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D3D 3d Printer Infographic. By Jean-Baptiste Vervaeck.

3D Printer Part Library

HintLightbulb.png Hint: Newest part library is at D3D v19.06



Conditions of satisfaction for complete CAD for a given project means that we have a complete part library:

  • Parts - for building Modules, for producing Fabrication Drawings
  • Modules - Made of multiple parts, these are sub-assemblies of the Final Assemlby. These are used for Exploded Part Animations, Language Agnostic Instructionals (LAIs), and other work.
  • Final Assembly - The completed build. for Exploded Part Animations, LAIs. Note that the Final Assembly may have to use Simplified Assets in some cases to remain workable
  • Simplified Assets: Parts, Modules, Assemblies - these are versions with details removed. Some may be grouped to facilitate handling. In some cases they are drawn from scratch as only abstract, blocky models - to save significantly on file size.
  • File Size Requirements - all assets meet File Size Requirements for that particular asset type. Files can't be so large that FreeCAD can't open them or work with them effectively.
  • File Organization - Spreadsheet of all Assets (both Simlified and Complete assets) is available
  • Construction Best Practices - procedures for effective part building in FreeCAD are followed for each file.
  • File Build Documentation - Each file is documented for how to create that file, so novices can get up to speed in making modifications. A short video with voiceover is the best way to document a part build. This is important because this creates design literacy in the general populace.

5/16" or 8 mm Rod Version

D3D 16" Version

HintLightbulb.png Hint: Once all the parts here are stable, we will create a FreeCAD D3D Workbench which includes a drag-and-drop of every part within FreeCAD

Part Index

See D3D Integration, Emmanouil Log, Jose Log, Cedric Log for all the source files, and D3D_Instructional_videos_for_April,_29th,2017_Workshop for exploded part animations, and D3D Language Agnostic Instructionals for further documentation.



Small version for small machines such as 3D printer, small laser cutter, and CNC circuit mill

Assembly Index


Simplified Modules - For Use in Modeling


D3D 13"

File:Downholder.stl. File:Downholder.fcstd.



See D3D Extruder

D3D Mini


Bigger Pictures


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