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We are hiring!

We are hiring for part time and full time positions running our 3D printer Extreme Manufacturing build workshops. We are looking for people who can teach and who are technical. Check us out at one of our 3D printer builds or other workshops. If you want to join the team - attend one of our workshops, and then serve as an apprentice - an assistant in running 2 future workshops. We teach you hands-on how to lead a build workshop - up to the point where you are comfortable leading the workshop yourself. We teach you OSE techniques in our OSE Boot Camp. Sign up for one of our workshops below, or email us at info at opensourceecology dot org for more info.

Do you want to do something extraordinary? Apply for the OSE Fellowship

In 2018, we have started our first ever immersion program. The OSE Fellows program is a one year, full time, merit-based Fellowship for doing something extraordinary while working with OSE. Find out more at OSE Immersion Program.


  • Join Dev Team, with 10 hour per week requirement for 90 days. For those interested in contributing according to a work/learning plan.
  • Join as an SME, for seasoned professionals with one hour per month requirement.



  • Donate Bitcoin
  • Donate Federal Reserve Notes
  • Corporate giving - various companies have programs where they are required to allocate a certain amount to charity
  • Personal tax deductions
  • Are you a grant writer? Donate your time to write grants on our behalf.

Developer/Collaborator Training

  • DPVs. One month development visits. On-site time is 2 or 4 weeks. OSE Developer status is a prerequisite. This is how many OSE project take can be rolled out according to a detailed proposal.


  • T-Shirt
  • Sticker
  • Publications


See Open Source Everything Store

Publications, Software, Information Products

Typically via scalable, on-demand printing. In different languages. Some are downloadable for free, others you pay for an on-demand dupfillmemt

  • OSE Linux USB. Includes ceamera and CNC software.
  • OS Hardware Thesis - CM
  • CSK v0.01 Legacy of the First Decade
  • OBI Coffee Table Book
  • USB of videos
  • Amazon smile book buys of OSE Required Reading List. For students, or you can buy or print your own. For some with expired cipyright, OSE does one-time setup of fulfillment.
  • Podcast - with Leaders of open source development. Exploring how to not create a world where "Why the future doesn't need us", and the centrality of the open source economy in that future. These are free, but the annual compilation of them is offered on a USB or a one-click download. Requirement - must be doing at least one part of their work that is essentially aligned with the open source economy, though not expecting that their work is completely aligned. It's about picking the best elements of all secular religions.

Consulting, Speaking, and Events

Do you want us to run a workshop, presentation, or do a speaking engagement, or other in-person appearance? Featuring Marcin Jakubowski Catarina Mota on OSE/OBI, Tom Griffing - Power Cube, Shane Oberloier - CNC circuit mill.

  • Speaker, Workshop, or event Request Form
  • Consulting and design work - OSE and OBI at $100 per hour for any project related to manufacturing, mining, agriculture, forestry, construction, and energy topics. Any designs, content, or publications are put under an open source, Distributive Enterprise license.

Crowd Funding

  • We are offering 50/50 revenue share on crowdfunding collaboration for anyone who would like to collaborate with our content, expertise and brand to crowdfunding a project related to the Civilization Starter Kit roadmap. The idea is that we have a number of fungible projects, and it takes more than our own effort to execute them. Collaborators are expected to follow OSE Documentation Standards for Developers.

Crowd Dev

  • Design Sprints - requires Design Sprint training. Both real and virtual events.
  • Real Design Sprint - 3 day event in major cities. Day 1 - build a 3d printer, fimament maker, circuit mill, and laser cutter. Day 2 - run machines and learn their toolchainss. Day 3 - use FreeCAD/KiCAD to design and prototype new machines + controllers in scale models from plastic and cardboard/balsa. Day 3 includes a collection of prototyping supplies that yields valuable scale prototypes such as robotic tractors and cars. We deploy the microfab army for collaborative scale prototyping.
  • Book Sprints - requires Book Sprint Training. Both real and virtual events.
  • Download 3D Printer Design Workbench and design a new printer iteration. Workbench even generates a BOM for you.
  • Download OBI Dev Kit and design your dream home. Or Aquaponic Greenhouse.
  • Come to our workshop to learn how to build the OBI Arch Kit models. Both House and Greenhouse.
  • Download OBI Design Workbench (coming in June) and do a Design Contest on HeroX. Winner entry is built.
  • Read the Book. From it, draw up a list of SMEs and reach out to them.
  • Download OSE Arc Kit and submit house ideas to OBI. Download OSE Linux, render Your Dream House ideas in SweetHome3D - and upload them to our library. Then you can vote for an annual winner, where we pick the top User Contribution and consider that house for a build.


  • $5k+matching funds crowdsourced for HeroX development on a monthly or 3 month cycle initially