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Mapping out major milestones:

  • First machine built;
  • Crowd Funding Started.
  • 8 Prototype completed
  • 100+ prototypes completed
  • GVCS in 2 Minutes Video gets project to world stage
  • first machine sold;
  • CSKDVD v0.01.
  • Workshop build.
  • HabLab.
  • TED Fellow. TED Senior Fellow.TED Talk. Shuttleworth Fellow. $500k funding reached for 1 year.
  • First Production Run clears $25k.
  • First Collab Production Run.
  • First replication.
  • TED Talk reaches 1M hits.
  • 15 unique prototypes reached.
  • 13 machines replicated to date.
  • 24 machines replicated to date in 13 countries
  • Distributive Enterprise concept seminal paper in MIT Innovations Journal.
  • Adoption of OSHWA standards and extension to Distributive Enterprise.


  • 1 day production run of heavy machines
  • 5 day build of Seed Eco-Home, 1250 sf
  • Remote realtime documentation achieved
  • Modular build method developed
  • Ability to stabilize and run a Distributive Enterprise on autopilot, including ability to replicate the same
  • Construction Set approach verified
  • XM DE Workshop revenue model proven


  • First enterprise replication
  • Viral replication of machines (1000s per year threshold)
  • Distributive Enterprise becomes a popular case study in business schools
  • 3 month product development cycle and 1 year time scale to $1B enterprises (normalizing the results of Bold
  • Construction Set approach verified and scaled
  • Open Source Economy created.
  • Nobel Peace Prize equivalent effort reached