enterprise (plant, logistics, workers) - not zero-marginal cost digitality. As such, the affordances of this scheme remain distributive. That is the theory.

2022 Digital Strategy

  • Once the full LOD 500 CAD is complete - we go to the massive multiplayer online game where you learn cooperation because you have to talk to people. Collaborate with a game studio.
    • This improves your ability to cooperate, coordinate, be kind, make teams - responses are from real people
    • It helps you improve these skills because it rewards (incentivizes) collaboration
    • You learn to recognize parts - you are taught plumbing in this game
    • You learn order of build - because a build order has to be followed
    • You learn to read plans - that's how things are communicated.
    • You learn to use tools. You learn to recognize tools.
    • You learn safety - because tools have effects such as cutting, and you can't cut others.
    • You learn to do CAD - FreeCAD Sketcher is included
    • You learn software in-game - such as designing new houses - in-game FreeCAD
    • In-game signup for real builds.
  • Develop a FreeCAD workbench
  • Develop designer libraries in Sweet Home 3D
  • Develop a Designer Workbench - derivative of FreeCAD or something else?
  • Develop 3D printed modules. Develop 3D printed insulation, structure, foundation, glazing, utilities, appliances
  • Develop an Appliance Construction Set - for all household appliances
  • Develop brick-laying robots.

2022 Collaboration Strategy


Dec 2021

  • Webinar - $50 for course materials + 1 hour Q&A session for relevant questions for builders
  • Consulting - $100/hr to guide you on builds by builders who have built at least 3 of these.
  • Crash Course - $1750, 7 days.
  • Enterprise Seminar - $5k/seat. 4 day course. Day 1 - OSE and Swarm Builds. Day 2 - Finding and Managing: Crews, BOMs, Tools. Day 3 - Economics and financing your project. Start your own business if you are a builder already and have experience running crews. We expand your capacity to swarm builds at affordable cost. 30%-300% lower cost for customer. Day 4 - Quality Control and Certification - get certified with us and we will partner with you so you build for our customers.
  • Kits - $10k over cost of materials, includes 1 week intensive builder crash course.
  • Hire us - $50k
  • Open Market - market rate for affordable house

Nov 2021


  • Descripiton - OSE finds land, builds, and puts house on the open market.
  • Financing by - OSE.
  • Risk management - OSE takes on all risk.
  • Costs - Whatever market will bear. In favorable areas, expect $25k land, $25k labor, $50k materials, $20k hookups, $10k legal/permits/engineering. About $130k all in cost. Real cost to be determined from experience.
  • Payment details - OSE takes care of all finances. Revenue comes in whenever house is sold.
  • Challenges - Time to sell the house. Aversion from neighbors - we're going cold into neighborhoods as opposed to working with a friendly client.
  • Opportunities - unlimited potential for growth.


  • Descripiton - OSE builds house, secures land. Client gets a mortgage.
  • Financing by - Bank.
  • Risk management - OSE takes on all risk? Is that the bottom line, or is there a way that client helps to mitigate the risk? Approval for mortgage - can it be made to guarantee the sale?
  • Payment details - OSE takes care of all finances. Revenue comes in whenever house is sold.
  • Costs - OSE charges a fair market rate.
  • Challenges - No different than spec build?
  • Opportunities -

Turnkey Build for Client With Land

  • Description - Applies in condition where customer finances the build. Customer has land. Customer has money for materials
  • Financing by - Client.
  • Risk management - Risk share. Customer provides land, hookups. OSE provides build service. Paid on a phase basis - with owner paying for materials or providing money for materials up front and 50% of build cost up front.
  • Payment details -
  • Costs - Client pays for everything. Risk share means charge by OSE is flat $50k, not whatever market dictates.
  • Challenges -
  • Opportunities -

Construction Loan

  • Descripiton - Client secures land. Secures a construction loan based on land. OSE builds for client.
  • Financing by - Land serves as collateral for construction loan. Construction loan is __________ x times the land value.
  • Risk management - How much money can the client get from bank? Payment structure - delays by bank? Paid only after work is done?
  • Payment details -
  • Costs -
  • Opportunities -

True Owner-Builder

  • Descripiton - OSE provides a kit, and offers training that includes the Builder Crash Course for basic techniques.
  • Financing by - customer
  • Risk management - up front payment.
  • Payment details -
  • Costs -
  • Challenges -
  • Opportunities -

April 2021

  • Living Building Challenge Certification - this puts us on a whole different playing field, and opens up a market of eco-consumers who can and want to pay a premium. We can bifurcate into the package for the common man - and the elite. The common man still enjoys most of the advantages produced by the Seed Home - incremental housing, low cost, high efficiency, PV - these all add to cost savings. For example, displacing 13 cent/kWhr energy with net metering - saves $1700 per year with a 6kW solar system! If you use that much. Average household is 1 kW average power, so slightly less - $1139/year. If you live in California or NY - the rate is 19.5 cents so you save 2550 per year max, or $1700 if average use is 1kW.

December 2020

Clickfunnels. Remembering:

  • 1-Collaborative Design
  • 2-Digital economy
  • 3-Experience economy
  • 4-Education
  • 5-Distributive Enterprise
  • 6-Solving Housing
  • 7-Innovation

We have:

  • Free - PDF of ebook Eterprise Manual. The Enterprise Manual only. The Coffee Table Book is a companion - eye-candy snippets of all that is otherwise found in the Enterprise Manual. For inspiration, we have standard copy which is more than enough to get people excited, and since coffee table is fluff - it is paid. But, we also release snippets of coffee table book so that it forms a complete email series for getting peoples' names to build a list.
  • 2 - ~$50 hard copy book, provides $30/book net once set up. Value is solving housing series, or #6 - with thought leaders invited to special pieces. 12 top thought leaders, of which half are visionary and half are executing. It also pushes people to 4- education programs - the Summer.
  • 2 - Online course, free to audit, $100 paid to grade it. Audit is free, but certification begins one on Open Source Architecture capacity. But paying to grade it is still $100/hr via automation - it's an online exam - and it produces designs for OBI. This is Enterprise Reversal, and serves to provide design assets to OBI. The exam is part questions, trained via neural net AI, part multiple choice (weak AI). But the really cool part is a design exercise, where by following the design language that we created, people submit designs. Thus, process qualifies people, and then produces value for the project. It is consistent with 1 - for collaborative design. 3 - exceptional designs can be built.
  • 3, 4 - 1 Week house build, $1200. Free camping, otherwise get a hotel. Packed curriculum. Outdoor kitchen + bathroom built, recycles nutrients. The industry-standard Factor e Farm experience. Held monthly in a location of choice, for a 5 day experience.
  • 3, 4 - $10k. House build package. Includes 1 week training, any number of times you like. We drop ship materials package to you, you do the build. We provide a remote quality control app, where you take a picture and it sends us an email support ticket. It provides basic AI answering service, followed up the chain as far as needed until a happy customer results. Live support. Image recognition AI tests for discrepancies, and is trained on sample data.
  • 4 - Tech school. 3 month program intensive/residential for 12-24 students incoming class. Key is securing paying clients, at $3995. Cost is paid for by apprenticeship within this program, combining training with on-demand house build swarm in a paying location. We pay competitive, above market rates.
  • 5 - Enterprise Training. We definitely cover as much collaborative training as possible. Essentially, management, with hands-on initially. Where you gain access to techniques for recruiting workforce, and you become the custom builder doing 4 houses at $25k net per year. First year - 2 houses. $9995 includes week hands-on, 2 weeks in the field, then some night school over the standard 40 hour/wk tech school training (3 nights per week, 2 hours seminar). Then you follow up with the 2 hour session every Friday, with weekly assignment. Think more exactly what this will look like.
  • 6 - OSE Fellows track. Starts with tech school, follows up with Enterprise Training. Then the OSE Chapter track, focusing on Collaborative Development - if only first with the cohort.
  • Summer X - residential and global - $10k/3 months. Each month: 3D printer UAxis, second month is tractor, third is housing.

Books, Education, Kits

Our product is education and kits.


Expandable, Reconfigurable House

Seed Home 2 Modularity.


He also confronts a country that is suffering from an ever-worsening pandemic, an ailing economy, racial injustice, and a climate crisis that millions refuse to acknowledge. - [1]. We can build homes and create 1000s of jobs first year, go with solar hydrogen as a spinoff via the car-tractor-house-3d printer microfactory, recycle plastic for building materials.


  • Owner-Builder side
  • Tom's Shoes of housing side
  • Solving housing
  • Solving unemployment of clean energy workers (1/2 million) - [2]

Products Proper

  • Extreme Enterprise Hackathon
  • Supercooperator Training - $150. 10 webinars, 10 summary videos. Participation in Hackathon. Iconography, FreeCAD, CAD, BOM, OSPD, and Build.
  • Summer X Track - Build training is 8 hrs/day. 3 class, 5 hands-on. Another 4 hours for 3DP, Tractor, CEB, Torch.
  • 2 Week Construction Course. Foundation - slab + piers + 3DP. Walls.
  • 3 Month Tech School, $25/hr hiring rate.
  • $50k House Package
  • OSE Mentorship - build training + starting chapters.
  • House Manual - solving for housing. See Extreme Enterprise Book. Includes section on materials, so you understand adhesives and other materials.
  • Coffee table book.
  • Enterprise Training - see Seed Home 2 Enterprise Track
  • Large 3D Printer
  • High T 3D Printer
  • Tractor and Microtractor
  • Mowing and baling attachments
  • Helical Pier Manufacturing
  • Helical Pier Driver

See also another summary:


Value Chains


Keys To Success


Method to Products

  • XE Hackathon
  • Crowd development recruiting - for the Hackathon
  • Hiring SMEs for XE Hackathon

Diagram of Overall Product Ecology


Diagram Towards XE Hackathon


Products Summary

  1. Promo Video
  2. House Support Package - supporting owner builders in building a 1000 sf house in one week for $50k + land.
  3. House Design - the extreme design of an optimized house that lends itself to Extreme Enterprise. Optimized for ease of build, quality, and cost via collaborative, open development - breaking the Iron Triangle.
  4. Hands-on Build Training - 1 week of actual build.
  5. Hackathon - takes product to the last mile of productization, thereby lending itself to large-scale, collaborative development. Large-scale dev can happen because effort does not require an overly-specialized skill set, and given the modular product design, many people can collaborate.
  6. Manual - the uber reference book, for entrepreneurs and builders
  7. Coffee table book - selling the vision of the product
  8. Helical piles manufacturing - lowering the cost of a critical element of the house.
  9. Auger Manufacturing - enabling low cost helical pier installs with a drive implement that can be mounted on a bobcat loader.

Video Specification

  1. Make me the equivalent of the Popup House video:

Pop-Up House: the affordable passive house from PopUp House on Vimeo.

Build Product: the Easiest Build Possible

  • We can focus on jigs and smart techniques for handling large loads. Simple conveyors using 3D printed bearings may be of assistance - to enable significant material handing in an easy way.
  • Extreme effort needs to go into ergonomic optimization for the builder, as that will convert build projects into doable even with small people.

Incentives for Success

The Pitch: We provide materials, training, and support - for a 1000 square foot Seed House - that you can build with a friend - in one week - for US$50k . Just Bring Your Own Land. And be part of a movement that solves for housing without debt.

Transparency: Getting the Incentives Right. If our goal is to solve housing, how do we get the incentives right?

  1. Build Training - Success is up to the Owner-Builder. OSE provides proven technology, it's up to the Owner-Builder to learn the basics and to build it. This means getting hands-on skills. To this end, we provide a 7 day construction crash course at the OSE headquarters - where Owner-Builders build an entire house from scratch. This allows potential Owner-Builders to decide whether they are interested in our $50k Owner-Builder package. If someone does not gain the confidence during our immersion crash course - but still would like to build - they can take the crash course again - as many times as they need. We are offering unlimited free tuition for this. See the terms for this in the OSE Service Agreement. Come to our build training as many times as you like - until you are sure than you can do it.
  2. Open Source - If we even begin to claim that we are to provide impact with a fundamental solution - then open source collaboration is an absolute prerequisite. Further, it is a significant competitive advantage: there is on other collaborative, open source project for practical, affordable, owner-builder housing.
  3. Owner-Builder - (OB) We focus on re-skilling people in real production - and building a house is one of the most empowering, life-changing experiences that one can go through. For this reason - we want to make it easy for people to become Owner-Builders - and we mean Owner-Builders - not hiring out all the work. So that even with a full time work schedule - a person can afford the time to do the build. To this end - we require the weekend hackathon, and a one week of immersion build training. After that - we require that.
  4. Build Facilitator - the build facilitator is committed to the OB to make the house build as easy, inexpensive, high quality, and fast. The Build Facilitator provides the custom design to the OB's requirements - and provides the bills of materials that the OB then orders. The facilitators prepares a Building Package (designs, calculations, support materials) that the OB submits as part of the OB's permit/inspection schedule. The Facilitator provides all the support and answers all the questions that the OB may have. The facilitator facilitates any skills gaps by pointing OBs to resources, videos - or even encouraging them to attend another immersion build training session. And the Facilitator is empowered to organize a swarm build, to the small fraction of builders that need it most - about 1 in 10 - conditions permitting. The facilitator spends about a week doing the customization work. OBs can schedule up to 40 hours of facilitation time directly with the Facilitator, and can also consult with the OSE Product Manager on bigger-picture issues of product improvement. For any events that the Facilitator decides to run as a swarm build - these are featured on the OSE/OBI websites. If the OB wants to hire others to do the work for them - then the Build Facilitator will guide the OB in how to do that successfully by hiring others.
  5. Try it first - Before people commit to becoming Owner-Builders with us - we are offering the weekend hackathon, and a week of immersion build training - so that potential owner-builders can determine whether the build is for them. If so - they pay the $10k for our service - as part of the advertised $50k house cost. The first immersion training part ($2500) counts towards this $10k total.
  6. Full Control - the Owner-Builder (OB) is in charge, so no conflict of interest occurs. The Owner-Builder has full control of budget expenditures and build schedules. The OB decides what features to include, and therefore what the final cost will be. The Owner-Builder negotiates with local officials, and owns the project. OSE is there to provide the support.
  7. Owner Builder is in charge of the Budget. We provide the materials shopping list - you purchase materials on your schedule.
  8. Support to the Owner-Builder - OSE invests into continuing development. Revenue is put back into R&D to improve and expand the product. OSE wants to create growth opportunities so that customers stay for a lifetime - and where the relationship of a customer is flipped to a developer.
  9. Owner-Builders are Product Developers - We are designing an enterprise where Owner-Builders are involved in developing the product. We use mass collaboration to achieve the best product. We are open, so we invite everyone to contribute to development. The goal is clear: solving housing.
  10. Bring Your Own Land - you have the freedom to decide where you want to live. You own the land, you own the product. We train you and we support you in building the best house for your needs on your land. If you don't like the location or its regulations - it's your choice to find a more suitable spot.
  11. Low Cost to Owner-Builder - The program is designed to minimize costs for the builder. OSE provides a service, and that is to get the most effective and affordable house built. This includes good design for easy build using common materials. OSE's incentive is to solve housing. We provide the shopping lists - if you want to save money by finding alternate sources that meet specifications - or you want less features than in our standard package - you are welcome to do so. You decide just how much you would like to invest in your to build, and the materials cost changes according to your limits or extensions.
  12. Incremental Housing - Your fee covers a 1000 square foot house. You decide how fast you want to build, and what size you want to build. If you only have the need or resources for a smaller house, you can start even with any size up to 1000 sf, in 250 sf increments. For example, if you want a 500 square foot unit, your materials cost may be as low as $20k.
  13. Extra Options - there are various options that the Owner-Builder can select. The OB is in full control of these. OSE provides the support (bills of materials, phone support) for this.
  14. Entrepreneurship - To build in successful execution support of house builds - we are providing 6 month immersion training to entrepreneurs to provide the build support to Owner-Buidlers. If you take our entrepreneurship program - you can work with OSE, or you can go off on your own. OSE can provide you leads so that your training cost pays back for itself in less than a year. The entrepreneurship training involves participating in the build training at the OSE headquarters at least 3 times - first as a participant, then as an assistant, then as a lead instructor - to get certified as a fully-qualified instructor. The number of trainings is determined by the point that the entrepreneur candidate can run the full training successfully, for a complete build of a house in the 7 day build training session.
  15. Build Training - success is up to the Owner-Builder. OSE provides proven technology, it's up to the Owner-Builder to learn the basics and to build it. This means getting hands-on skills. To this end, we provide a 7 day construction crash course at the OSE headquarters - where Owner-Builders build an entire house from scratch. This allows potential Owner-Builders to decide whether they are interested in our $50k Owner-Builder package. If someone does not gain the confidence during our immersion crash course - but still would like to build - they can take the crash course again - as many times as they need. We are offering unlimited free tuition for this. See the terms for this in the OSE Service Agreement.
  16. Hiring Assistants - If you cannot do the build yourself - hire someone or get a family member to help. Train them, and have them produce the modules for you. Or send them to one of our build immersion training sessions so they can help with the build. We provide an extensive, expected to be 2000 page e-book manual, to all Owner-Builder candidates. This is our exhaustive text with all that we know - intended to assist in the building process. We want to make it easy for you to get help in the build, so you don't have to do it alone.
  17. Turnkey Build - if a potential OB finds that the build is not for them as a result of our immersion training - then there is the turnkey option. This is a turnkey house where OSE does the build. The charge in this case is $100k. OSE may host a swarm build around such a project, at OSE's discression, conditions allowing.
  18. Building is Complicated - After numerous builds, we understand that building a house - between finding land, navigating regulations, understanding good designs, doing the actaul build, or connecting utilities - can be a complex and intimidating process. But it doesn't have to be so inaccessible. We are here to help. If you have the support of someone who is on your side - the process becomes much more manageable. Clarity on building starts with understanding that a house is made of 5 things: foundation, floor, walls, roof, and utilities. We use state of art for the foundation: helical piers, and outsource this work. The rest are made of modules.
  19. Building is Hard - We understand that building is physically-demanding. That's why we are designing our modules to be easy to manage by 2 people. Our wall panels are 139 lb each, and our window panels are 211 lb each - so that no crane is needed. The heaviest lumber - 2x12s - are 66 lb each. We have a one-story design to make things easy - and a 2 story design for the more ambitious. We pay utmost attention to build ergonomics, where lifting is minimized by design, and by using support structures so anything heavy does not have to be held up - only put into place. Through our build experience, we have been working out build ergonomics so that our builds take the least effort possible - as we were personally involved in the builds and we know that to serve the customer most effectively - we must make it as simple as possible. We are not just architects - who do not prioritize build ergonomics - or just tradespeople - whose interest is as much work as possible. As both the designer-builder-user - we have learned to make builds cheap, fast, and quality - breaking the Iron Triange with open source collaboration. Further - we encourage outsourcing work - such as the helical pier foundation - and anything else if needed. There is the option of teaching others to help to make the build easier - with only entry-level skills needed. We provide the assistance of our documentation and build videos. And - for those who would find it most challenging to complete a build but have committed to it - we plan on offering help in the form of swarm builds where OSE runs a build workshop for the house build.
  20. Building is Expensive - $50k is no pocket change - but it is also at least 2x less than anything else available on the market. We understand that owning a house should be everyone's right - and that it shouldn't be expensive. So we provide optimized design - and let the OB optimize the budget further according to their needs. We also know that hiring skilled labor can be difficult or expensive. By lowering the skill level necessary - one can enlist build help at lower effort and cost if needed. See our build data for the total number of hours required - which currently we estimate at 300 hours of build time from material drop ship to move-in. We are designing for a build that costs under $10k in labor at $25/hr labor cost.
  21. Learning Community - Everyone working with us is part of an open learning community. If we find new things that work even better, faster, and cheaper - we make those options available to everyone else by publishing all our design openly. Every OB agrees that the custom design generated for them is open source - for the benefit of all. Further, each OB agrees that the outcomes of the build process are documented so that everyone can learn - about codes in a particular area, inspection schedule and inspection results, any troublespots - which can help others build more easily in the future. As part of a learning community OSE generates new designs for ever - such as for more advanced features: open source solar cars, hydrogen energy systems, nickel-iron batteries for off-grid operation, biodigester improvements, aquaponic greenhouse development, and extension to other building materials such as CEBs, 3D printed house materials, solar concrete, construction and materials production machines - and everything related to improving the build environment in an ecological way. OSE promises the participation of OBs in a much larger picture of making a better world.
  22. It takes time. We understand that building a house takes time. So we compress years of information on build optimization into something that can be executed - in only 1 week with 2 people (plus the weekends of module preparation). Each of our wall modules takes about 2 hours to build with one person - and there is 32 of them in the 1000 sf build. So this takes 8 weekends of 8 hours per weekend work - or 2 weekends if you can get 3 friends to help. We expect the total module preparation time to be - if solo - to take 24 weekends. Here's the Seed Home 2 Module Build Data - and Seed Home 2 Build Data.
  23. Solve Housing - this is a great imperative for OSE, and everything is filtered through this mission. As a public-interest organization, OSE does not allow for any scarcity-based business models in its operations. That means we are really working on solving problems, without creating artificial scarcity. Our goal is to solve for housing without debt. This means that we encourage others to replicate our work by publishing all of our designs and enterprise models openly. The more people that are doing this, the quicker we will house the world without debt. We are publishing all of our designs and enterprise blueprints online, so anyone can access them for free. Furthermore - we publish any designs and bills of materials that we generate for our customers, so that others can use them or learn from them. So what do customers pay for if our designs, and even custom designs, are available for free? Our goal is to solve for housing without debt. Our customers get a chance to change the world with collaborative design - dedicated to making the product simply the best that it can be, with no vendor lock-in. Our customers get hands-on build training - and personal build assistance at every step of the build from design submission to the building department until move-in. We also provide consulting on any other questions that may arise through the process. If someone just wants to download our plans and do it all on their own - we welcome them to do so - the more people building debt-free housing the better. And we also encourage replication of our business by anyone who would like to do that. We provide a 6 month dedicated program for this purpose - but if anyone wants to start a business on their own - we encourage them to do so just by studying our extensive documentation. The value we provide in our paid entrepreneurship track is rapid learning to get there. Our primary goal is to solve housing - so we collaborate openly to get there.

How to Define the Product

What does the customer receive? How do involve entrepreneurs in our customer base?

  1. For stakeholdership, we involve entrepreneurs who want a house - to guarantee proper execution incentive. Risk: good fit, so all customers are not freeriding. Solution: customers are vetted and onboarded.
  2. Training Fee is separate from House Facilitation Fee.
  3. Customer pays for materials
  4. Materials schedule is defined as a shipment schedule for partial completion, as one goes along. Multiple shipments mean additional shipping cost ($130 per 34 mile delivery to FeF as example from Menards (300 stores))


OSE Service

  1. We need to gurantee that our entrepreneurs stick around.
  2. Immersion training needs to assure technical skill:
  3. 7 day basic training - foundation, floor, wall, roof, interior wall, utility panel, bathroom
    1. 1 day foundation
    2. 1 day PV
    3. 1 day kitchen
  4. Monthly schedule - 2 sessions per month - 100 people each - for 5 months - for the first 1000 houses.
  5. First builds - people can start on modules after 3 months - the immersion period for entrepreneurs. $25k charge for entrepreneurs.
  6. Each entrepreneur gets $15k. Integration with OSE Certified Entrepreneurs - after 6 months fo
  7. 2 year overall delivery time
  8. OSE Contractors - charge them for 2 months of immersion
  9. OSE service - from the time of 3 months after Basic Entrepreneur Training.
  10. Each entrepreneur gets 10 houses for a year, 50/50 share of $15k. $75k.
  11. Each individual who builds benefits from OSE marketing to advertise a public Extreme Build - if the situation allows. This could allow the house to be built easily, and more finishing to be done.

Shape Options


Beautification Budget