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HR Log + HR Postings Log + HR Operations Manual + HR_Protocols + Richard Log

General Introduction

The HR Generalist Position includes four major responsibilities, which will also function as the main outline of this page (in the future) under which to organize its respective content.

  1. General Promotion: of OSE leading to 4 main avenues of involvement at present (though more are possible): i. Backers & doners; ii. Workshop Attendees; iii. Early adopters of / contributors to the GVCS; and most importantly Developers
  2. Recruiting: (just expanded and elaborated efforts of the promotions above, bust specifically targeted for gathering developers) + actively recruit developers, review application video cover letters + refer applicants to the Developer Test + review DISQUS comments etc. to streamline the test.
  3. Onboarding: Review the New Developer Orientation and ensure new applicants are properly informed, connected, and set up for development.
  4. Support: Keep in regular communication with developers to ensure they are well placed and supported, and provide off-boarding if need by.

Working Document


HR Protocols

See HR Protocols

HR Scorecards

See HR Candidate Scorecard and HR Scorecard.

Recruiting Priorities

See Recruiting Priorities page.


OSE's social capital warrants contribution volume, yet this potential is almost entirely untapped (.1℅ at most). To address this, OSE is developing its HR towards a professional organizational level, without a budget, based on learnings from the Rare Genomics Institute's HR department. OSE's first step is hiring an HR Generalist, with promotion track to VP of HR. Current stable recruiting goals include an Engineering Team and Documentation Team. We are inviting people to apply for our OSE Developer positions.

Foundational Doc


Job Posting Venues

Links to OSE Job Announcements

HR Gen

OSE Developer

Links to Postings on FB, Forums, Networks, Email Lists, etc

Subject Matter Experts

HR Recruitment Channels

See HR Recruitment Channels

Potential Partnerships

Job Descriptions + Task List

See Job Descriptions

OSE Developer Initial Application

Character + Fit Interview

From the interviews so far, learnings are:

  • A candidate must be financially stable
  • Those who dogfood have the highest ability to find the motivation
  • Must be willing to master FreeCAD
  • See OSE Declaration of Independence for culture points

Candidate Criteria

Use the Interview Form.

An excellent candidate answers negative to no more than 2 of the following, neutral to no more than 5, and positive to no less than 5:

  • Is the candidate mature and ready to settle into serious work? Or exploring the world?
  • Are they ready to step into right livelihood creation? Economic time Binding?
  • Are they team players? Publish early and often? Time Binding?
  • Are they financially secure? If so, from mastery/simplicity or from a trust fund?
  • Are they independent and responsible? Can they risk share on ventures? Adult/child assessments?
  • Do they have integrated or effective skillsets? Can they execute?
  • Are they avid learners? Are they willing to learn across many disciplines?
  • Do they see a greater vision regarding the state of the world? Seminal books and vetted/reviewed set of reality books?
  • Do they have open culture? Do they know the distinction between open source and Fake Open Source?
  • Are they on a solid ethical footing?
  • Do they have soft skills?
  • Are they Integrated Humans?

Interview is recorded for internal purposes.

Culture Check

  • Willing to learn?
  • Can-do attitute? Whether they think they can or they can't - they're right.
  • Collaborative?


  • IT
  • Design + CAD - FreeCAD
  • Graphics/Media
  • Publishing? Scribus
  • Using the phone
  • Fabrication and sourcing


  • Teaching others?
  • Creating learning materials/presentations?
  • Community/process management?
  • Inspiring others?

Welcome Emails

Request info for team bio page

Regret Letter


Two versions of the OSE sticker (4 x 2 inches) for printing and corresponding source files

OSE sticker in original colors

Downloads below:

Print Ready PDF file here

Inkscape file of the sticker here

GIMP version of the sticker here

OSE sticker in 2014 color scheme

Downloads below:

Print Ready PDF file here

Inkscape file of the sticker here

GIMP version of the sticker here

FreeCad Certified icon variants organized by format:


These icons (512 x 512px) can be obtained from sourcefile here by making visible or hiding different layer combinations in Inkscape.


1. FreeCAD certified badge standard sourcefile here

2. FreeCAD certified badge vertical format sourcefile here

3. FreeCAD certified badge vertical OSE logo orientation sourcefile here

4. FreeCAD certified badge color icon sourcefile here

5. HR recruitment badge sourcefile here

Find FreeCAD Test Scores [[1]]

Team Development

OSE is developing several teams with these specific foci:

  • Engineering - focus on technical development, both in technology and ecology areas
  • HR - developing human resources
  • IT - developing hte web and softeware infrastructure
  • Documentation - written and video instructionals; CAD-based documentation
  • Media - social media, graphics, communications, and podcast support
  • Curriculum Development - producing Design Guides + 101 instructionals, generatig cotinuing learning materials for team members, and generatig assets for an immersion training program
  • Business Development - creating distributive enterprise revenue models around GVCS technologies by planning and testing various enterprises

Eventual Positions

  • VP of HR
  • VP of Engineering
  • VP of IT
  • VP of Documentation
  • VP of Media
  • VP of Curriculum
  • VP of Business Development

Team Structure

  • Every team has a Product Lead (Team Lead), a Process Manager, and at a minimum 1 OSE Developer.
  • HR is responsible for team building by identifying team needs and filling them
  • IT is responsible for providing the internet infrastructure as well as development ISO that allows all team members and other contributors to operate on the same, open source software platform
  • The Curriculum Development Team is responsible for providing training materials and training team members to become effective open source product development collaborators
  • Teams collaborate on current priorities, according to published 3 Month Roadmaps, consistent with the long term Roadmap of OSE
  • The Process Manager - a member of the Engineering Team - is responsible for helping all team members follow development protocols, including both development and documentation protocols. The Process Manager is responsible for team learning for continuous improvement, and the collaboration between teams.
  • Common vision and team alignment is fostered by the Media team, which produces outreach materials that communicate a clear vision of the project.
  • The Business Development team collaborates with the Engineering Team to take well-developed products to the finish line in terms of developing Distributive Enterprise
  • The Executive Team (Founder (MJ), Community Manager (JK), and Director of Housing (CM) sets the strategic direction, communicates a clear brand identity, and sets an ambitious development schedule towards the open source economy.