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OSE Design

OSE teaches how to design anything using an integrated product ecology approach. OSE's university level design takes all sectors of society, and provides deep knowledge on how to design all aspects of civilization. This includes agriculture, technology, and infrastructure.

A given year has 200 lessons, and here is year 1.


General format is understanding scope, where it fits in civilization-building, understanding components, principles, best practices, calculations, interface design, modularity, product ecology.

  1. Electrical Design Guide - house electrical systems
  2. OSE Design Manual - Collaborative Literacy
  3. Collaborative Design Guide - how to design collaboratively
  4. Meta Design Guide - about designing in general
  5. Enterprise Design Guide - how to design OSE-Spec enterprises
  6. Living House Design Guide - how to add biological integration into housing.
  7. Money Design Guide - how to design a distributed financial system backed by hardware-based cryptocurrency
  8. Open Source Helical Piers Design Guide
  9. Philosophy of Collaborative Design and Economic Time Binding
  10. Mental Models - survey of various perceptions of reality towards accurate mental models. based on the principles of General Semantics
  11. Geological Survey of the World - understanding rock, soil, water, oil, and other resources by classification and composition.
  12. Survey of Tools and Their Use - across broad disciplines from clean room to agriculture across all sectors of society. Small and large tools.
  13. Safety Gear. Outcomes: eye, head, skin, breath, sound protection, force protection, cut protection. Includes respiration. Mouth/nose faceplate. Face mask . Various options of view window: clear, dark, color-selective, welding, impact resistance. Eyeglass modules. Filter module - for face mask, PAPR, air filter in general. Blower . helmet - breather. Helmet - protective. Hardhat. Head-fitting rotary-adjustable buckle. Eyewash station. Fire blanket. Fire extinguishers. Fire sprinklers. Visor square for mask - shading, clear, darkening (welding). Glasses - cellulose acetate. Small face filters. Large Papr filter. Larger house filter. Melt-blown plastic machine.
  14. How to Use FreeCAD - and collaborative workflows
  15. Computer Aided Manufacturing - 3D printing, CNC torch table, robotic arms, multimachines
  16. Integrated Agroecology and the Soil Food Web
  17. Agricultural Equipment
  18. How to Design an Aquaponic Greenhouse
  19. Manufacturing Processes
  20. How to Design a House
  21. Structural Design and Calculations
  22. Earthworks
  23. Applied Physics: Physical Numeracy
  24. Political Numeracy - understanding global statistics and figures
  25. Organizational Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Political Ponerology
  26. How to Design a Replicable Revenue Model
  27. Applied Chemistry
  28. Negotiation, Contracts, and Incentive Structures
  29. OSE Design Manual - Universal Axis - How to Design a Precision Motion Axis System
  30. OSE Design Manual - Universal Machine Controller - and automation
  31. Basic Coding: Microcontrollers, Wiki, Spreadsheets
  32. Basic Wood Shop: Tools and Techniques
  33. Basic Metal Shop: Tools and Techniques
  34. Measurement and Data Collection - from squaring foundations to precision desing - tools and techniques
  35. Orders and Magnitude and Scales - expanding one's index of possibilities to all time and space scales based on natural phenomena
  36. Proportions, Interior Design - having to do with numbers, applied to living spaces
  37. How to Design Power Electronics - Including applied lesson of AC dimmer and inverter. Rectifier. Chopper circuit - selecting the chopping frequency. Signal module + software. Transistor module. Modular design of power electronics. Welder soft start circuit. String inverter design.
  38. How to Design and Run a Circuit Mill -
  39. How to Design a Plastic Extruder for 3D Printing and Other Applications
  40. How to Design a Food Forest
  41. How to Do Earthworks. Including digging a pond.
  42. How to Design an Solar Lime Kiln
  43. How to Design Rebar Trusses
  44. How to Design House Framing
  45. How to Design Plumbing Systems.
  46. How to Design Pumps, Pistons, and Engines. Air and water. For general gas and fluid. Hydraulic, pneumatic, agriculture, industry, materials handling, clean room. Compressors. Applications from industry to carbonated drinks. Applications to Concrete/mud, Cryogenic - argon, piston - water pump for modern steam, high pressure piston pumps, Piston, engine, Piston, hydraulic, Fuel - high pressure rail for injection, Gear - motion and high pressure pumping
  47. How to Design Multifuel Piston Engines
  48. How to Design Hydraulic Cylinders - for oil and water applications.
  49. How to Generate Industrial Gases. Using air liquefaction, compression, and other separation techniques. Applications to Air, Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Argon and others.
  50. How to Design Water Systems. For Saturated Water, hot water, room temperature water, warm water, pressurized water. Steam systems. Hydronic heating systems.
  51. Water Electrolysis Systems - how to design electrolyzers at all scales and pressures for the hydrogen economy.
  52. How to Design Valves and Seals. Based on material type, fluid/liquid/solid, based on pressure and temperature. Pressure regulators and reducers. Fuel injector (electronic fuel injection, no carb). Steam injector (electronic steam engine). High pressure hydraulic. High pressure hydraulic solenoid. Ball valve, manual and electric, electric ball valve, Gate valve. Axial flux electric motor. Relies on high-strength magnets. Low-med-high p solenoid - gas or liquid. Solenoid valve. Fast-acting, high pressure solenoid - steam engine valves. Fuel injectors. Ball valve - manual closure, all flow rates. Poppet valve - engines. Check valve - ball. Check valve - diaphragm. Bump valve - steam engines. Solenoid piston/plunger valve - automated on-off; 3 pressure ranges. Ball Valves - pneumatic, hydraulic. Soleonoid valves - pneu/hydraulic, all pressure from 1 psi to 3000 PSI. Check valves - all pressures. Seals - rubber. O-rings. Solenoid switch. Solid state switch
  53. How to Design Cordless Power Tools
  54. How to Design Heavy Machines - survey of top important machines. Combines to modules for construction, materials handling, mining, agriculture, earthworks. Blade-tooth integration. Includes items such as blade, Scraper, Backhoe, 360 degree pivot, articulating joint, Tracks, Heavy duty traction wheels, steel wheels, all rubber wheels, Pivots - simple, Articulated steering, Telescoping cylinders, Cylinders, Telescoping arms, spider crane, tub grinder, Forks, Buckets, Grapple, Saw - tree or earth with removable teethk, Saw - tractor-mounted tree, Mulcher attachment, Pulverizer, Seeder, Sprayer, Spreader, Baler - round. *Baler - square. Hay rake. Mower - sickle bar. Mower - rotary
  55. How to Design Frames
  56. How to Design Modular and Scalable Power Cube Systems - based on different fuels and power levels from solar to nuclear.
  57. Designing and Milling with KiCad and Open Source CNC Circuit Mill
  58. How to Design Solenoid Relays for Gases and Fluids
  59. How to Design Things for Distributed Manufacturability and for 3D Printability
  60. How to Design an Aquaponic Crop Plan
  61. How to Design a Plant Nursery - from securing stock, pests and vermin, to marketing
  62. OSE Design Manual - CNC Machine Design
  63. OSE Design Manual - Electronics
  64. OSE Design Manual - Toolpath Generation
  65. OSE Design Manual - Hydraulics - How to Design Hydraulic Systems]]
  66. OSE Design Manual - 3D Printer Extruder Design
  67. OSE Design Manual - Heater Elements. Outcomes: heaters, furnaces, ovens. Part of Materials - heat systems. Aluminum melting heater. High temperature build chamber. Pottery kiln. Refractory materials - from gypsum, cement, carbon (graphite). Rotary lime kiln for cement production
  68. OSE Design Manual - Motors - motors - Hydraulic, Electric, Mechanical, and Turbines
  69. OSE Design Manual - Stepper Motor Controllers
  70. OSE Design Manual - Geardowns. Split ring planetary. Planetary. Herringbone standard. Chain - heavy and light. 3D printed rubber. Belts - rubber, nylon-belted, steel belted; Pulleys, sprockets, belt tensioning.
  71. OSE Design Manual - Shafts and Bearings. *Linear rail, 3d printed with metal balls. Linear bushing - 3d printed with metal balls. *Slew bearing *3D printed bearing with metal balls. *Bushings - nylon plastic or bronze.
  72. OSE Design Manual - Couplers
  73. OSE Design Manual - Pulleys, Belts, Sprockets, and Screws
  74. OSE Design Manual - Force and Torque Calculations
  75. OSE Design Manual - Structural Calculations
  76. OSE Design Manual - Thermal Calculations - thermal design and analysis
  77. Electromagnetic Design - how to understand electromagnetic forces and geometries
  78. How to Design Tool Blades - saw, band, cutters, other. Typically the materials covered by tool and die studies
  79. Polishing and Grinding - ultra smooth surfaces. Polished conncrete. Marble.
  80. Shredders and Pulverizers - for metal, rock, ceramic. Ball and rod mills. Slow rotating vs hammermill.
  81. How to Design and Build Bridges.
  82. How to Design and Build Roads.
  83. How to Design and Build Waterworks. From ponds to rivers to gravity storage and dams.
  84. Hot to Design and Build Skyscrapers.
  85. How to Design and Build Multifamily Housing.
  86. How to Design and Build House Appliances. Kitchen, HVAC.
  87. How to Design and Build a Zone Refiner. For silicon semiconductor.
  88. How to Design and Build Clean Room Operations
  89. How to Design and Build a Biodigester
  90. How to Design and Build a Rocket Ship.
  91. How to Design Airplanes, Multirotors, and Air Travel Devices
  92. How to Design and Buils a Train
  93. How to Design and Build High Temperature and Pressure Industrial Systems
  94. How to Design and Build a Food Service Kitchen
  95. [[How to Design and Build an OSE Campus Education and Production Facility
  96. How to Design and Build a Microfactory
  97. How to Design and Build a Miracle Orchard
  98. How to Design and Retrofit a Food Forest into Existing Areas
  99. Sensors- *pH, T - room, high (1000C), low (-273C), Humidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Oxygen demand, Oxygen in blood - Pulse Oximeter, Capnography - CO2 in breath, spectrometer, pressure - low - any fluid - breathing range, Pressure - medium - 50-100 PSI, pressure cell for weight, piezo, capacitive, Pressure - high - 3000 PSI, Oxygen detector, Oxygen sensor (especially useful for bioreactors, and Air-Fuel Ratio Sensors in ICE's, Refractometer, Chromatography, HPLC, photodiode, camera. Phase sensor - electricity, such as induction furnace phase lock. Display module - LCD screen. PV cell. NMR - magnetic field detection - by electromagnetic rad. X-ray detector. Non-Contact Thermometers. Pulse Oximeters. Laryngoscopes.
  100. How to Roll and Alloy Metal and Plastic. Metal shaft - how to produce one from scrap steel with induction furnace. How to draw Copper wire. Drawing Insulated copper wire - for windings. crucibles Crucible construction set - steel melting. Graphite molds. Aluminum from scrap sources. Hardening of steels and other metals - part of Alloying. ZA Alloys. Spring steel alloying. Ferrochrome alloying for stainless steel. Hardening - carburize. Hardening - hardfacing.
  101. How to Electrolyze Just About Anything - Alumina to aluminum. Salt to HCl and NaOH. Water to hudrogen. Carbide production. Graphite production. Aluminum production. *ilicon nitride - for bearings. Hall-Heroult crucible. Graphite electrodes
  102. Applied Chemistry - Salt, water, sand, clay, and charcoal to hydrochloric acid, glass, sodium hydroxide, carbide, graphite, hydrogen, oxygen, silicon, and aluminum. Sugar, vinegar, starch to sugar production, bioreactors to lactic acid, polymerized to PLA. Fractional distillation of wood to alkane production, alkene production (fuel and oil). Polymerization of wood using inherent lignin. Charcoal production. Alcohol production.
  103. How to Design Machine Tools. Air bearings. Mill Bits. Grinders - for tool and die. Steel Hardening - tool steel from millable steel. Tool Change apparatus. Lathe, mill, drill modules. Vises and slides. Tail stock. Digital readout. Shaft from bloom. Multimachine for bolts and threads and geometries. Welder guns. Honing. Heavy duty drill.
  104. How to Design a Laser. CO2 laser tube. Laser toolhead. Laser light bending optics.
  105. How to Handle and Process Materials. Machinery for materials processing: moving machinery, vessels, pressure vessels, heating systems, pumping systems, blowing systems, ball/roller mills, shredders, cutters, hammermills. Powders and particle grading. Containers, vessels in general - at all pressures for all materials. Piping and plumbing. Conveyors and augers. Stainless steel vessels. High temperature refractory vessels. Auger making.Shredder / Rock Crusher - heavy duty up to cars, tires, rocks. Up to 15k lb drive at teeth. Grinder - metal blades cutting off little chunks, such as multiple sawmill blades for sawdust. Smaller duty shredder - plastic, wood, etc. Laimet screw chipper, Hammermill - fast chopping. See Chipper Hammermill machine. Ball mill - for making powders such as dry pottery clay. Roller mill - for powders. Pelltizer - for low-moisture bonding. Strawboard production - rollers + heaters. Rubber micronizer - freezing [1] - chunks are frozen then high-velocity shredded. Freeze drying. Dehydration. Material moving - Rollers - steel rolling. Rollers - normal conveyors. Roller mill for powders - 3-roll roller/ Wire feed (welder, alloying). Wire feed - 3D printing filament. Auger construction set. Centrifugal pump/blower. Diaphragm Pump. Cryogenic pump. High pressure plunger or piston pump - water jetting. Plunger pump goes up to 30,000 psi.[2]. Powdering wood.
  106. Pneumatics. Combines with Safety for air purification, and clean-rooms for semiconductors. Biocompatible PVC. Inspiratory Valve - ventilators. Exhalation valve - respirators (unpowered, powered), fully enclosed face masks, fully enclosed helmets, ventilators/ PEEP valve - or water bucket version (see University of Florida Ventilator). Pressure Regulator. SCUBA Regulator. High pressure hydrogen delivery.
  107. Ceramics. Outcomes: fillers, pottery, 3D printable. Overlap with printing. Clay powder production. Ceramic insulators. Continuous clay feed from dry powder in 3D printing applications
  108. Plastics and Process Engineering. PLA production bioreactor. Cellulose acetate. Lactic acid production for Sweet Potato PLA - [3]. thermoplastic elastomer blends (thermoplastic + thermoset or thermoplastic rubber). Feedstocks for recycling: PE, PP, nylon, TPU, TPE blends, PVC, ABS, acetal (gears), PEI (high temp), polycarbonate (impact, glazing), cellulose acetate (bioplastic), PLA (bioplastic).
  109. Weaving - baskets, clothes, ropes, wire. Woven wire mesh.
  110. Nano - glass, carbon fiber. Molecular assembler.

Revenue Models

  1. How to Start and Run a CSA Operation
  2. How to Start and Run a Productive Aquaponic Greenhouse
  3. How to Start and Run a Car Microfactory
  4. How to Start and Run a Generic Microfactory in an Urban Setting
  5. How to Start and Run a Seed Eco-Home Manufacturing Facility in the City
  6. How to Start and Run a Collaborative Apartment Complex
  7. How to Start and Run an Open Source Residential Coop. Build by the crowd, and modularly so.


  1. How to Design a 3D Printer. Different motion configurations, different materials, sizes. Special enclosures.
  2. How to Design a Microhouse on Wheels
  3. How to Design and Build a Cement Mixer
  4. How to Design and Build a CNC Precision Multimachine
  5. How to Design and Build a Heat Exchanger
  6. How to Design and Build a 3D Scanner
  7. How to Design and Build a Bulldozer
  8. How to Design and Build a Backhoe
  9. How to Design and Build a Ironworker
  10. How to Design and Build a Dimensional Sawmill
  11. How to Design and Build a CNC Torch Table
  12. How to Design and Build a Trenncher
  13. How to Design and Build a Gasifier Burner
  14. How to Design and Build a Tractor
  15. How to Design and Build a Laser Cutter
  16. How to Design and Build a Soil Pulverizer
  17. How to Design and Build a Universal Rotor. Applications to Tracks, saws, Trencher blade, Sawblade, insert tooth, carbide, tile, multimaterial; Universal Rotor, 3" and 2".
  18. How to Design and Build a CNC Circuit Mill
  19. How to Design and Build a Microtractor
  20. How to Design and Build a Microhouse based on House Design Guide
  21. How to Design and Build an Induction Furnace
  22. How to Design and Build a Bioplastic Extruder
  23. How to Design and Build a Modern Steam Engine
  24. How to Design and Build a Solar Concentrator
  25. How to Design and Build a Universal Power Supply
  26. How to Design and Build an Open Source Truck
  27. How to Design and Build a Well-Drilling Rig
  28. How to Design and Build a Hay Cutter
  29. How to Design and Build an Open Source Welder
  30. How to Design and Build an Open Source Microcar. Includes Brakes, Steering, Frame, suspension.
  31. How to Design and Build an Aluminum Extractor
  32. How to Design and Build a CEB Press
  33. How to Design and Build a Power Cube
  34. How to Design and Build a Universal Seeder
  35. How to Design and Build a Spader
  36. How to Design and Build a Rod and Wire Mill
  37. How to Design and Build a Press Forge
  38. How to Design and Build a Plasma Cutter
  39. How to Design and Build a Metal Roller
  40. How to Design and Build a Hay Rake
  41. How to Design and Build a Hammermill
  42. How to Design and Build a Bakery Oven
  43. How to Design and Build a Pelletizer
  44. How to Design and Build a Baler
  45. How to Design and Build an Industrial Robot
  46. How to Design a Hydraulic Motor
  47. How to Design and Build a Microcombine
  48. How to Design and Build a Dairy Milker
  49. How to Design and Build a Nickel Iron Battery
  50. How to Design and Build an Electric Motor. Scalable pancake motor/generator, 3D printed, coreless brushless. Solenoid - valves, linear generator