Marcin Log - October 2015

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Sat Oct 31, 2015

Installing Ledge and Mouse-Proof Foundation Detail. Continuing IoT and Controls started at Greenhouse Systems.

Fri Oct 30, 2015

Mouse-Proof Foundation Detail. Gutters.

Thu Oct 29, 2015

Proposing the OSE Design Guide to align development talent on Roadmap. Exhaustive set of design principles on every front. The intro version and detailed version, focusing on principles rather than details. Appendix with various technicalities explained. Design is main point, where achieving design degeneracy is a critical point of success. This can be the effort that explodes our design capacity nonlinearly. This is phase 1 of massive parallel development. phase 2 is application to other areas of human endeavor outside of integrated, proven design to the R&D phase. This a necessary and nonlinear development that can scale management capacity exponentially. It is a critical ingredient towards method scalability, and can be applied immediately to opensourcing the entire set of industrial mechanical machines with minor electronics and automation.

Instructionals Team refactors SME's procedures, Ex, Oyster Mushrooms into a visual procedure. A PowToon is created. Graphics person creates an icon and an infographic the same day for that machine/concept. Natron person does compositing. Video person uploads youtube links for interactive youtube media. Publishing schedule is daily.

Mushroom Log.

Wed Oct 28, 2015

Hazelnuts stratification. Angora Rabbits. Oyster Mushrooms - refactoring Peter McCoy's instructions. PECS. Negotiating Logistics for Aquaponics Workshop.

Tue Oct 27, 2015

Need to do Shrooms, Logistics, Nuts. Working on Greenhouse Systems. Expanding Arduino IO Capacity. Internet Camera. Automatic Chicken Door.

Mon Oct 26, 2015

Aquaponic Greenhouse IPM. William Clark. Aquaponic Greenhouse Concept - pond designs - [1]. Pond Liner. Added Workshop Marketing Strategy to Roadmap, condition of success being economic relocalization. Polycarbonate weight.

Sun Oct 23, 2015

Aquaponic Greenhouse Concept - pond designs - [2]. Energy Usage of the Internet.

Fri Oct 23, 2015

Developing Greenhouse Systems. Collaborative Literacy Log. Compost Tea Brewer. Rabbits. Golden Berry. Azolla. Aquatic Worms.

Thu Oct 22, 2015

Greenhouse Systems. Dylan Charles. Polycarbonate Glue.

Wed Oct 21, 2015

PECS update. Decided to go with an Arduino and dedicated power driver chip (inverting modulator) Prototyped roof panel, works well for alignment, seals, and screen. Rubber roof seal decided for capping.

Thu Oct 15, 2015

Prototyping a roof panel according to Modular Greenhouse Test Driven Prototypes. Aquaponics workshop minimum attendance achieved 3+ weeks prior to event. Winterizing pool. 3D Printer Workshops.

Wed Oct 14, 2015

Blown Cellulose Insulation. Truck Turning Radius. Building Modular Greenhouse Test Driven Prototypes. Power Electronics Construction Set session 5.

Tue Oct 13, 2015

Very positive results at Runcie Club meeting. MO Western collaboration on a distributive enterprise incubator.

Mon Oct 12, 2015

Modular Greenhouse Test Driven Prototypes added to Modular Greenhouse Development. Development Methodology. Added beginning of Sweet Home 3D instructional. Lime Concrete is real. Updated News Feed with Independent Media.

Sat Oct 10, 2015

Weatherstrip. Greehouse Roof with Sliding Window Instructional. Added Modular Greenhouse BOM. Oyster Mushrooms. Added to Aquaponic_Greenhouse_Publicity_Log

Thu Oct 8, 2015

Greenhouse Wall With Sliding Vent Instructional. Polycarbonate. Found and added to OSE Student Organizations. Ron Arnold's Left Tracking Library. Added Scott's links to Publicity.

Wed Oct 7, 2015

Continuing PECS. Reviewing instructionals for aquaponics - [3]. Car Parts.

Tue Oct 6, 2015

Moving porch. Got workshop on Mother Earth News FB.

Mon Oct 5, 2015

Moving the porch for the aquaponics build. Publicity for aquaponics. Talked to Dan Popovici on BSF breeding and aquatic worms. Sustainable Building Programs and Open Source Housing.

Sat Oct 3, 2015

Team Expectations.

Fri Oct 2, 2015

Ramset Gun. Communication Levels added to Roadmap. Added to Organizational Log. Open Source Video Editors

Thu Oct 1, 2015

Oct 1, 2015 Schedule. Continuing on fish pond in Aquaponic_Greenhouse_Concept. Started Tilapia for specifics of Tillapia rearing. 5000 Gallon Tank. Heritage Wheat. Area Required for a Full Diet. Gutter